Live – Faham GST campaign launch


Launch of the Understand the GST campaign at the Sultan Sulaiman Club field in Kampung Baru, KL, via TV Selangor.

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Rich Daddy

@kee, why so stubborn ??? The popular votes issue already discussed to dead. There are badminton and football analogies. I’m sure you knew it. Blaming the voters issue also very boring. It is basic democracy principles, voter rights and the rights to vote everyone he or she deems fit. How come vote X = smart and vote Y = stupid ??? Malaysians still immature when come to democracy and political issues. What a supporter from opposition can do is be a good opposition. Be vocal and highlight all improper doings by the gomen and not keep harping on non issues… Read more »

Stylo Logan

Football analogy is applicable as gerrymandering is alike match fixing.


Real tired these days esp after 505… PR won popoular votes but ruled by 46% BN ??? It is indeed sad, they (took you for a ride) and gave you one kati of rice and two loaf of bread and we bowed down thanked and thanked and knelt down to kiss the hands that (did this to) us with tears running down our cheeks, so touched by the kind BN government …. I lament the mentality of Malaysians, majority had been charmed and looks like they will continually to be further charmed and cursed endlessly … Such is the fate… Read more »

Rich Daddy


I’m not into unfulfilled promised from both sides. It is endless debate. I can easily list top 50 janji kosong from both sides. As I said earlier, both sides have lots of minus points and it is ‘abang adik’ or ‘2 x 5’ situation. That is why I said both sides have 50% chance to win next GE. Maybe it is 51% for BN due to ‘home advantage’

Janji ditepati = Negara Kebajikan = LOL

Rich Daddy

@Yang, you are 100% correct. Exchanging land for tunnel is UNFORGIVABLE mistake (intentional or otherwise). Our Penang land is more precious than gold nowadays. @Kelty, Gomen’s Universities professors with quadruple PhDs too count as civil servants. Even the highly intelligent scientists working for Gomen agencies also count as civil servants. So, please, they are very smart guys. No need to be told “higher revenue for the government to enable pay increment to civil servants”. Malaysia at a crossroad. Either BN and PR can win the next GE. It is 50-50 game. Both sides have lots of minus points. But BN… Read more »


GST is already being implemented in almost the whole world. In UK its VAT @ 20% with most Western countries from 10% onward to 25%. African countries is also worse from 10% – 20%. Asian countries is better from 5% – 7% eg: Singapore 7%, Taiwan 5%, Thailand 7% and China & India is following in the European concept system. What is the fuss when GST is just the continuation of the Sales Tax in another name and when it is a broad based tax system. The opposition like DAP & PR are just opposing for the sake of opposing… Read more »


But their PMs never told the civil servants that GST enable higher revenue for the government to enable pay increment to civil servants. That is the key difference.

Stylo Logan

Why 6%, not 4% for a start?
Even Wee Ka Siong said the government originally planned 4% GST.

Rich Daddy

@kee, if you re-check BN election manifesto, it clearly states that a new tax system will be introduced. So, it is misleading to state BN hiding its intention of GST. And as far as I can remember, BN already talking about GST since the year of 2004. Also let’s be fair and neutral, BN’s also give away lots of goodies / subsidies / BR1M. Maybe you are belong to wealthy / upper middle class that those allowances not applicable to you. Eh, if you ever consumed noodle then that noodle also subsided by BN gomen. How about cooking oil, petrol… Read more »


BN had also listed “the gradual reduction of intra-city tolls” as one of its promises under the “World class infrastructure development and rural transformation” banner. But Putrajaya recently said the public can expect a hike of between 50 sen and RM2.

Janji ditepati?
Lu pikirlah sendiri!


What’s the worry? Undilah BN, janji tetap ditepati – petrol naik, electricity naik, roti naik, gula naik, kopi naik, teh naik, bus fare naik, GST naik, semua naik…

Who cares? I and my fat wife we travel by private jet if not first class, you mati you punya pasal now election is over, comes GE14, i will throw some crumbs at them, they will be satisfied. Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh !!!


Rakyat not happy now, but Najib likely to give them goodies again 6 months before GE14 and all will be forgiven and BN will win again as rakyat mudah lupa?

So until then, suffer and suffer with Barang Naik, and GST to erode your purchasing power!