Dubious voters in Zimbabwe’s electoral rolls


Now, where have I come across this before…

Looks like we are not the only ones with this kind of problem.

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Mahathir & Mugable, the Tweedledum & Tweedledee of Tyranny. Zimbabwe & Zombibwe (formerly known as Bolehland) – Twin Towers of Sauronic Misrule!

Ahmad Sobri

Zimbabwe, Malaysia? Electoral Rolls? Dubious voters?

Mahathir, Mugabe, good friends?

Cheating in polls? So eerily similar.

Will Malaysians need to carry sacks of currencies to shop for groceries like Zimbabweans in the not too distant future?

Fikir fikirkanlah!


If MT. the Opposition leader is also charged with trumped up politically motivated cases to block the Opposition from toppling RM, then it is a replication of our GE12, 13 and next 14.
Hail, Robert Mugabe the self-declared Emperor of Zimbabwe. For he is indeed the longest serving (fraudulently?) elected ruler of post Independent Zimbabwe. no one in the world can do anything about it!
Not Cameron, not Obama and certainly not Putin can dislodge (him).

Andrew I

Stevie Wonder says Masterblaster. Check it out. He was ahead of his time, though.


It is only in such boleh land that the country can go bankrupt and Malaysia boleh leader is learning fast. Too bad we may need Malaysia to become a bankrupt nation before the people will wake up. Even that I doubt so as the rural will keep waiting for handout despite their hardcore poverty instead of trying to kick out the corrupt leaders and govt and improve themselves. We are now even worse than Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam (in crime, economy, investment, transparency etc etc ) and moving to the same level as the Philippine and Myanmar.


Hello Yang
We can do our parts by sharing the TRUTH (imminent nation bankruptcy) with the village folks; and at same time cover our own A#$$$ by not relying too much on the strength of depreciating ringgit and invest in Gold ???


True. Kampung folks missed out a lot as they tend to follow news on TV3 and Utusan.
I am now back in my kampong for hari raya and managed to highlight the alternative views to the residents in my kampong. They are looking forward to the malay version of Pak Lah’s ‘Awakening’.