India-Malaysia market pact signed


A Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement was signed yesterday between India and Malaysia.

The agreement, “which was reached after seven rounds of negotiation, will see Indian mangoes, cotton, motorcycles, trucks and basmati rice attract less duty in Malaysia, among other things,” reports PTI. “As a quid pro quo, the South-East nation will face less barriers on the sale of its fruit, engineering goods and chemicals in India.”

The pact has provisions for “freer movement of skilled professionals for IT, accounting, architecture and banking”. Will we now see more Indian IT professionals coming to Malaysia from renowned institutions such as Indian Institute of Technology? How will our local grads fare against them?

Foreign equity limitations in the services sector will also be liberalised.

See full report on the DNA website.

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Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh
23 Feb 2011 11.05am

Well said Syukur, the govts of the day will continue their daily work like signing pacts like this. You can’t expect the Indian govt to come to your aid when the majotity of Indians in Malaysia are not doing any justice for themselves by continuing to vote for those for treat them like dirt.

20 Feb 2011 10.07am

Stupid Indian Government and stupid indians for forging economic pact with a RACIST government. Day in Day out Indians in Malaysia are insulted and humiliated. But the RACIST government have no shame to have economic pact with India.

21 Feb 2011 6.03pm
Reply to  Ostracise

I think you are not part of the 85% Indians who have swung their support back to MIC/BN.

Until more of them could think like you, they will o be continue the be interloked in the same old dilemma… that’s why Samy V can stay for so long.

20 Feb 2011 12.39am

The Indian government has not bothered to support the struggle of Indians in Malaysia facing racial discrimination and betrayal by their own Indian elected representatives. The spineless PM Manmohan has refused to be concerned for Indians in Malaysia instead it is business as usual with BN Government.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
19 Feb 2011 4.13pm

That is good news for MIC.

Thangathirai Joe
Thangathirai Joe
19 Feb 2011 8.46pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

You mean it will facilitate brides from India to malaysia for those mic flers?