Barang Naik syndrome has arrived


As many feared during the run up to GE13, the cost of living has been noticeably creeping up since the polls.

Some of the recent increases include:

The tariffs for overseas air mail postage for packages were raised in May following the privatisation of Pos Malaysia.

Taxi fares could rise soon.

The price of chicken has soared in recent weeks, even touching RM9/kg. (See a CAP statement here.) The ex-farm price is supposed to be RM5/kg but a trader told me this has inched up closer to RM6. One of the main costs of raising chickens is the cost of the feed, the ingredients of which include maize and soyabean. But paradoxically, the global prices of both these commodities are lower than they were last year.

Soybeans - Daily Price - Commodity Prices - Price Charts, Data, and News - IndexMundi

Maize (corn) - Daily Price - Commodity Prices - Price Charts, Data, and News - IndexMundi

So why has the chicken price gone up?

As expected, TNB tariff hikes, which had been deferred in the run up to GE13, could be upon us before long. TNB will “implement the Fuel Cost Pass Trough (FCPT) mechanism next year and it might increase electricity tariffs by more than 50%“. Are the independent power producers (IPPs) still making money at TNB’s expense?

Express bus fares could go up by 10 per cent.

More AES traffic cameras will be installed.

Meanwhile, the corporate sector is pushing and pressuring for GST to be implemented as companies and wealthy individuals stand to benefit from lower corporate and personal tax rates that would follow the introduction of GST. Effectively the tax burden would be passed to the general public. Actually, GST may not even have been necessary if the government had been more prudent in its spending and corruption was not so rampant.

And as we all know, property prices have soared.

All these sectors are expected to benefit from price hikes, but it is the ordinary Malaysian worker who bears the burden.

Did I miss out anything else? Health care? Education? Groceries?

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Shabery is planning to censor Internet?
Then telcos should reduce the Internet access fees!


Telcos are making tonnes of profits with people crazy over Facebook & smart phones !
Why Shabery not foloow up with his recent comment to reduce telco charges and now instead of talking about internet clampdown ?

Anil can do a survey and no surprise if majority readers would feel they have been overcharged for internet access

don anamalai

Many did not realise that there has been electricity bill hike with the installation of the new digital meter.

Phua Kai Lit

The Menteri Kewangan needs to be ubah-ed !

In fact, the whole corruption-ridden, vote-buying regime needs to be ubah-ed.


Higher fuel costs from 2014 for consumers? July 23, 2013

Consumers will be charged with a fuel component in their electricity bill which means that they, and not the companies, will have to bear the cost of any hike in fuel prices.

Hahaha now Najib is taking back what he gives you. Worse is those that have not taken anything

Plain Truth

After all the GE13 freebies, the govt is up to its neck in national debts. They need the taxes from gaming just as they do from cigarettes.

Rejab H

BN will tell you to ubah gaya hidup!


High time to reduce the intensity of gambling among Malaysians. For a start
1. Reduce to 2 draws per week restricted to the weekends.
2. Do away with Special Draws
3. 4-D results for all the gaming companies be based on one common set of results
for each draw of the day.
Up to the authorities to decide because the above suggestions would in one way or another have an impact on the economy. Feasible?


PAS or PR should use this subject in the campaign for Kuala Besut. Not religion.


$ talk ensure barang naik syndrome to sustain in kuala besut.
no money no talk these days. just go ask kinabatangan mp….


After the BR1M payout,now is the pay back time. Padam muka!

Albert Goh

Down with gambling whether legal or illegal. Government should cut down on gambling days by Sportstoto, Magnum, Damacai etc…… Why allow draws on Wednesday & special draws. Also cut down the numbers of games offered by these gaming operators. A caring government should help rakyat from social ills like gambling and not collect more taxes. Let’s say no to gambling.


Tambang bas express naik 10%!!!!

Lepas raya mungkin naik 30%!


Illegal video gambling outlets, Yes mostly young malays patronizing it


You think only the chinese and indians will be affected by barang naik? Think again. Very soon the malays themselves will feel it and see what they are going to do about it. Dont forget BN will affecft everyone and thanks to those who voted BN. You ask for it.

