Fried chicken, anyone?


We live in a globalised world that is full of inequalities. Unfortunately, these inequalities are not always visible to most of us.

It’s almost as if there are two different worlds – such is the gulf between the rich and the poor.

Are there any structures or forces that keep people poor?

What can we do to ensure economic justice for all?

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Dear Anil, with the current situation in Bolehland where the disparity gap of income between the super rich elites and the ordinary poor is getting bigger and bigger, the same thing may happen to our next generations in the very soon future. Already, criminals are looming everywhere, the rapists, murderers, robbers, thieves, mat rempits and hand bag snatchers are getting bolder and bolder. Nobody is feeling safe now,where more and more houses are being broken into day by day,every neighbourhood is not spared except the super rich who can afford to pay exorbitant monthly security fee and stayput in their… Read more »

Edwin SJ Ng   PJK

Dear Anil,

Malaysians will be amazed to know that such conditions existed in Malaysia just not too long ago. Whether it stilk exist… I am sure it does in same areas in Sarawak and among some Orang Asli Tribes in the Interiors of Peninsular Malasia and remote estates.
Also in some of the neglected old folks homes. They called these homes Csik Sing Thong in chinese. A place awaiting to die.

I have seen these homes where old folks, particularly disabled ones
were left uncared for.

Life Member = Apex Clubs of Malaysia.

Life Member



we have never met ( I think) but I am sure we will one day when it is ordained! anyway, touched by your message here and am putting you on my blog list.



I guess it is not impossible to ensure economic justice for all but it is impossible for everyone to share equally the economic pie.

After all, Jesus said, ‘The poor you have with you always…’


Structures and forces that keep people poor – Strutural violence or coercion (direct and indirect, brutal and subtle) – in government, law, workplace,schools, politics, mass media etc. Cultural violence – racism, sexism and oppression of any particular groups and cultures. Economic coercion – forcing wages well below decent living by corporations. All these forces help to create collective powerlessness in the poor, resulting in a higher rate of mental and physical illness and mortality than the relatively well off. But not all the poor are helpless. Many of them are much more resilient than we think. We have yet to… Read more »


That guy is only fit to run “chicken rais” shops. How can a naive with a pea brain running an important ministry in government.
And on the debate with our Zaid of late. Zaid has laid his cards on the table. Lets see what our chicken “rais” will do. Possibly he may chicken out.


I’ve never been able to figure out why somebody who writes arts reviews or magazine articles should be paid a measly RM150-400 – and be made to wait up to 90 days to receive a cheque – even though this is indeed a highly specialized task – when the CEO of SYABAS gets RM425,000 a month just for looking smart in an expensive suit.

Tan Jo

Sometimes I wonder if we have really thought about what gives us the right to pity them and label their lives as wretched. Is it justified to judge that what is ‘good’ for us is what is ‘good’ for them too?

My opinion is that what these people deserve is neither charity nor pity, but as Anil said, the deconstruction of “any structures or forces that keep people poor” – give them a chance to earn a different living, only if they want to.

Dalbinder Singh

even the rich should learn how to adapt to such lifestyle because if they crash economically as least they are ready, but eventually nobody deserves such a life.


It’s the same thing happening in Malaysia, and around the world, the sign of appreciation is fading, most of the younger generation no longer exposed to reality, instead they are facing a world of fantasy, never care until the real crisis looms…
The globe is in real deep trouble now, climate change, frequent earth quake, economic slowdown, riots, political crime and lawless nation, the honeymoon for all human being is coming to an end, if most of us still in the dreaming mode, it will be too late and worst when we realize…


njustices befalling society The nature of politics and power games In it there is the line of dinstinction “With me else go to hell” Religions distributing channels fair In the hands of fanatics it is twisted facts The Holy Father gives us the tools Yet we are hopelessly been used It is our faults Letting others playing the games WE stand ignoring the events Running through our lives In our recorded history The devils seem to rule Gathering faithfuls to plunger The wealth and souls Yet there is a message The poor, meek, blind and handicapped They enter heavens much… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh

tears role down my eyes and strengthens the spirit in me for a better world for all beings , human beings deserve their basic human rights and another human being (leaders) have no right to snatch it away from them, I WILL SPREAD THE WORD TO THE MAXIMUM.


green penang,
talking rubbish,poverty is not only in the Philipines,it is everywhere, look at africa,jamaica etc etc ,only because you are a little bit lucky,god has place you in a better country,


a very sad one… will never be the same again for me 🙁

Green Penang

Makes you want to k… the pope and the Roman Catholic church for their strong disapproval of contraception in the Philippines.


where is pete?….Rocky`s question
pete is in Paris….he is about to meet france authorities ( ofcource secretly arranged by pentagon ) for certain details……..wooooooooooooo….

Leong Yook Kong

What a sorrowful and pitiful sight? Luckily, the current Penang Government is try its level best to eradicate poverty. Opposition ADUN, tolonglah Penang Governemnt sikit sikit lah.