NGOs support Selangor water takeover bid


Predictably, the federal government is refusing to allow the Selangor government to take over the state’s water operations from Syabas. Time to make our feelings known at the ballot box.

NGOs, including Penang-based groups, had earlier supported the Selangor state government in its bid to take over the operations from Syabas.

On 15 December 2004, Syabas had entered a concession agreement with the federal government and the Selangor for the privatisation of the water supply services in Selangor, KL and Putrajaya for 30 years from 1 January 2005.

Syabas is owned by Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad (70 per cent), Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad (15 per cent”) and Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad (15 per cent). The Finance Ministry holds one ‘golden share’.

Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd made a loss before tax of RM75.2m in 2011 but its highest paid director received more than RM8.3m, according to the firm’s 2011 Annual Report.

Rozali Ismail owns a 41 per cent indirect interest in Puncak Niaga.

TheSun reports today.

S’gor can’t take over Syabas: committee
Posted on 23 July 2012 – 01:58pm

Hemananthani Sivanandam
[email protected]

PUTRAJAYA (July 23, 2012): The Special Cabinet Committee on water issue was advised that Selangor government will not be able to take over Syabas management due to substantive and procedural matters.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said this during the committee’s first meeting today.

He also said that the federal government will go ahead with the Langat2 project even if Selangor state government does not agree to it. He added that the Attorney-General has been given directive to look into legal matters.

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ong eu soon

The water operations should be return to the state. It should be decentralised and should not follow the bad example set by lgE. Read my article on how lgE betrayed us by surrendering our water rights to the federal at


Gerakan A talk nonsense. May be he is a crony. After the exorbitant price of per KM of MTR, the world highest now come high price langat 2, how much pilferage this time?


Hi Anil, I hope you won’t mind a bit of gatecrashing here. Dr Rafick of needs Selangoreans to sign a petition regarding this subject. Hope you can help him out as he needs publicity as much as possible. I hope that your Selangorean readers will get to know of it thru you, Anil.
Both of you (Anil & Dr Rafick) are my most respected bloggers. Cheers!

Gerakan K

Don’t play politics and talk nonsense. Clean water is a must. Please go ahead with Langat2 project.


Clean water is a must but not water price increase
Or a Langat to benefit the cronies of UMNO.
Give it back to the state where its has always been the state that manage the water and with efficiency and competency.


Is SYABAS really serious about reducing NRW? They seem to be least interested in Information given on spots where water is obviously being stolen!


When LKS say mahathirism will come back, I say, Bolehland never get rid of mahathirism, so “mahathirism kambing bag or not” is not even a question. So call “water crisis” is just TOO familiar to urban Bolehland people. It is just yet another mahathirism in practice : if you can’t move your agenda, CREATE ONE. I.e. if you can’t push the national car sales, decapitate the public transport system, centralised the road rights and wasting hundred billions on road building that Boleh-an though road is free from maintenance. Open IPP contract so Bolehland has excessive 40% “reserved” that can not… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

A deliberate display of power, or an abuse of it?

Why build when there is no requirements? Rakyat first or crony first?

Who is to benefit? Selangorians or a few cronies?

Think about it folks, think about it! Any wonder why the bid to introduce HUDUD for ALL should be seriously taken.

And the fact that this HUDUD for all can be implemented if sycophants like MCA/MIC and most importantly GELAKAN are not wiped out come PRU 13!

Selamatkan Malaysia!


The only recourse is to CHANGE.


Its so ridiculous. Not only is what used to be fundamental state’s right now the state can’t even act to protect its interest, the believe by UMNO/BN that they won’t be blamed for the debacle is sheer hallucination..

The real reason why this drama is being played out to such inane behaviour by UMNO/BN is because Rozali is UMNOs treasurer and the very top of UMNO is not in the habit of telling one of their own when they acting like an idiot..