52-51 vote shock exposes BN’s vulnerability to rising cost of living

Consumer Sentiments Index dropped in the third quarter of 2017

The BN-led government’s razor-thin 52-51 winning margin in a vote called by the opposition to protest at the rising cost of petrol of goods has sent a ripple of excitement down the nation.

The vote strikes at the core of the unhappiness felt on the ground by many in recent years: the soaring cost of living.

The vote was called by a PKR MP during the committee stage debate for the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry’s portion of Budget 2018.

The BN was clearly taken off guard and MPs had to scramble in after the bell was rung to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. With the help of latecomers and the deputy speaker who voted for the ruling coalition, the BN scraped through under highly controversial circumstances.

Full article on the Aliran website.

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Average monthly broadband costs in Malaysia, at RM12.85 per Mbps, is more expensive than the following 5 Asean countries:

Singapore (RM0.23/Mbps)
Thailand (RM1.79/Mbps),
Indonesia (RM6.15/Mbps)
Vietnam (RM10.05/Mbps)
Phillippines (RM11.72/Mbps)

Read more at https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/404334#dqb5jJ5H0XKRTCbk.99

Eric Kuek

30 sen Lok Lok in Butterworth:

“It’s nice to eat here because we can eat without worrying that it’ll cost a lot. I have been eating this uncle’s lok lok since I was in primary school. His son was my classmate. It may be cheap, but it’s tasty,” says regular Jonas Hong, 40, who was enjoying his lok lok with his wife and son.


Barang Naik at KFC.
Set Menu each cost RM1.50 more now.

McDonald’s Fillet Fish set meal was about RM3.40 10 years ago, now RM9.

Is your salary 3x more than that 10 years ago?

William Shen

Nothing is cheap now. Heard that cooking gas price to go up in Jan 1st. Like this hawker sure increase food price one.

P Bhaskaran

High food price so little left for savings.
Agree or not?


Some 4.2% of Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB) unit trust holders control nearly half (47.6 percent) of the RM207.4 billion net asset value (NAV) as of Sept 30.

According to a Finance Ministry parliamentary written reply, the 4.2% were those who held between 100,001 and 500,000 units.

Those who fall within this band own a total of RM103.1 billion worth of units.


The rich bumiputeras get richer when guaranteed 8% annual return from ASB.


The rich bumiputeras get richer when guaranteed 8% annual return from ASB.
MadHatter of Helang Island is one of them?
Fact of life: Give this 8% annual interest to the Chinese + Indians & Malaysia will have the most millionaires + billionaires in South East Asia superseding SingLand!!!
And I would have retired 10 years ago.

Eric Kuek

Wealth generates wealth.

But money spent on instant gratification on 11.11 TMall on expensed items is a waste. Smart people invest in assets like properties for wealth appreciation.

William Shen

Now cannot anyhow buy but must save because when retire also need money to spend, cannot hope my son will give money because he also have family to feed.

P Bhaskaran

Malaysian Indians can now buy AS1M, about 6% annual return. Are you buying Mr Anil?


Rising home prices have added to the grievances of Malaysians grappling with the cost of living since a goods and services tax started two years ago, and as the government removes subsidies on daily items including petrol and sugar. That’s made affordable housing a key voter issue for PM Najib ahead of a general election that must be held by mid-2018. Just 20% of new Malaysian housing launches in the first quarter were priced below 250,000 ringgit, down from 33% between 2010 and 2014, according to the central bank’s “Housing Watch” website. The bulk of new homes cost between 250,000… Read more »


Despite improving headline economic data, the signs of distress are still being felt by a sizeable number of Malaysians.

Some 15% of Malaysians skip meals to make ends meet and about 27% do not have RM500 for an emergency, according to a Merdeka Center survey, conducted between November 4 and 14, involved 1,203 registered voters.

The survey also indicates between one and two out of every 10 Malaysians are cutting back on essentials, such as food, to make ends meet.



How do you think our Ringgit can rise in value, although it is quite stagnant despite all the rosy economic data from the government?


