Customs poll: 90% say ‘No’ to GST


More than 90 per cent of close to 5,000 respondents have voted a resounding ‘No’ to the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) on a poll put up on the Customs Department’s website.

You can still vote here.

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8 Nov 2010 7.16am

Vote UMNO BN and yu will get GST. Thats for sure. Its your choice and so the rural poor, don`t blame PR if you become any poorer. Blame it on your own folly for that little pittance

6 Nov 2010 3.52pm

They should exempt 1500 and below earners from ALL taxes. THAT would be a killer campaign promise that could guarantee the instant victory of any political party, though between tax cuts and ending apartheid, ENDING APARTHEID would be much better.

5 Nov 2010 9.33pm

this poll doesnt mean anything, i think.

if u don’t believe me, do another poll asking: Does anyone out there want to pay taxes at all?
of course the answer will be no!

then do another poll: Do u think the govt should give each household a gold bar?
of course the answer will be yes!

this is what statisticians call a loaded question. the answer will be one-sided becos the question is.
anyway, just a tot.

5 Nov 2010 4.06pm

Even if you say ‘No’ in the poll, do you think ‘rakyat didahulukan’ ofleh BN on this matter?

Here is a piece of good article on the sad ending to P Ramlee’s career after he returned to Malaysia from singapore: