The Goose and the Commons

Photo: Pixabay

This poem, written some 200 years ago, seems to describe the state of the world even today, especially when we see the commons (ie public land, hills, forests, rivers, coastal waters, islands and other public property that belongs to everyone) being sold for a pittance, privatised, stolen or seized with impunity:

The law locks up the hapless felon

who steals the goose from off the common,

but lets the greater felon loose

who steals the common from the goose.

 – Anonymous, “The Goose and the Commons”, Tickler Magazine, 1 February 1821

It is from a 17th Century protest against English enclosure law. Think about it.



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All readers please be careful with your comments. Anil must provide the necessary filter.

Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism director Cynthia Gabriel was quizzed by police over a statement criticising the new government.

Patrick Teoh has no new posting on FB since his detention (and subsequent release) by Johor police in May.


Even in the self-described “great” democracies that so many bananas and coconuts here admire, a person can be detained indefinitely as a terrorist or as insane for
supporting a conspiracy “theory”
“sedition” or “disloyalty”
defaming or “disrespecting” a selective organisation (e.g. court, military or even a business), official, “dignitary”, community or dogma
“undermining” “harmony”, “unity”, stability, public order, “public interest”, “the common good”, “the way of life”, etc.
subverting “national” security, the economy, etc.


I praise PN for RM50 e-wallet.

I praise PN for free daily 1GB wifi to read

I wonder PH can do so?


Due to compassionate reason, the chicken (not the goose) will not be slaughtered and will be set free soon. So being vegan is the way to go?

Since the price of vegetables is quite high nowadays (higher cost because market cannot employ wai lao?), the government should provide rakyat with vegetable seeds to rekindle buku hijau at home, just like what Singapore is doing?