TPPA negotiations shrouded in secrecy


The final round of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which could have far-reaching implicatoins for the various economies in the pact, is due to be held on 20 August in Brunei.

And yet, very little is known about how these negotiations are going and what is being offered and given away.

Of paramount concern is that the domestic economy, local busiensses and public interest will become subject to the dictates of powerful multinational corportions.

Could Obama’s visit in October have anything to do with the TPPA. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Have a look at Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj’s analysis of the state of play on the Aliran website.

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najib manaukau

America is in damage control mode, it is in debt to the tune of 16 trillion dollars yet it is still going around behaving like they are the world.s police men and filthy rich tycoon, just like the Japanese, giving away money as though there is no to morrow or the money they gave away belongs to their grand father.
These two countries are beginning to know they are heavily in debt and Malaysia is behaving just like them when it comes to spending. Unfortunately Malaysia will never ever be another one of these two countries t

semuanya OK kot

– The discussions so far have not been between governments. They were between US businesses (fronted by the US government) and other governments.
– Concerned NGOs and even elected reps of all countries including USA are prohibited from acquiring details.
– The “public consultations” are “town hall” meetings that form a part of the stage-managed culture of American democracy. They are an insult as they provide only assurances without details.
– If you think that any fears are exaggerated, remember that NAFTA was a disaster for ordinary people that soon led to widespread protsts in all 3 countries.

Empty Rice Container

Cheapo Ringgit + Slowly Evaporating FDI + No Winning Development Ideas = Calls for desperate measures by our leaders. How near to selling this country cheap via loser’s game of global trade arm twisting (by foreign corporations & economic colonialism) is any body’s guess.
Just take a hard look at big supermarkets & big pharma.
Soon Penang famous ori-maestros will sell their secret recipes to MNCs at envious prices.

Vexy Hackus

Ori-Maestros of many street food have ALREADY “souled” the secret recipes if you are not being informed.

Just go to Spore, Shanghai or Guangzhou you can witness Penang street food (of course not at Belum forest) !

don anamalai

After Lee Chong Wei lost the World Championship, words going round cyberspace that:

Tutup Lampu, Malaysia Menang
Tutup Air-cond, China Menang

eng hock

The concern is that non-cronies related Malaysians will become long term economic slaves