Ahmad Sobri

Besides, illegal activities had spread as though there is no law in the country. Illegal bookies of 4d are operating side by side those legal operators in Penang. Invited by a friend, I was shocked to see the level of immunity these law breakers enjoyed from the local police. The place where you highlighted the payout of “elections funds” after 505, remember in Sungai Dua? As reported by a reader, it is (allegedly) an illegal 4 d centre. Please visit the place and you can see for yourself the open breaking of all laws. Shameful indeed! The Celcom outlet with… Read more »


Illegal gambling is also the scourge of the Chinese. There is one who (allegedly) operates a ‘chai tiam mah’ (sundry shop) as a legal front but sold the ‘dreams of get rich quick thro’ dreamy & hot numbers’ from the back door. And the same illegal operator prays & offers free makan-makan to roadside wandering spirits every Friday evening (8pm) for protection of illegal gains.
Hungry Ghost Month is near approaching. Don’t be surprised to bump into midnight white-candle lit dinners for 4D at selected graves of red dressed ladies or the untimely dead.


Why these illegal enjoy the immunity. Its so simple. … Sometime ago right in front of my eye a police patrol drive right to the front of an illegal video stall and the video seller went over and passed something to the police ….

Yes illegal 4 d centre are operating right from shop and outlet like nobody business. As far as I know it target all races but the Chinese now prefer legal one as they don`t have to worry once they have won.

It should be Say no to gamblings!


A Sobri, Yang & Tunglang
Recommend you all go and watch Al pacino’s 70s movie called “Serpico” where the hero went all out to fight corruption among the supposed law enforcers.
BTW, RM3.35/hour gaming centres in Penang are well protected. Go check it out.

Jun Xing

The illegal betting agency at my neighbourhood operates on telephone providing 1-stop service i.e. you can bet on Magnum, SportsToto, DamaCai and Singapore Pools at one go. The owner of this betting agency lives in a big bungalow with a few fancy sports cars. No ‘Serpico’ among the local police force …


And Tenaga just proudly “a significantly higher pre-tax profit of RM2.042 billion for the third quarter”. See: Tenaga’s 3Q pre-tax profit doubles to RM2 billion from previous year Sigh… pondering on the RM4 million the Tourist Minister splurged from May 2009 to January 2013, and the RM44.1m Najib and Co burnt from March 2008 till May 2013. And the mind-numbing thunderbolt from the new Tourism Minister (published in Malaysiakini): “If there is money allocated, then we must spend it. The ministry’s money is to be spent,” Nazri said in Parliament today, during his ministry’s reply to questions raised during… Read more »


Yen Yen can bring in more China Dolls under My2Home and be member of Wanita MCA for more future VOTES.


What you are feeling in the prices is EXPECTATION because of all the money printing that has gone on and continue despite talk of Fed tapering..Business are anticipating cost increase in the future and jumping ahead of consumers when demand is strong..Spot prices has got nothing to do with it. Its the future interest rate and future inflation that matters. The really bad news is that the price increase is NOT even full potential of price increase that is possible. Its only a discounted expectation. Those who voted for UMNO/BN knew prices was going to increase, they can’t complain..The rest… Read more »


Health care? Education? Groceries? Health care , my advice is to buy some health, hospitalization or personal insurance. When met with an accident or you have some heath problems, the cost is high even in govt hospital. Education in govt & public u and college is quite substantial. Private one will cost you a bomb especially when you have 2 or 3 kids. Overseas is out of question until you are rich enough or when you have a scholarship. Groceries almost all up at least 10 – 20 % and some even more. Our salary has now shrunk at least… Read more »


This i blame UMNO 100%.
rajraman.Commodity price drop but UMNO pocket and cronies profit up. The erection (pardon my words) of UMNO and cronies when comes to money never come down.


who is shouldering the burden?
middle class taxpayer, of course.
worse part is that after all the tax burden, you are being labelled as second class citizen.
and you cant vote against Barang Naik. else, tirade from the retired judge.
and where is the 1malaysia champion. not a squeak.

Andrew I

You mean nasi lemak gk’s hero? In nature, you can see it in snails retreating and weed that closes up when touched.

Shy shy.


Cost of overseas air mail postage for packages was raised in May.

For your info my usual courier net pack is now up from RM6.00 to RM8.00


If TNB tariff is up 50%, petrol increase and GST implemented, well hell will be upon all of us. This time the domino effect will not be slight. It will be hell. Chicken is up but how many item are not UNDER control are spiraling. Go to the market and try to buy some fish and you will be SHOCK at the price. Have I not told you before GE. Give you 2 Brim 500 x 2 and Najib UMNO will take back more than 10 times. Don`t blame anybody, BLAME YOURSELF Could the Brim 500 x 2 last you… Read more »