62 per cent of Malaysians oppose GST implementation: Survey


That’s according to a survey by Merdeka Centre. The results are no real surprise.

Merdeka Centre’s press release:

BANGI –A survey carried among voters in Peninsular Malaysia found that a majority (53%) of them did not understand how the GST will work at present.

At the same time, 62% of respondents did not agree to the implementation of the GST, which indicates that despite not knowing the finer points of the consumption tax, many members of the public did not support its rollout.

Consistent with the findings above, the same survey also found that a large majority (64%) of respondents report that they did not understand how the national economy works. This view was more prevalent among respondents coming from lower income households, rural areas and among women.

The survey was carried out by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research between 12th and 21st April 2014. For this survey, 1,009 registered voters comprising 60% Malay, 31% Chinese and 9% Indian respondents were interviewed by telephone. Respondents were selected on the basis of random stratified sampling along ethnicity, gender and state of residence. The interviews were carried out in the preferred language of the respondents.

About Merdeka Center for Opinion Research

Merdeka Center for Opinion Research was formally established in 2001 as an independent organization focused on public opinion research and socio-economic analysis. Merdeka’s mission is to act as a bridge between ordinary Malaysians and other stakeholders with the leading members of the nation – by collecting public opinion studies and expressing them through survey results, analysis and position papers. For details, visit: www.merdeka.org

Ibrahim Suffian
Director – Programs

Tan Seng Keat
Research Manager

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Don Anamalai

Just learnt that books are subjected to GST.
How to encourage people to read when the books already so expensive?


52%, likely more, VOTED to separate UMNO/BN from our money, but it did not even slow them down. Separating UMNO/BN from feeding themselves on our money is going to take no less than surgery.

najib manaukau

I told everyone before what will happen when the GST is implemented and that everyone, I mean everyone whether your income does not fall into the bracket of taxable income you will still be paying for the GST. That is when every bill you pay, (a lot of) the food you purchase will include GST that you have to pay. Are these not examples enough for you ? The simple truth is the Umno schmucks must come with a new tax just to make up the deficit the treasury is facing and as such more new taxes must be implemented.… Read more »


The introduction of GST will not curb this reckless overspending behaviour!!
Remember Najib has just requested more spending through Budget Supplementary Bill.
The BN Regime has never change its spending habit and will ruin our country in the near future with more debt!! GST is merely being used to raise more money for wasteful Government spending.

Shakirin AlIkram

Robbing us blind eh, Najib’s GST? They spend money like no tomorrow on their comforts and spouses luxuries and we who fed the and put food on their tables continued to be milked and `tipu’ by these … blood suckers! … Even poor YB Seah Leong Peng couldn’t be saved and died within 3 months of his diagnosis. What is the quality of Malaysian Oncology in battling this dangerous Killer disease. A young 39-yr old mother of 4 children ranging in ages from 4yrs to SPM, died 10th April, 2014 from Stage 4 Breast Cancer. YB Seah left 3 schooling… Read more »


In Hokkien, GST means, exactly literally, metaphorically, profoundly this: “Gian Sien Thau” (Addicted-to-Deceiving Form of Leadership) Even if the world will end today, this … leadership of excessive, uncontrolled, addicted ‘leeching’ of national coffer + assets will continue without any tinge of decency of human values to suck the life force & bread-money of its denizens to the bone marrow. In Malaysia, there is no social security, no real affordable housing for the masses, no protection of its workforce from indecent work pays, limited places in limited public tertiary institutions (except for one particular ‘prince of earth’ race dedicated to… Read more »