Poll: Should Malaysia ratify the TPP agreement?


Watch Obama tell the American people how the TPP would help American exporters penetrate countries such as Malaysia. Yes, he actually mention Malaysia and its “30 per cent tax on American auto parts”.

Are our local businesses – and farmers – ready for an influx of American goods and services?

A similar poll over Twitter by Anas Alam Faizli also showed about three quarters of respondents opposing the TPP agreement:

The following is from a Tuft University paper (authored by Jomo and two others):

In this analysis of the TPP, we find that:

• The TPP would generate net GDP losses in the USA and Japan. For the USA, GDP would be 0.54 per cent lower than it would be without the TPP, ten years after the treaty enters into force. We also project that Japan’s GDP would decrease by 0.12 per cent as a consequence.

• Economic gains would be negligible for other participating countries – less than one per cent over ten years for developed countries, and less than three per cent for developing countries. These projections are similar to the Peterson Institute’s finding that TPP gains would be small for many countries.

• The TPP would lead to employment losses in all countries, totaling 771,000 lost jobs. The USA would be the hardest hit, with a loss of 448,000 jobs. Participating developing economies would also suffer employment losses, as greater competitive pressures force them to limit labour incomes and increase production for export.

• The TPP would lead to higher inequality, with a lower labour share of national income. We expect competitive pressures on labour incomes, combined with employment losses, to push labour shares of national income further down, redistributing income from labour to capital in all countries. In the USA, this would exacerbate a multi-decade downward trend.

• The TPP would lead to losses in GDP and employment in non-TPP countries. In large part, the loss in GDP (-3.77 percent) and employment (879,000) among non-TPP developed countries would be due to losses in Europe, while developing country losses in GDP (-5.24%) and employment (-4.45 million) would reflect possible losses in China and India.

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Bumiputeras already cannot compete with local Chinese, even with grant, subsidy and APs. How could they stand up against hello might of US firms?
With TPPA in place, the whole world will ridicule the NEP.


Malaysia’s angkasawan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is moving into the e-commerce business. He has just launched Aladdin Group of Companies, a halal rival to internet business giants Amazon and Alibaba. Aladdin will be based in 30 countries and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. It will select merchants who are either halal certified by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia or those who comply with the Shariah guidelines to market their products on its site. The on-line merchandiser is expected to cost close to $100m to launch over the next three years. Its headquarters and Malaysian operations was launched on Wednesday 27… Read more »


Where are the so-called space research of his?
What are the ROIs from such Angkasawan investment or should we call it Space Tourist with a screw driver?
For ambitious but humble start ups, pls learn from Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet.

gk ong

The next angkasawan aka space tourism program could cost us RM240 million – to perform teh tarik trick in outer space or to flip roti canai under weightlessness condition?

Who knows one day Aladdin could upstage Ali Baba, as Dr. Sheikh could draw on his Boleh spirit acquired from the outer space?


Notice that except for Charles Santiago, the rest of DAP avoids this topic. I would like to know how they voted.


With mentor SingLand in favour of TPPA, DAP must not be seen to oppose.
Where got its own true principles?


Kenyataan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri Malaysia, Datuk Mustapha Mohammed bahawa TPPA bakal membawa pelaburan lebih tinggi hanya ‘fiksyen’ semata-mata. 1. cabaran utama negara bukan berkaitan pelaburan langsung asing (FDI) tetapi berkaitan keyakinan syarikat swasta negara ini terhadap situasi ekonomi Malaysia walaupun mempunyai dana besar. 2. cabaran sebenar ekonomi negara ialah untuk meningkatkan kemahiran, produktiviti dan upah, tidak ada makna menarik FDI jika terus menggunakan khidmat pekerja asing tanpa kemahiran. Pertumbuhan berkualiti hanya dapat diperoleh apabila Malaysia bersaing dengan Korea dari segi teknologi, bukannya bersaing dengan Vietnam dan Indonesia berkaitan tenaga pekerja yang murah. Alasan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib… Read more »


TPPA means much more easier penetration of Hollywood products into Malaysia, but can we say likewise for Malaysia made movies Ola Bola or Evo Polis being given access to USA market?

Also various Uncle Sam burgers invade the Msian market, and can we be sure our Nasi Lemak or Chendol can become staple food for the Americans?

If you think along this way, you will know benefits of TPPA to chronied business empire.


Anil you may want to watch OLA BOLA as the movie feature multiracial cast with the lead actors reminding us of 70s/80s footballers like R Arumugam, Mokhtar Dahari & “Taukeh” Soh Chin Aun.

Last Sunday we were at City Stadium to support past Penang Footballer Namat Abdullah’s charity friendly match. Good to see the former players in good spirits with no ethnicity concerns !

Don Anamalai

Gerakan said Malaysia Should Ratify TPPA:


Last night 9pm on TV1 1-hour special talk show on TPPA, gave assurance to the audience (targeting Malays) that TPPA has no impact on Usahawan, Penternak, Peladang and Nelayan in Malaysia.


The US as a country doesn’t know what is financial prudence & spends way beyond its means for many decades resulting in a nation that borrows massively ($18.2 trillion of debt in 2015 & continues to climb), that causes its own sufferings & almost demise. Now to use TPPA is Obama’s Saviour to his nation’s debt woes – imagine collecting massive taxes for goods going international & incoming goods & services, penetrating economies without resistance to dump obsolete & oversupply of goods, disrupting local national banking & exchange rates at the snap of Wall Street’s fancied predictions to shore up… Read more »