Poll on Penang port privatisation


Make your views count. Take this poll on the proposed privatisation of Penang port.

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tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
13 Aug 2012 11.45pm

Hi everyone,

Hand it over to Pg State Govt as once the Pg State Govt administers the port, it is answerable to the people in each election! Hence, I vote for handing over to the Penang State Govt., not privatised as private entities would only think of profits irrespective of any COSTS!

The voters in Pg would ensure that the Pg State Govt has no choice but to administer the Penang Port well for any mismanagement makes it answerable to Pg voters!

13 Aug 2012 5.31pm

Hand it over to the govt otherwise the people of Penang will be held to ransom just like Syabas which is now holding the people of Selanor to ransom in the water issue..