The banker


The naturalist, author, comedian and actor Bill Oddie presents his take on a new invasive species – the banker, in this video produced by Global Witness, also featured in The Guardian.

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semuanya OK kot

Very big subject, but it all depends on little old YOU being persuaded to feel greedy or insecure, and commit to becoming a slave to credit for the rest of your life.

Andrew I

Don’t produce anything and expect to be paid for it.


Banking is a requirement for modern economy, it suppose to be a trusted body of gathering deposit and loan it to business who need it, which help floating the money and make it more productive. Modern banking are suppose to be a legitimate and trustworthy body that REDUCE risk, oversee from time to time by watchdog body and lots of policy and guideline to follow. UNFORTUNATELY, the more money bankers gather, the bigger they are, the more corrupt they become. Many so called “Undetectable”, “innovative” way of manipulate account and figures, mostly SNAFU created by banker itself. Also, the lazy/incompetence… Read more »


Banks love debtors (for life). Love those forever with a debt to pay: housing loan, instalment loan, personal loan, credit card balance to pay @ monthly minimum, enjoy-first-pay-later cash advances, end of month cash advances, remortgage loan, any loan until the last hour you can’t pay back. Then it’s hell for the debtors who have only 2 cents in the shallow pockets. Chettiars of the 60s & 70s are more humane than bankers with Wall Street streaks! FYI, the inflationary prices of commodities (from oil, metals to agri-food supplies) the world over are ‘sins’ of the ‘investment futures betting’ of… Read more »


All banks….

They buy off everybody. In Malaysia they buy politicians and judges.

When your kid is born. That wail and then that smile. It will last until 18. Then they will be debtors. And their joy and yours are extinguished. Bankers have destroyed many countries. Malaysia is next.