Malaysian train on wrong track, says tycoon Kuok in memoir.


‘Robert Kuok, A Memoir’ will be available in Hong Kong exclusively at Bookazine and in Singapore at all major bookshops from November 25. It will be released in Malaysia on December 1 and in Indonesia on January 1.


Can also read from South China morning post.


Robert Kuok confirmed damage was done before Mahathir era.


Kuok cannot say anything directly against the dogma of his new homeland. The hint here is train and tracks. We have 2 such major projects in the works now.

Harith M

HSR train and ECRL both on wrong track?


These ecomomic indices/data are supposedly based on inverviews and sampling. A secure, gomen tuan will not demean himself by speaking to or mixing with rif-raff. When was the last anyone heard of any tuan interviewing anyone on any subject? Ditto for those doing a proper job supervising traffic, road works, urban vegetation (“landacape”), urban construction, the abject poor, etc. – except at photo opportunities. So, what credibility do these indices have, especially when propaganda requires a “positive outlook”?


1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme (PR1MA) should stick to its objective of providing affordable homes to middle- and low-income earners, instead of jumping on the high-end property bandwagon, said property expert Ernest Cheong. Although PR1MA homes range between RM100,000 and RM400,000, the ones priced above RM250,000 are beyond what many Malaysians can afford, said the chartered property surveyor. “They just have to accept that people’s salaries are stagnant. Those who can afford to buy anything today are those who have an income of RM10,000 and above. “After all their expenses, they may be able to save RM1,000, and with that they… Read more »


Kangkung in Penang now RM5 per kg (was RM2.50per kg before flood).

RON95 expected to drop by 8 sen a litre 23Nov to appease the consumers.

Khun Pana

Am not sure of the ” kangkung” market price. As far as i am aware ,it is not a very “halal” vegetable.Too many parasites and heavy metal (depends on location). Consumers need to be aware. As for the price of gasoline , expect Malaysia’s petrol retail price to remain the current level at least until January 2018. Finance Minister have to pay bonuses to the 1.6+ million civil servants , the entire cabinet ministers and to prepare next 7+ million cheques for BR1M February 2018. Still too early to start the General Election roadshow. Also notices the petrol dealers are… Read more »

Khun Pana

P If and when the Pakatan take over, my guess is that the GST / VAT is here to stay. GST can be good too. Example – those jaga kereta rascals , drug addicts and all those good for nothing people gets to pay tax. If we think this way it is fair game. Best to do away with BR1M(revamp it to food stamp) , abolish some of the highway toll, reduction in public transport fares, extend the Klinik1Malaysia to private GP clinics. Do away with that Indahwater sewerage charges. Extend the free electricity to folks using less than 30… Read more »


Barang naik rakyat susah
BN menang rakyat merana
Najib kuat kita resah
1MDB tipu sini sana


Bung Mokhtar (BN-Kinabatangan) has complained that Putrajaya’s affordable housing programme under PR1MA had failed to meet its objective as the homes were out of Malaysians’ price range. He said these homes were advertised as “mampu milik” (affordable) but carried price tags that meant aspiring homeowners could only afford to look (mampu tengok). “They are still too expensive for the people. “At these prices, the policy of affordable housing is almost impossible. We can only look at the houses but not buy . I’ve received complaints that PR1MA has lost its sight of its objective,” he said in the Dewan Rakyat… Read more »

Khun Pana

Bung also mentioned that flying by AirAsia is very expensive.
Somehow he did not mention that having more than 1 wive is much more expensive.
His homo sapien brain never had a chance to fully developed.


only 51 from opposition mps voted? wheres the others? all ponteng?

Ugly Betty Fan

I want to vote DAP so that next year and every year we can see floods in the Penang. Hopefully next year the hills will collapse and CNN will be in Penang. I want to see Anderson Cooper because he is so sexy.


Anderson Cooper barred … to enter Bolehland because of his LGBT inclination(?)


You want to see flood, everyone will orso come. Tourist attraction like the China tidal bore. Thousands of tourists see the tidal bore every year.


