Obama, poster boy of Corporate America?


There is increasing speculation that President Barack Obama who is visiting Malaysia this weekend is on a charm offensive (or will there be some arm-twisting?) to seal the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. If he succeeds, the TPPA will open the floodgates to domination of the region’s economies by large multinational corporations at the expense of national sovereignty via an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.

It could also open the door for more genetically modified food to enter the country, among other things.

Read this open letter to Obama by Jeyakumar Devaraj

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Wee Chin

President Obama returns from East Asia empty handed after Japan rejects bilateral agreement, but if the TPP moves forward will it be in the interest of most Americans?


The title implies some doubt, when in fact, there is no doubt. As proven by existing agreements, any government action that overcomes business propaganda and corruption to reduce profit will result in an international kangaroo court imposing staggering fines on them (actually their peoples) as compensation. Effectively, jet-setting “carpet baggers” will rule the world according to the interests of a certain “super-power,” half of whose population is destitute. This is regardless of even the most blatant (a) violation of rights or safety of people or (b) destruction of the environment. In this scheme, any talk of climate change or limitation… Read more »


I am one of those “greedy corporate interest” so you can take comfort from my word- Najib will NOT get the TPPA done. Among the corridors in Putrajaya, they are hoping it will fail. Najib track record in these matters are quite clear – when he puts on so much show, he is not serious. The Minister in charge is planning to retire before he has to actually do it – delaying it for as long as he can until then. Obama would have a better chance getting the TPPA done if he had met up with opposition members, sending… Read more »


bigjoe99: you can take comfort from my word- Najib will NOT get the TPPA done.

Have you not heard of Endless Possibilities campaign pre-launched & postponed?
Anything is possible in this age of can-kau-tim.
Even executing a David Copperfield sleight of hand on MH370!

I will not be surprised if SingLand decide one fine day to justify allowing US to build a (RSA) naval base on one of its islands mirroring Diego Garcia island in strategic South China Sea. This may wake up Admiral Cheng Ho & its armada of angry blood thirty naval men.


TPPA stands for The Trans-Pacific Partnership; treatens to censor your internet, kills jobs, remove your democratic rights, will overwrite national laws affecting people around the world, GMO monsanto food, read more on tppinfo.org

Add your voice! Stop the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership before it is too late!
We need to make this as big as possible before Obama comes back to America on the 30 of April.

Don Anamalai

TPPA raises fears of global internet censoring:

TPPA is information slavery:

TPPA undermines local laws:


As a kowtow prelude to appeasement of Corporate US Cowboys, no GST on Salmons & Lobsters (mostly from US?). What’s the tax-saving rationale for the Rakyat? Eating salmons or lobsters are no cheap makan-makan fare for the general denizens of Always Low Wages Boleh Land. Next in GST misery exemption line may be GM Motors vehicles at low, low EconSave prices! Or GM (genetic modified) food attached with American X-Presso medical bill insurance. Won’t be surprised that Jibby will finally learn by midnight, tonight’s ballroom dancing – the Diego Garcia Latino tap dancing around controversial issues like MH370 disappearing act.… Read more »


Tunglang, GST is a “heroin” or like Hotel California. You can check out but you can never leave. With so many exemptions, I bet GST would raise to 10% within extremely short period. Or higher. Anil Netto, One song for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua9DN8ZXmOw “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night There she stood in the doorway; I heard the mission bell And I… Read more »


Maybe we will all sing in woeful sorrow, Hotel California a day too late after the New World Order set in.
And George Sorrowful will greet the world from Open Society Hotel, LA live telecast to every mobile device with instant new currency deposit (as reward) to every world denizen’s 666-coded account.
And there will be no more Kopi-O kau kau but Bloody Mary red, red wine imported from RedNeck USA, the future Babylon (of the New World Order) with its capital in New York City.