Have you signed the Stop GST petition?


This is the online petition to Najib from the ‘Gabungan Bantah Cukai GST Malaysia’. You can sign the form here.

Petisyen membantah 6 peratus Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan

Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia dengan kebebasan bersuara seperti yang dijamin dalam perkara 10 Perlembagaan Persekutuan, membantah 6 peratus Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST) yang dijadualkan dikuatkuasa mulai 1 April 2015. Saya menggesa kerajaan supaya membatalkan penguatkuasaan Cukai GST.

Berikut adalah sebab- sebab utama saya membantah Cukai GST :

1. Cukai progresif lebih sesuai untuk masyarakat Malaysia

Cukai yang progresif mengenakan cukai kepada golongan kaya dan kaum korporat tetapi mengecualikan golongan pendapatan rendah dari dicukai. Cukai sebegini adalah lebih sesuai oleh sebab ia membantu golongan miskin, berbanding dengan cukai regresif GST yang akan mengegnakan cukai kepada semua lapisan masyarakat. Cukai GST membebankan masyarakat secara menyeluruh yang kaya dan yang berpendapatan rendah

2. Kadar inflasi akan meningkat

Penguatkuasaan Cukai GST akan membawa kepada kenaikan harga barangan dan perkhidmatan yang akan meningkatkan perbelanjaan harian rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun banyak jenis makanan dikecualikan daripada cukai pada takat dibeli oleh pengguna, harga makanan akan naik kerana bahan–bahan yang digunakan untuk mengeluarkan makanan itu seperti baja, makanan untuk haiwan, plastik untuk pembungkusan dan pengangkutan akan dinaikkan harga akibat cukai GST terhadap bahan pengeluaran. Ini akan menyebabkan peningkatan dalam kos pengeluaran makanan dan ini akan menaikkan harga makanan itu.

Cukai GST akan meningkatkan kadar inflasi dan mengurangkan kuasa beli rakyat. Kos bagi menampung keperluan harian iaitu makanan, pengangkutan, penginapan, pakaian, perubatan dan lain-lain akan meningkat. Kenaikan harga barangan dan perkhidmatan ini akan ditanggung oleh semua lapisan masyarakat tidak kira kaya ataupun miskin.

3. Kewangan kerajaan

Penguatkuasaan Cukai GST tidak akan membantu kerajaan Malaysia menangani masalah kewangan. Ini adalah kerana wujudnya faktor­-factor yang lebih besar yang menyebabkan masalah kewangan kerajaan Malaysia umpamanya:

  • Perbelanjaan kerajaaan yang tidak dikawal
  • Pembaziran dalam perbelanjaan kerajaan
  • Penyelewengan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan

Kerajaan Malaysia seharusnya menumpukan perhatian untuk menangani masalah sebegini yang lebih serius bukannya menguatkuasakan Cukai GST yang akan membebankan Rakyat.

Inilah sebab-sebab saya MEMBANTAH penguatkuasaan Cukai GST pada 1 April 2015

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choon kee

Before GST, RM100 you spent at a restaurant or hotel is subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax, ie. you have to pay RM116.

With GST, you have to pay GST for the service charge as well.
In other words, you are now paying 6% for (RM100+RM10).
Your total payment will be RM116.60!

GST will cost you additional 60 sen!!!!

Don Anamalai

Najib should launch ‘SC1M’ – Standby Credit 1Malaysia – for those poor household screaming for assistance due to the impact of Barang Naik after GST is implemented.


GST = government suka tax!


Its about 2 weeks and it has not reach it target.

gk ong

Ringgit is now at 6 year low.
Our purchasing power is further eroded with GST looming!

Ed G

During the 1997/98 financial crisis, the Malaysian Ringgit fell to as low as RM4.40 per USD from RM2.50 per USD within months. The then PM Dr.Mahathir, who instead of admitting to the weakness of the country’s economic and financial fundamentals, shifted the blame to currency traders with George Soros in particular. The Ringgit was subsequently pegged to RM3.80 per USD as a knee-jerk countermeasure. However, the Ringgit has not gone back to the value of its glory days of RM2.50 per USD even after being unpegged for almost 10 years and the so-called ‘currency attacks’ have long subsided. This by… Read more »


Mahathir is asking BN to scrap GST or they will lose the next GE.

gk ong

Malaysia’s external debts grew by more than three-fold in less than a year, from RM196 billion at the end of 2013 to a whopping RM740.7 billion in the third quarter of last year!

Hutang BN keliling pinggang!


Tun M: Adalah menjadi hak rakyat untuk bertindakbalas atau memberitahu kerajaan jika mereka tidak mahu lebih banyak cukai dikenakan.

gk ong

Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism co-founder Cynthia Gabriel says the country would not need the extra income from the goods and services tax (GST) if got rid of wastage and corruption that costs the government up to RM40 billion a year in losses.


