Miracle rising or economic betrayal in South Africa?


Nelson Mandela and his team, along with global pressure, may have succeeded in hastening the end of apartheid – but did class ‘apartheid’ replace racial apartheid in one of the most unequal societies in the world?

Was the radical Mandela brand “coopted” in the elite-managed transition of the economy to protect the interests of Big Capital? Read John Hilley’s take on the subject on the Aliran website.

In a sense it is perhaps understandable that some politicians outside South Africa can identify with the ANC cause. In South Africa, “The emergence of a new generation of black economically empowered (BEE) politicians has firmly embedded the ANC in patronage politics, state-led class formation and widespread corruption,” according to one commentator. Sound familiar?

Interestingly enough, South Africa’s first privatisation involved the sale of a 30 per cent stake in the country’s telecommunications outfit to an American-Malaysian consortium for US$1.3bn in 1997.

The consortium comprised SBC Communications Inc, in San Antonio (Texas) and Telekom Malaysia Bhd. “SBC, which is the corporate parent of Southwestern Bell will pay 60% of the purchase price, and Telekom Malaysia the remaining 40%.” We didn’t hear much about it at the time.

With that South Africa embarked on its privatisation and neoliberal policy with earnest.

What prompted the apartheid regime to begin talks with the ANC? Did the momentum for political transition and negotiations get an extra impetus following the debt crisis in Johannesburg in 1985? Was de Klerk mainly concerned about rescuing capitalism in South Africa with the help of the “moderates” in the ANC? How did the UK and the USA turn from staunch supporters of the apartheid regime to ‘enlightened’ facilitators of a new democratic order in South Africa?

For a closer look at how political liberation for the blacks in South Africa may have masked economic betrayal, read John Pilger’s analyses here and here.

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Even Obama shook hand with Castro at Mandela event today.

So despite different thinking process, we ought to accept each other viewpoints.

May all readers be of different faiths share the joy of givings of Santa Claus this festive season (i don’t mean the commercialised gifts exchanges BUT more important to share the joy of Love by being like Mandela lah !)

Dedicate this song to all readers including Anil 🙂

Stylo Logan

If you want to forgive, do it with all the sincerity.
That CM of Melaka is never sincere when he said he forgave the Chinese for the Chinese tsunami. He forgets that Umno’s policies are the root cause of all problems.


Anil netto should include this as well……What did Mugabe achieve in pursuing his so called social programme?


Did they learned from UMNO. Yes or no it has evolved to become more like UMNO. We have one more that is also evolving into the UMNO species. LGE DAP PR are now on the same footing as UMNO BN. No calling for tender for allegedly awarding a flood-mitigation project and name calling from kucing kurap to racist grandmother… I feel very ashamed to have voted DAP the past 40 years and I am yearning to bring back BN Gerakan to be the next govt. LGE DAP have become much too arrogant for their boot.


Yang yearning to bring back BN Gerakan ?
So may be in 2014 we shall see more of Gerakan Y now that Gerakan K has gone into slumber mode ?
Gerakan Y needs to consult the Gerakan M (Mah) first to strategise ?


who know we may even see Gerakan T (after tunglang reconcile ideology with father-in-law?)
Gerakan K, Gerakan T & Gerakan M – Trinity Force to reckon with in 2014 anilnetto.com ???


The new Gerakan chief also quite soft-spoken, like his former chief Tsu Koon. How to stand up against the loudness of umnos …?


Woi, henson. You talked like a little Kulim town boy with running nose & wet-in-ears!!! Politics is not about worshipping a tokong with 3 morning joss sticks, neither is it a lifelong marriage vowed at the top of Komtar Tower witnessed by a Cosmopolitan priest. You seems to talk more rubbish than real Art of War strategy. Why not go beg & learn from Nak Cheat his often quoted Blue Ocean Strategy? For your information, your esteemed art of ‘angry cat’ confrontation is a long gone strategy of Cold War America & McCarthyism. Mark my words, The Feds won’t kowtow… Read more »


What did Kok Tsu Koon’s achieve during his 18 years administration?

However, time for LGE to prepare for his sucession plan. Would it be Chow Kon Yeow?


Chow Kon Yeow is a much better personality for the post of Penang CM, if given no other options of political party to run the state. Accesible, listening & proactive to problems instead of saying kucing kurap style “Go see my deputy for he is answerable”. More so the political-realisty reason for my choice of CKY as he is a Penangite who empathizes – knows, feels & lives the aspirations & expectations of many Penangites. Hope to have a Kopi-O kau kau with him in an old Boh Bing Chui but not cosmo-slippery-cleanliness (of Bing Chui frenzies) kopitiam in old… Read more »


possible scenario after GE14 :

LGE leaves Penang for KL federal post.

CKY becomes Chief Minister Of Penang.

Yang less agitated with more Ying in his system to establsh equilibrium.

tunglang reporting on heavenly ori-maestro food outside Penang and become a famous food blogger continue to update readers via anilnetto.com

Pulau Jerejak blessed by Mazu becomes an island of choice for all rakyat !


I think Umno can certainly be a consultant to South Africa to promote NEP, BEEP and BR1M (Br1A?) to South Africa while maintaining the best democracy in the world to help the native black Africans?


Winnie Mandela could also learn a thing or two from our jet-setting 1st Lady?

najib manaukau

When is Umno going to bring back the Malays who were taken there as slaves ? The warlords are doing or pretending to do everything for the Malay and even claim that without Umno where would the Malay be to day. Yet what have the warlords done to bring these Malays back to where they were taken to be the slaves … In my recent visit to S.A.and during one of my visits to the home of the Malays it would appear that they are more than happy there rather than returning to Malaysia and be ‘looked’ after by Umno,… Read more »


The Malays in South Africa were from Java; so they actually originated from Indonesia.


Common sense will tell – Political Trader any parts of the worlds will be a proxy for businessman.The common people’s in any part of the world always victimized by people with political cable.To maintain status they must be a lot of poor people to be hired by businessman with lower salary and the Political Trader to be blamed.

rajraman. It’s works well with terms i scratch your back and i scratch you back pocket with $$$.