Corporate interests to overwhelm NGO concerns at mainland Penang Local Plan hearings


Corporations, many of them believed to be developer firms, are expected to outnumber NGOs by ten to one at the mainland Penang Local Plan hearings, beginning on 26 November.

Several dozen other individuals are also expected to present their views at these hearings.

Seberang Perai Tengah Local Plan hearing:

26 November – 3 December
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
At Mawar Room, MPSP

Seberang Perai Utara Local Plan hearing:

4 December – 9 December
Same times as above.
At Mawar Room, MPSP

(What has happened to the Seberang Perai Selatan Local Plan?)

Hopefully, the committees hearing the various views will put the interests of the ordinary people uppermost.

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You are if you want to.Currently you do a lot of public service but when come to Indian it’s normal to say …. rajraman.Poverty cuts across ethnic group but for me I heard this story from Political Trader all my life but when comes to real world the Political Trader takes all like Pacman for their races. Indian Politician are good of championing openly dead Indian in custody,social service, citizenship but comes to Indian economy they say like you. rajraman. You are in position to help but your ideology of poverty cuts across all ethnic groups, not just the ethnic… Read more »


Stylo Logan, Why all the time Indians is blamed for drunk and voting pattern of Indians only? Chinese and Malay also brought back Red Lips with sweet saliva promises. rajraman. I volunteered RM10,000.00 to send one Indians kid to college but not even one Indians in this blog supporting me. Don’t bother about Political Trader but Don and Logan you can donate few $$$ for this cause.Why the silent about my offer? Lets send one Indians kids to higher education. Why the other blogger so quite – just a few ringgit can help one Indians kids. WHY ARE YOU SILENT… Read more »

Don Anamalai

A good & relevant article for all Anil’s readers to read: Should Penang Island control its population growth? Key point: There is no way the government can restrict private developments as long as developers comply with the National Land Code and Building By-laws which are enacted by the government themselves. Developments will continue when the demand is there as more people flock to reside on the Island and the local resident population growth itself. So, can you blame the greedy developers when they are allowed to buy up as many private lands, big and small, comply with the authority… Read more »

Stylo Logan

If only Anil’s readers could act instead of talk on blog….
That is why politicians got their way….


Where is the Local Plan?
Don’t tell me one can build anything on any land he owns. Temples, brothels or Tower of Babel.
Worse still the almost monopolistic pricing regime (by developers) of new homes causing an artificial price inflation without real demand in the first place. Psychological pricing strategy seems a perfect evil to profit from the foolish masses.


Internet centres on island with gambling activities our law enforcers close satu mata ???

There are many logo stickers/papers at the front to identify themselves to regulars; and entry with special codes.

When Local Plan fails to happen, many “haram” activities cannot be controlled when Satu Mata tutup.


the 10-1 ratio is more on $$$ interests than political one.. the way i see it, the developers plus land owners are trying to protect their $$$ interests..
btw, how many of us, the ordinary rakyat know about this hearing & the procedure to be one of the respondent?

simon says

Could it be BN Gerakan/MCA strategy to link LGE closely with Developers to create anger among the voting public ?
If so, this plan apparently has taken its roots to swing votes in next GE as evident in the outbursts from die-hards like Yang Tunglang etc.
Easy to provoke the public with issues like housing, cars, traffic jam which most voters can identify with easily.


There is no such thing as insinuation from Gerakan or MCA on my feelings for LGE & Team. Problematic issues of Penang’s development are personal experiences & concerns I can see with my eyes, not phantom imagination. These are not for political-shoe polishing antics of deity worshippers for the moment unless one is not thinking with his head but acting like a fool. Unless you personally experience them, one can say what one supposes at his desktop. I believe Yang is facing the same as many (more) others. Cheers Kopi-O kau kau without the sweetening words for any one who… Read more »


What is the purpose of a chief executive of a state for if he can’t solve the problems of affordable housing for Penangites vis-a-vis expensive designer homes on a frenzy spree building everywhere?
Don’t always brag to us about helping the Kampung Buah Pala Indians secured beyond affordably priced homes but instead do the same with same sincerity of purpose for affordable housing for all.


if you use your brains a bit maybe you can understand why the price of housing is so high. No one is cost of land. No 2 – cost of materials. No 3 – cost of labor. Try to do all this yourself instead of just sitting there and bitch. Buy your own land then build it. If cannot own a house then rent. What to do? My father have been renting all his life, from just a room (with the whole family – my brother and I) to a low cost flat. So did my uncle. I did not… Read more »

Dog Is Better Than Bitch For Renters

Ivan, only true rich folks buy land in Penang island & build own dream houses.
You can only rent a house or room (your whole life?) BUT still act and talk like a rich man?
Go bitching yourself lah!!!

Awang Selamat Ori

Don’t alwas ask them for their plans, Mr. Anil, because they simply have got no plans. Quite embarassing actually.

And of course, all the developers will be present in a show of strength, but, with hard work from NGO’s we can still contain their influence over the KM.

Sad when you have a KM who is so close and so friendly with developers!


Most NGOs more interested in Politics.When comes to Public Hearing link to their Political alignment they will avoid from attending.

rajraman. Political interest always overshadow Public interest.The developers and people with $$$ have the last says since NGOs closed both eyes and ears.I don’t know why there are so many NGOs.Maybe the NGOs can’t be prominent in politics, so they choose to create NGOs for title and personal glory.

Don Anamalai


Shahidan (aka Public Relations Minister for PM & 1st Lady) said Indians should not blame BN for their problems:

Agree? Or is he helping out MIC?


Don, That’s whats happen when Najib took recycle Politician.Whatever they say coming out from UMNO mentality.Actually we must throw this recycle people into dustbin.MIC help them self and don’t require another UMNO Moron to help MIC Moron rajraman. Open request to all Malaysian – Since Indians students very much left out in education can we send one poor “INDIAN” student to further their studies.Subject accounting.I start the ball rolling with initial sum of RM$10,000.00 and will continue whenever extra $$$ available. Anil can you please be the trustee and put a banner in your blog – Send one Indian Students… Read more »

Stylo Logan

Don and Raj

Indian community easily taken the nambikei bait by Najib.
Got BR1M can get drunk with toddy. Syok for a while then wake up to harsh reality once again.

Shahidan was right that rich Indians never support their poor brothers and sisters for fear of violating the caste principles? MIC’s Kalanathan knew it but chose to bodek Umno Baru!