NO! to M’sia’s FTA with police state, USA – Remember, 1.2 million dead in Iraq


The new US ambassador to Malaysia, James Keith is urging both Malaysia and the United States to conclude a Free Trade Agreement after an earlier deadline in June was missed.

Of course, the US stands to benefit far more in such an “open market”. To draw an analogy, it would be like Manchester United playing against the Malaysian football team. Sure it may be a “level playing field”, but we all know who would win such a game.

The thing about an FTA with the United States is that it’s not just about trade. Keith said that trade and security issues will be a major focus during his tenure.

You see, once we sign an FTA with the United States, we will fall increasingly under the United States’ sphere of influence. And that is scary, considering how the US itself is fast losing its constitutional oversights and turning into a virtual dictatorship.

Even the once-cherished right to freedom of speech has eroded. Look what happened to the university student who asked 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry some awkward – but perfectly legitimate – questions, only to find himself shockingly “tasered” (electrocuted with a taser gun) for his efforts. Even more appalling, a hall full of people did nothing to stop this, while Kerry himself droned and mumbled on. The student was of course armed – with a book, written by America’s top investigative journalist, Greg Palast.

This is deeply shocking and disturbing. Just as we are deeply shocked by our own Batu Burok shooting incident, where police shot at armed civilians.

Moreover, under the United States’ occupation of Iraq, more than 1,000,000 Iraqis have been murdered, according to a survey by ORB. Israel, a strong US ally, continues to impose a siege on the people of Gaza. That’s not all – the US is now targeting Iran, and speculation is mounting that another war is coming.

So do we really want to cooperate with the United States, a country that has 750 military bases around the world, on security issues?

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19 Dec 2008 12.01am

Having trade treaty is very much benefit both countries, not just USA unless it is clearly stated in the treaty we only buy from USA not selling to them like present,where majority of our E&E products are exported into USA and USA market constitute 30-40 % of our total foreign trade. So if Malaysia manufacturers want to cut off this foreign market from their products, they are welcome to do that, i am sure America is not that eager into FTA with Malaysia where unfair trade quota is routinely imposed on foreign countries to suit racist policy of BN.

20 Sep 2007 11.41pm

and they think they are civilized, my god.

22 Sep 2007 8.17am

well at least the political system in the us allows and encourages invesigations into wrong doings and practices of the govt… the media is free to criticise… the education system fosters critical thinking… the culture don’t encourage indulgence in self complacency and delusions… such as the malaysia boleh spirit… sometime in the real world, there is a need for some form of intervention from a power country…. without the us coming out of its isolation policies last century, the world would have been a different place today… would the world be a fairer place minus the us –leaving only the… Read more »