Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement protest in KL


A protest against the TPP agreement, which many feel will promote the interests of large transnational corporations, took place at KLCC this afternoon.

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semuanya OK kot

Never thought I would see eye to eye with the bummy gang. If these “free” trade agreements are so wonderful, why are the nations with “most favoured nation” and even NAFTA status in deep trouble. Unions in Canada, Mexico AND USA blame “free” trade directly. Many people in Europe and USA are homeless and living on charity food due to the miracle of “free trade.” Yet, Europe also wants to sign an FTA with us. If our gomen tries to protect us from the worst forms of MNC expoitation (like the China and Bangladesh sweatshops), it will have to pay… Read more »


Yes very correct and my ringgit is shrinking very very fast. RM50 is nothing nowadays. I don`t know where to put my money now. In the bank its shrinking, in the stock, its risky. I am contemplating gold if it come down. As for property I am looking at low cost house which are not under the perumahaan control as medium and high end property are too expensive and have skyrocketed. The worst impact will be cronyism and corruption. Let us all brace for the worst.


People like you who use property as a form of investment has contributed to the rising property price due to speculation. Do you know how much damage you could have inflicted to the genuine buyer for affordable home?

Don Anamalai

GST will have more impact on Malaysians than TPPA, as it is reported by Bernama that any reduction in personal and corporate income tax is unlikely in the near term following implementation of the goods and services tax (GST), due to uncertainty in the global and local economies, as well as adaptation of local businesses to the new tax structure.

Ng Ong Wong Kwong

I heard some wealthy businessmen once said that ‘America is the world and the world is America’. If America is in trouble the world will be following soon as part of chain reactions.

With or without TPP, America is still your big brother. Some coffee shop jokes suggesting America to destroy its debts with eliminating the debtors via dubious reason or creating a new global financial system and even not recognising debt owed. Some said America can do so due to military power. All of these are just coffee shop talks.

najib manaukau

U.S. has for years now been in big big financial trouble, officially they owe the world 13.6 trillion dollars . More than half of these debts are owed to China alone and they now have to increase these debts further, even at an average rate of 2% interest annually, they will need close to 300 billion dollars just to pay for the interest yearly. They said you this thickness of snow wasn’t formed overnight, in fact for years now the shambles have been going on. In fact if not for the sales of the arms at inflated prices or shall… Read more »