ALERT: GST Bill coming up in Parliament


Over in Parliament, the Supplementary Budget debate will be completed today. Next up: The GST Bill, most likely tomorrow.

Malaysians are already hurting from price hikes. Say NO to GST.

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Najib should consider reducing GST from 6% to 3% to safeguard his popularity and position.


According to a survey by independent pollster Merdeka Center, there is a growing number of Malaysians are dissatisfied with PM Najib’s leadership. GST is one key factor.


Personally, I don’t expect much resistant coming from Pakatan Rakyat ‘s MPs. It is expected that the GST or VAT will come soon , one day. Even if PR were to take over Putrajaya by the next election, the GST/VAT will and would remain. Let be down to earth regarding the GST/VAT. The question now is , why at 6 % ( six percent). And why not lower? And after collecting the 6 % , our civil services , infrastructures and human rights will improve? Or ends up as wastage( as usual) , into somebody else pockets ( as usual… Read more »


Actually 6% is just at starting point of distribution + selling.
Imagine goods change hands at multiple selling points, the final price is more than 6% inflated.
And gomen will actually reap manifolds x 6%. Gila atau reality?
Char Koay Teow fried ‘like 6%’ many times will be unpalatably black!!!

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau ke-o-o ke GST.


Elak pembaziran, Pulau Pinang cadang kenaikan tarif air
Dan you tahu kah, semua tol (temporary occupational license) tanah di pulau pinang dinaikan 100%(?)
Jangan di tipu oleh itu suara manis besar pulau pinang

Dan Jangan menyalahkan BN Najib atau Gerakan, MCA. Kerajaan PP DAP LGE pun naikan harga and susahkan rakyat pulau pinang. tolakan keluar LGE kerajaan seterusnya