16 Burmese held at Pakatan b’day bash for Suu Kyi


2345: 14 of them have been brought to the Kelana Jaya lock-up.

2334: Blog reader anony-mouse reports:

I had great piece of cake…! Tian was at the police station too. Irene Fernandez was in a car that came by the station twice, but did not alight.

2228: Of the 16, three have been freed because they have documents. Five are undocumented; so if they don’t get UNHCR registration pronto, they could be deported. The remaining are all registered with the UNHCR as refugees; so they should be all right.

2215: About 25 people are now gathered outside the police station. They are cutting a birthday cake for Aung San Suu Kyi.

2057: All the Burmese – 16 of them – are arrested and taken to the PJ police station.

2039: About 30 to 40 cops at the venue are asking to see the ICs of those gathering there. Ronnie Liu is trying to negotiate. The police want them to use a hall for the event instead of gathering at a public space.

2029: Roads leading to Taman Jaya and Amcorp Mall blocked by cops. Selangor Pakatan Rakyat is gathering to celebrate Aung San Suu Kyi’s 64th birthday.

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anna brella
anna brella
21 Jun 2009 4.45am

I am glad that there was nevertheless this effort to remember the birthday of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the true democratic leader of democratic Burma. The more people recognise that fact, the sooner it will become a reality. The PRDM jas once again proved, shamefully, to everyone their total inability to exercise any semblance of reasoned professional judgement in these sorts of highly emotive issues. That will be to their downfall no doubt. Having said that, I do however, feel a little bit sorry for the PDRM rank and file men and women who are having to put up… Read more »

Dr. No
Dr. No
20 Jun 2009 7.49pm

Just leave these people alone. Don`t try to check this and that and justify the arrest….

20 Jun 2009 1.56pm

Anil, can we have some discussion on improving the way of life in Penang. I have one case “Maintenance Fee Problem for Flat/Highrise residents” and how can Penang government can play the role to lead by example to settle this problem. Water is controlled by PBA or Penang government, so why dont the government implement a policy to highrise residents to pay maintenance fee monthly without failure (say not more than 2 months) or their their water will be turn off. I’m waiting for politian to start think about this but so far they are busy with power struggles. I… Read more »

19 Jun 2009 11.34pm

I had great piece of cake…! Tian was at the police station too. Irene Fernandez was in a car that came by the station twice, but did not alight.

19 Jun 2009 11.31pm

aren’t you sick and tired of the police harassing public on every single little thing they do in public? i am. something must be done to clean up the rotten PDRM.