RM900 minimum wage well below workers’ demand


Between 500 and 1000 workers have marched from Central Market to Dataran Maybank to mark Workers’ Day.

Workers marching for RM1500 minimum wage

Many are disappointed that Najib’s newly introduced minimum wage of RM900 for the peninsula and RM800 for Sabah and Sarawak falls well short of the workers’ demand for RM1500.

Najib’s RM900 figure even falls short of Penang’s minimum monthly wage of RM 1,100 (including allowances and cost of living but excluding overtime) for employees of state agencies and government GLCs and Selangor’s RM1500 for employees of state GLCs.

In another development, while the Occupy Dataran activists were away from their camp site (at their new location at the Bar Council) to observe International Workers Day, they returned to find that their tent and many other belongings located in the Bar Council porch had been illegally confiscated. Occupy Dataran alleged in a tweet that 10 DBLK officers arrived at 10.20am to cart away the activists’ stuff in front of the Bar Council – without providing any written notice.

Anyway, what are the workers’ demands this year?

According to the May Day 2012 Organising Committee, the demands are:

  • Repeal the implementation of the recent amendments to the Employment Act 1955;
  • Stop arbitrary laws which exploit the workers – set up a Royal Consultative Committee, including representatives from the UN and ILO to review and repeal if necessary all repressive laws in Malaysia;
  • Stop all propaganda and implement a minimum wage of RM1,500 and enact a Minimum Wage Act;
  • Stop union busting and protect workers’ rights, reinstate all trade union leaders dismissed for trade union activities. Government organs and the judiciary must uphold workers’ rights including international instruments passed by the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation in the interest of human rights;
  • Stop gender discrimination and discriminative policies whether in practice or in law. The Malaysian judiciary needs to respect and adopt the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) as a legally binding instrument irrespective of whether it is incorporated as Malaysian law.
  • Control the continuous increase of goods and services prices including oil and reinstate the government subsidy to the rakyat. Stop the Goods and Services Tax that is transferred from businesses to consumers, and stop the privatization of utilities, health and education schemes for the rakyat;
  • Stop discrimination of migrant workers and accord them equal access to all essential services and protective rights including the right to join or form trade unions and to represent them;
  • Stop the FTA negotiations in the interest of the rakyat;
  • Don’t abuse mother earth – STOP LYNAS.
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semuanya OK kot

There are non-“Bumi” manual workers (e.g. cleaners) getting less than their “Bumi” counterparts.

Gerakan K

So my 1Malaysia PM Najib fix this via minimum wage. My 1Malaysia PM Najib really smart !!!


Minimum RM900. Najib trying to deceive us again. Most employers are already paying out this amount except for some unscrupulous one who use illegal workers and pay them much less or no pay at all. Minimum RM1,500/= may be too high but RM1,200 should be reasonable for employers and employee. This desperate attempt won’t get him much votes anyway.


There are many workers including locals who are hired on contract. They do not enyoy benefits eg annual leave, public holidyas, EPF, medical benefits etc.

This is of grave concern, they are also not paid much. On Workers Day, it is interesting no one raised about the welfare of these lot.
This is exploitation and the authorites should put a stop it by identifying the organisations and the employees by assisting the latter. TQ

Ahmad Sobri

It had been proven time and again that Pakatan Rakyat are streets ahead of BN! Really, those living in the Pakatan states should count themselves lucky for making the right decisions in 2008! Just see what is happening in BN controlled States like Perak, Negri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Sarawak, Sabah, Pahang, Terengganu and Perlis? All allegedly mired in huge corruptions that is making the States unable to move forward! Just imagine, what would have happened to Penang and Selangor, if they are under the BN? Think about the consequences folks, think about it? The kind of boom never seen before… Read more »

Gerakan K

… “It had been proven time and again that Pakatan Rakyat are streets ahead of BN!”

Yeah, that is true for empty promises. Mau saya ulang empty promises by pakatan ??? How is your September 16 nationwide grand frogging project as promised by pakatan ???


You are still talking like your ostrich-sifu Boh Lan Hoot!
Soon many sundry shops will have to close down from competitors like EconSave & Tesco for not paying acceptable minimum wages!
Who will want to work for peanuts?

Andrew I

All good things come to those who wait, Gherks. This time, the frogs will be willing to cross the road to get to the Pakatan pond.

Andrew I



With the implementation of min wage, it will wake up employers to focus on productivity. I have noticed many restaurants hired many workers (as waiter/waitress and cooks) because of the affordable low wages. I can see headcount be cut soon to lower wage cost, and these workers would have to step up their effort to do more to earn that extra wage. For example 4 persons will have to do the previous 5 persons job in order to gain that extra wage. On the other hand, it is definitely a desperate attempt by Najib to win voters’ support on May… Read more »