Malaysian activists stage protest at Lynas’ headquarters in Australia


Six Malaysian activists from Himpunan Hijau are in the midst of a week-long ‘occupation’ in front of the Lynas Corp headquarters in Sydney to protest at the toxic rare earth refinery in Kuantan, Malaysia.

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Don Anamalai

Speaking of activist, suddenly the malay media took strong interest in the London-based Maoist activist Siti Aishah, and are hoping for her return to Malaysia after 30 years amid all the controversies.

Stylo Logan

Munro has failed to bring back Sufiah Yusuf (Malay student turned call girl in UK), and now they try to bring back Siti Aisyah for rehabilitation?

Kaki Pulau

Hi Anil, good move, snub this Looi character. Don’t waste your time.

Phua Kai Lit

Losing money for each ton of REE (rare earth elements) produced.
Being propped up by loans from Japanese GLC (government-linked corporation).

In effect, being subsidised by both Japanese tax-payers and Malaysian tax-payers
(12 year tax holiday).

On its death bed ??

P.S. My fellow Kuantan folks show our rejection of this project by electing
2 MPs and 4 ADUNS who are all from Pakatan Rakyat.
So why isn’t UMNO Baru-BN listening to the voice of the people ??

Rufus Mallu

All the best to you and may you all succeed. Bravo!


To Mr Anilnetto,

Hey, what has happened to your psedo-account, Mr Antipropaganda who is actually my good friend and had given me a lot of good laughs!

najib manaukau

There is NOTHING, that the morons from Umno and all their lackeys , such as the … police can do in Australia ! I hope and encourage such activities are also taken worldwide !