A Ros by any other name… is an orchid?


I couldn’t resist that headline, sorry.

Looks as if the Singaporeans are eager to take relations with Malaysia to a new level. Either that or they have gone completely potty – about orchids, that is.

They have named “a tall and robust hybrid” of orchids Dendrobium Najib Rosmah in conjunction with the couple’s visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

A tall and robust hybrid, eh? Apparently, the sepals and petals are “gracefully twisted in light purplish brown with fine cream-coloured margins”.

I am sure relations between Malaysia and Singapore will er, blossom after this. Maybe we can now exchange gardening tips instead of quarelling about… apa nama… crooked bridges?

Check out the Bernama report here.

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I have two nieces – all high academic high flyers – both offered bursary and then scholarships to study in Singapore. Both offered PR status even when they were studying – enjoying themselves and guess what they just like the many hundreds of their peers have taken it on themselves to “advertise via word of mouth” – on what fantascit things Singapore is doing for them. I have another 5 more nephews and nieces waiting to go and hey I am Malay from Malaysia!!!

anna brella

….or a triffid?…or even an Audrey Jr?

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


I am not an orchid expert but definitely an orchid hobbyist. Dendrobium Najib Rosmah is definitely a boring hybrid. Singapore should do better than that. It is dull and lacks distinct features. Boring, boring, boring. A catalogue hybrid at best;an insult really for a First Lady. 😉


what’s next?

Forget-me-not for apa nama who has been fighting for media attention since 2004?

Big flower, Rafflesia, for big lady, Rafidah?

Shyful touch-me-not for Saiful?


hybird is a bird !????


Hey..! Y’all give it a rest lah………!!!

Let’s just wait for Mahatir to “strike”…!

Then we’ll know if all “hell” will break loose when the time comes…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just to illustrate Khoo Jin Hup’s point, a friend’s son who passed his SPM with flying colors (but not straight As) three years ago was quite disappointed that he couldn’t get a scholarship or even the course of his choice in Malaysia. Frustrated, he decided to apply and was accepted for a place in Nanyang in Singapore to do engineering. He started with paying full fee but is now more or less on a full scholarship. Although not a top student, he’s doing well in Nanyang. Based on his coursework results, he with a couple of his course-mates was given… Read more »

susan loone

The poor orchid. Already a hybrid and twisted.
To be named najib rosmah, some more. What a curse?
If only the orchid could, it would protest.
It wouldnt be so bad to name it “Dottie”, though.


Its not that honourable to name a person after a flower because flowers are pretty in the beginning and nice to look at. Then, they just wither away and die.


An orchid is an orchid is an orchid whatever thorny name you name it.


Dendrobium Al Tan Tu Ya will always look good next to this orchid.


Honestly, SINGAPORE is really enjoying the failure of Malaysia. Look at the number of talents working in Singapore now, be it the private sector or Government. Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers….you name them…lots of them are from Malaysia.
I have so many friends whose children are working in Singapore. Singapore government has been offering PSD, ASEAN, etc.. scholarships to Malaysians.
They are welcomed with open arms over there….


Not to be kiasu, we should also rename the raffasia, you know that rare, smelly and supposedly biggest flower in the world Big Rosie or something.


The Singaporean must be crazy…..maybe a case of Recession Syndrome….imagine naming such a beatiful flower after NajibRosmah…


the son of lee kuan yew has been invited to come to ipoh on 27may to learn from nizar & company how to save water ….


Singapore and France have Najib’s …. in their hands. Just wait and see how these two countries will laugh…

telur dua

Sabah should take the cue and name a Rafflesia after her. Afterall, the flower stinks.


I just wanna know what Mahathir going to say about this. Yup, I will continue my mission to educate Singaporeans the danger of Malaysia turning into Idi Amin Uganda seperated by 1km causeway


Do you know what is a hybrid? It is chepalang. A chap chung. A mix breed….

DAP man

It should have been named Dendrobium Najib Rosmah A… Singapore leaders are hundred times more intelligent than this stupid Najib and they just want to bodek him for their own benefits…. praises and in return you get things done your way without much hassle. They will play ball with Najib.

In this relationship Singapore will have more to benefit than Malaysia.