Residents don’t want fast food outlet in Australian town


Residents of Tecoma, a town in Melbourne, are saying “No” to plans to build a 24-hour fast food restaurant near a school and a national park in their community, resulting in a stand-off.

They have submitted a petition with over 60000 signatures to the fast food giant, which claims there is support for the outlet within the community.

The fast food firm is suing eight protesters for causing delays in the construction of the outlet.

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Sharon Twining

It’s great that the “NO Maccas in Tecoma” campaign has gone international. Tecoma is a small town in the Dandenong Ranges and although it is not far from major suburban areas near Melbourne it still possesses that quiet, small town atmosphere. The main concerns are that the majority of the town’s population didn’t want the store, the local council supported them in this, and that their submissions to VCAT (Victorian,Civil and Administrative Tribunal) came to nothing. The tribunal stuck with the legal aspects of the case in that the area is zoned ‘business’ and therefore McDonalds has every right to… Read more »


McD Minions craze created news for the world to take notice of Penang…such publicity cuti cuti Msia may not have ceated the buzz ! Charity gains when unwanted paid food being distributed to the needy and hungry folks.

Penang now has a small McMinion monument erected courtsy of that Latvinia artist.

May be Penang FTZ can be the hub to create McD toys for world’s consumption ?


The residents there did not want McDonalds out of concern for the health of the children. Do not connect that to politics, food hygiene and economics.

Datuk YB Loh - Penang Swim

Exactly. It is not a healthy food, be it McD or roadside burger stalls. I don’t really understand the comments and linkage to politics and economics. It sounds more like jealousy about developers, bankers, investors. Just look at the comments on the Pepper Estate issue, it is so full of hate an jealousy. If you are so concern, perhaps you could let them move and stay in your own house and land. Give them a place to stay out of compassion, let them built houses on your land, and let them stay for a long time. Then one fine day,… Read more »


100% correct

Watchman with Torchlight

Only God-sent businesses have no concerns whatsoever of people on earth.


Has anyone ever take time to look at the back lanes of a FF Joint. Serious garbage Disposal Disaster, leading to rat infestation and other form of vermin Population boom. FF is the last thing on healthy and good eating habits. And this does not include littering headachesfor City Councils.
If it brings noise and Din to a quite and peaceful environment, certainly Stop them polluting your residential homes from unwanted increase in human traffic, clutter and all forms of animal invasions.


In reply to JK, That is a good point. I am not sure how the Penang state generates income other that thru assessment, quit rent, renting out facilities, land, income thru PBA. Even when a factory opens in Penang, the employees and companies pay their income tax directly to the federal government. Look at how Selangor does it. They allow ugly billboards to get income. They own shares in the state water services and property development. The Penang government can work with the private sector but these entities are profit orientated. They will not reclaim land from the sea to… Read more »


Is it really desperate times for Penang that money has to be churned thru developers at the expense of Penang’s heritage and culture. Sure the BN fellas will do everything they can to trip you up…….but there has got to be other ways to generate income to keep Penang clean and livable….whatever it is , no more highways……the PR boys should think out of the box and like the Aussies keep greedy developers, bankers and heart stopping food out of Penang…


Thinking out of the box is a hard thing to do (blame our culture of kia su + Ang Moh thing must be heavenly good + creativity is breaking the Asian rules or status quo + failure is utterly shame to BingChui), what’s more we are so desperately dependent on MNCs & foreign big corps like Mc Donalds for perennially low-value added jobs, notwithstanding the unhealthy food diet. Not that we don’t have local millionaires & billionaires whose combined multiple investments can match those foreign companies who set up shops here to easily earn our Ringgit & happily ship them… Read more »


If the people in the Australian town want to protest – fair enough. In fact if I were MacDonalds, 60,000 people against means business will be very slow and they might as well go away. In Malaysia, I am wondering what are the concerns with MacDonalds setting up shop here. If you ask me to choose between a road side stall and one that is properly setup in a shop, I would prefer the latter. Road side stalls create more litter, throw their refuse in the drain and block pedestrians, and cause traffic problems. Personally I rarely go to MacDonalds… Read more »

don anamalai

Tigerz67 is partially right as local hawkers, instead of benchmarking fast food outlets for cleaniness and proper food handling, they are adopting the high price of KFC and McD!


Road side and hawker are stuffy and many are dirty compared to McDonald that are clean and cool that come with air conditioning where you can surf your wifi and chat comfortably through the hours. One man meat is another mans` poison. Yes Mc may be most expensive but road side food now does not come cheap either.


The Australian communities have ‘effective’ teeth to bite at issues that don’t go down well with them. Despite being a first world nation, they don’t care a damp what big corporations can do with lots of money. Over there, Money Doesn’t Always Talk at Local Councils corridors (unlike here in Penang Island). They don’t bow down silently to big corporations dangling prospective jobs or economic benefits (if any good at all) but at the expense of social life integrity, local healthy cuisine & environment care. Over here, I would rather support our local roadside burger stalls which serve at the… Read more »


You hits at the Demi God guy.Bravo.Kopi-O kau kau man.
rajraman., Penang will be concrete jungle soon because extremely developer friendly.


If there is no concerns or empathy at all for the disadvantaged or marginalised people or exploited environment, the world will be a place of utter havoc & decline. What a presumptuous statement of a certain Datuk to say some comments are out of jealousy or hatred. And near-childish to challenge others to take similar charitable-to-difficult roles of the previous landlord of Pepper Estate. Of course not many are in the blessed position endowed with wealth to do so, but I have my respect for people who are truly ‘rich & charitable’ in deeds & intentions & principles. May I… Read more »

Andrew I

Ya, they said that to Lynas too. Look where that landed up.

Andrew I

Bruddy crever austlarians.


Farewell Minions & Welcome Smurfs !

McDonald gonna test your q patience with the release of a bunch of cute cute Smurfs !

Nightmare to some parents (even tunglang !)

Don’t believe see this youtube

don anamalai

Learn about the health hazards of fast food on these short clips on Youtube: