Khalid explains S’gor water talks position


Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim says the federal government recognised that its water privatisation policy had failed; so it introduced a restructuring of water management under which a federal body would take over the water assets and lease them back to the operators in the various states.

In Selangor, the state government owns about 70 per cent of the water assets with the remainder held by private companies.  The assets owned by the  state are valued at RM9 billion. The state government values the private sector’s assets and imputed equity at RM5.7 billion. (The assets alone are valued at RM4.6 billion though the federal government has valued them at RM5.0 billion).

The critical issue now is to what extent the federal government will step in to assist the private concessionaires in meeting their considerable liabilities and debt obligations.

The water negotiations are crucial. If the state succeeds in taking over the assets at a fair price (to the rakyat, that is), it would set a precedent that could be used to nationalise the highways as well.

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It will come a time, if BN still controls water, water from the sky would be owned by private concessionaires .

Read this: like what happen to


In most Muslim and Christian (ahli Kitab) countries water is provided free of charge as it is an obligation of the government. What is Islam Hadhari’s stand on this? To enrich the cronies at the rakyat’s expense? Insaf lah wahai Pak Lah ku yang masih saya ada hormat, tolong lah betulkan keadaan sebelum tinggal. Mahathir did not understand Islamic principles, so he “piratised” the Selangor JBA… Pak Lah, please do not jam up Selangor state govt’s noble plan to ease the rakyat, though the PR govt will look good in the public eye. Put aside politics and fulfil your religious… Read more »


Hmm why selangor own 70% cannot have the final say .. anyone please explain ..


sorry anil to digress

From Star(

Wednesday March 4, 2009
Thousands caught unawares as 2m-high flash floods hit KL…

Enforcement officer Chief Insp Lamli Musa said the flood waters began to recede after the Smart Tunnel was closed to traffic to enable flood operations.

What lar we got smart a tunnel but we got dumb sick asses who are not up to the standards to use it smartly. No wonder our country is sick


Khalid, continue on. Shaziman is just bailing out his cronies.


Pemuda, Palace, Water, Umno, Crony-capitalism, Police brutality, unGodliness, evil and many others are related. A price to pay for our 50 year complacency. They say a load becomes heavier as your near home. We may feel heavy hearts due to the accumulation of evil, but we are near, near to the ULTIMATE victory. Hold on my dear. Hold on!