Is she also saying the same thing to the US, West and more than 170 countries that have implemented GST.


The fact that more than 170 countries in the world have implemented GST is proof enough that our country economy is moving in line and in tandem with the world`s globalization. Those who signed the petition must have done it because of their political inclination to the oppostion or have been influenced politically by their deception.


Yang now a Bernama reporter attached at anilnetto.com?


Ed G’s reply to Yang on GST is worth a second look (thumbs up if you agree with Ed G): If the government were to be truly caring for the people, why did they punish everyone with the GST instead of just taking the bull by its horns by going after the tax evader? Why make the poor suffer due to the misdeeds of others (the tax evaders}? And talking about procrastination, I am sure most of us are aware of the financial and spending discrepancies being highlighted in the Auditor General’s report without fail every year. In fact, this… Read more »

Stylo Logan

At least 150 of the countries implemented GST ended up having the government changed! That is a fact.

Penangites can buy their required appliances at Mega Home this weekend at sPICE to avoid GST next month.


Regim BN does not allow ‘Pre-GST Sale’. But one famous local retailer use ‘Countdown to April 1 Sale’ as tagline!

Your cinema ticket will be subjected to GST on top of the existing entertainment tax!
We will see the revival of DVD pirates, evolving into Blu-ray pirates?

Better buy your vitamins or upgrade your PC this month is you want to save 6%.


It is people and businessman like you that is out to cause panic among the populace creating a web of deception by giving a false perception of the real situation. This is what you and the CAT, Lafizi and Tuny have been doing all along to deceive the people.


Just bought my year’s supply of multivitamin from Guardian today as there is a 5% discount on top of offer price this weekend for purchase above RM80, to beat GST.

Phua Kai Lit

Signed !


Would Pakatan implement GST if they had come to power. That is the most pertinent question in my mind. As far as I think, they will also do it so I think there is no necessity to sign it. After all their objection are just for their political expediency. Anyway we are way too late, 20 years compared to Singapore and 60 years compared to France. Today more than 170 countries out of about 200 countries in the world already have GST. Nobody want to pay extra tax but this tax is unavoidable. Its to streamline the tax system whereby… Read more »


The GST is streamlined from the Sales & Service Tax (SST) which is 10%. With GST 6% certain items may be slightly cheaper. As such there is no cause for complaint or objection


Can someone translate this for Yang:
◾Perbelanjaan kerajaaan yang tidak dikawal
◾Pembaziran dalam perbelanjaan kerajaan
◾Penyelewengan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan

This is why most people do not trust how the BN regime would handle the revenue from GST.


Lots of idiotic statements from this Yang chap.


signed, sealed and delivered to Jho Low acting on behalf of PM?

numb chucks

Spotted on TV ~ Finas produced GST promo clip that mentions previously Sales Service Tax SST 16%, and now replaced by GST only 6% so 16% minus 6% the rakyat save 10% !
Make believe for kampung audience?
utterly rediculous


This is the fact and truth. Items that previously do not come under SST will be taxed as GST and slightly higher while items that are streamlined from SST will be cheaper.


Use your brain. If rakyat can benefit from GST which is claimed by BN regime to be lower than SST, then why should the BN regime want lower tax revenue?


owc ; You will have to open up your brain. Read carefully what I wrote. GST is to streamline the tax system whereby the taxable who did not pay tax will be taxed. Some items in GST would be lower than when it is under SST. Agreed that under GST more item will be taxed but whatever the govt recveived will be utilized for development. As for uncontrolled spending or wastage or corruption it happened throughout the whole world even in the US & the West. Most of Asian and SE Asian nation are even worse than us. Look at… Read more »


SST is 10% not 16%. GST 6% so you save 4%

gk ong

SST 11-16% vs GST 6% is the selling point by The Regime to convince kampung folks that GST membawa manfaat. It is highlighted in many propaganda-laced GST brochures.


gk ong ; Don`t lie. SST has never been more than 10%. Whether GST will bring manfaat or not, the proof is in the 170 countries out of 200 countries that have implemented GST.


Yang go read the booklet provided by BN mentioning SST to be 11 to 16%. They are deceiving the rural folks as usual.


When the BN government brags and bandied around, in almost all their advertisements, that because they are gracious and care for the rakyat, they now have replaced two taxes i.e. Sales and Service Tax with 1 (one) tax i.e. the Goods and Services Tax. Besides, they also claimed that, blissfully ignorant perhaps or downright compulsive liars, while the SST is 16 per cent (Sales-10 per cent and Services-6 per cent), Alas and Behold!..it is only 6 per cent for GST now!