Because of high cost of living, most people are not saving enough, with total household savings amounting to just 0.9%, or RM6 billion, of overall household income, reported The Edge.

Households were spending the most on domestic commodities, which accounted for 83.3%, or RM532.2 billion, in 2014.

Young people were also spending before income was earned, “like buying cars and smartphones through credit”.


Are they expecting to work beyond retirement age or are they counting on BR1M payout for their twilight years?


Domestic spending spurs private consumption that drives 3rd Q GDP of 6+%, but consequently the nation debt rises to scary level for next generations to face with.



Freight rate up in line with petrol price.


300% hike in fish, vegetables (kangkung?) and CAP is leading the protest, while Penang Forum appears to lack the instinct to be aware of the true sufferings of B40 and now even M40?

Truly need more Margie’s Prayers to save the nation!


Grapevine Johor is enough with BeEnd, with Kota Tinggi Syed Hamid “katak” leading the domino effect finding solace with M?
Many potential engineers devoid of scholarships (BeEnd coffer dries up) also fed up?
Existing cyber engineers may switch camp soon???


This a vote result of shame – tak malu nak tipu Rakyat tak habis-habis.
You scrambled in panic to justified your leeching existence, which should have been put down in the graves last GE. Engineered by your own leech-engineers?
The time will come when the Rakyat will say “enough is enough” at the polling stations.
Try to gostan back to subsidies after your failed experiment with GST?
Tak malu orang punya nak tipu.


Malu or not, GST will stay even if , God forbids, Pakatan wins the next GE. We can wager a bet here if you want. If you don’t like it, please migrate loh. Nobody force you to stay here and be unhappy. Afghanistan could be your destination since they have zero percent GST. Other than that, what Pakatan propose to alleviate the high cost of living? Don’t just complain. What are those policies to reverse this trend? In Singapore, the country that most DAP fanboys like to emulate, has just talking about the hike of GST from the current 7%.… Read more »


Talented engineers are seeking greener pasture outside Malaysia?


Talents drain out, foreign labours pour in no wonder cost of livings unbearable to many???


Even with GST, can’t pay flood victims. Engineer real pokai. Engr supposed to solve issues and make it more efficient. This engr knows how to blow water only.


Tak malu punya orang! Asking people to migrate due to differences!
Pls grow up! Malaysia doesn’t belong to your one kind of tak malu punya orang!


Zoro a.k.a. Shriek a.k.a. DAP minion, So Hew Kuan Yau, the fatty Superman taught you to call other ppl “pokai”? Is that how the DAP leadership taught their minions? To curse other ppl “pokai”? Wow. Answer my questions la , don’t just curse ppl. 1. What is Pakatan’s proposal to lower the cost of living? Don’t just complain. Start with Penang. The properties in Penang are super duper expensive. If they can’t even solve this “cost of living” problem at state level, how they could solve it at national level? 2. What policies are they going to implement should they… Read more »


Singland produces oil, palm oil, rubber, tin, timber, plenty of water to store and land for its national service to practice firing shell 20 miles range.

Ho Hia Tee

Mario Engineer and Ugly Betty Fan keep pouding LGE; at same time do check you are rewarded dont work for free cos every barang naik you also need to feed your gaming hobies and watch tv series must pay GST now

Ho Hia Tee

High cost of living will drive majority mad, whether you are this or that.

Dedak need to be increased but where got money now? December still got to pay us680million loan interest not forgeting the principal loan can swallow up putrajaya


You thin skin? Jealous. Who is ah jib? Not official? Not pm of Malaysia? Go and tell your paymaster who is he?


Tak malu punya orang believes in the impossible!
Still believes Malaysia is AOK but is nevertheless laughed at by Africans!
Can tak malu when our MO1 is named by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).
Still boleh tak malu to see our fellow Malaysians in financial difficulties due to GST.
Want to be tak malu b’cos the leadership is also tak malu!
This is the fact of Tak Malu, engineered by leech-engineers who already lost what it takes to be human.


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,…