‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests: ‘Something has started’


Hundreds of people protesting against Wall Street financiers have been detained but not one CEO who brought down the US economy has been arrested.

But a groundswell appears to be building up as Americans express their disgust at the bankers and corporations that have brought about so much misery for the public. In return, these corporations have been bailed out using public funds at a time when many Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Is an American Autumn now emerging in response to the Arab Spring?

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5 Oct 2011 9.42pm

I just can’t wait to finish off with this particular O-Blady bank in exactly 2 years time. But for the time being, I will recee/scout for an ideal sanctuary deep in Belum Rainforest whenever free time allows me.

Female tigers are welcomed to track along! Some light scratching behind my back, please!
FYI, dogs love to scratch each other’s backs!

5 Oct 2011 12.27pm

In 2010, chief executives at some of the US largest companies earned an average of $11.4 million in total pay — 343 times more than a typical American worker.


Median CEO salaries jumped 27% in 2010 while overall worker pay increased by just 2.1% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It will be interesting to see such statistics for a typical Malaysian CEO vs a worker.

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
5 Oct 2011 1.37pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Anil’s like to reflect n sentimental about the past

If we can recall : “BANK PROFITS BUT ROBS WORKERS BONUS” debate


I personally don’t know whether the statistic is true or relevant in our current banking scene.

5 Oct 2011 2.27pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Unionists in Malaysia are still using out-dated emotional and confrontational approach.

They should initiate such survey and use the results of the findings to press their case better welfare for workers. I doubt most unionist know the concept of ginni cooeficient. They should gather facts to support their case. Otherwise they will continue to wallow in their own misery.

3 Oct 2011 5.21pm

Another ‘scythe’ of financial death throes for the average working class is the ever increasing costs of health care – health care insurance, medical treatments and post-surgery care. In America, it is know to send men to bankruptcies for the mere act of saving their own lives. In the end life becomes more painful trying to save their skins than before the onset of life-threatening diseases or accidents. So, avoid fast food and chemical flavor-enhanced food. And live life less stressed. In America, the essential life care insurance is but an expensive exercise to safeguard one’s health and longevity, both… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
3 Oct 2011 5.05pm

Clever investment bankers. Earn commissions on profits but blame slump when they’re not making any. Money for nothing. Here’s an alternative:

4 Oct 2011 5.26pm
Reply to  Andrew I

Remastered CDs and repackaged box-set of Pink Floyd is making a final killing at the pockets of Baby Boomers, knowing that GenY cannot appreciate such music and prefer digital downloads the likes of Justin Biebers or K-Pops (for Asian youths).

3 Oct 2011 4.52pm

Just discover another…

Fresh protests in Bolivia road row



It seems that Evo Morales is no different from any other power hungry politicians, indigenous or not.

3 Oct 2011 3.46pm

It appears that this principle holds true no matter where you go – if you have enough money to flaunt, you can get away with just about anything, including rape, robbery and murder. Nobody questions HOW you got your money – they just want to get a few crumbs!

“The fool on the hill sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round,” the Beatles sang in 1968. Glad I chose to be the fool on the hill…

Cheng Poh Heng
Cheng Poh Heng
4 Oct 2011 8.50am
Reply to  Antares

I totally share your sentiments, except that I would rather be the wise man on the hill, not otherwise.

I hope to meet you in Kuala Kubu Bharu (is this the way “Baru” is spelt for KKB) one of these days when I drive there.

Cheng Poh Heng

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
5 Oct 2011 2.07pm
Reply to  Antares

Fool on the hill – sentimental (anil’s readers seem to like to recall the past) retro sergio mendes version for the likes of Antares (or even tunglang ? who’s planning to go to Belum hills after retirement ?) :

5 Oct 2011 11.34pm
Reply to  Syiok Syiok

This song brings me back to the slow evenings of Light & Easy Times in 60’s & early 70’s George Town’s Macalister Road, with the glitzy neon signs and open air cafe at Goh Pha Teng.
Evening times then were about true relaxation of mind and body without the gossips of bosses, pay cuts, retrenchment or over-worked from multi-tasking (of today’s).

3 Oct 2011 3.32pm

Similar thing we have here. The greedy UMNO oligarch has been transferring the peoples’ wealth to them.

When their business fails, they use the peoples’ money to save their … MAS, BBMB, Syabas, Konsortium Perkapaln, etc!

Those … UMNO oligarch do not go to jail for scheming and scaming, but those who stood up against them were prosecuted!

3 Oct 2011 3.00pm

Dr. Cornel West: “The Elites will tremble in their boots!” Never since the golden-hope of Industrial Revolution, we the human race are in such ‘dung’ of manipulated poverty and degradation of human dignity. We thought the advancement of technology, economies of scale of productivity (now it is multi-tasking!), international trading, fanciful financial wealth creation instruments and unbridled free trade policies could bring mankind to the kind of utopia of new century lifestyle of greater leisure/less work hours, greater wealth, greater health (no doubt longer lifespan to suffer in indignities) and greater cultures and sub-cultures of globalized integration. We thought free… Read more »

3 Oct 2011 2.03pm

This is what we called, “Rich men democracy Western style…do what I tell you but, don’t do what I do!”

Ho Hia Tee
Ho Hia Tee
3 Oct 2011 1.29pm

Anil, how about “Penang Monsoon” alledgely on the way following scary stock market plunge lately.

“Penang Monsoon” may eventually
a) reduce capability to finance expensive houses.
b) morgage default ala American scenarios.
c) bad loans causing financial institutions (banks & ah longs alike) to collapse ?
d) reduce car ownership hence better traffuc on the road
e) worst more suicidal tendecies 🙁

Ho Hia Tee
Ho Hia Tee
3 Oct 2011 1.59pm
Reply to  Ho Hia Tee

stock market plunge due to greek debt crisis and the likely “American Autuum” is still on going.

snapshots as of noon 3rd of October :

Nikkei Japan down 190 points to 8511
Hang Seng Hong Kong down 879 points to 16722
STI Spore down 67 points to 2608

and Malaysia’s KLCi down 28 points (2.05%) to 1359.

🙁 🙁 🙁