Anti-Lynas protesters disrupt Australia Day bash at KLCC


The anti-Lynas protesters want Australia to take back the waste produced by Lynas Corp in Gebeng, Kuantan. Among those reportedly attending the Australia Day celebration were Lynas Corporation officials.

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Michael Maguire

It is perfectly OK to protest, and when Lynas and the Malaysian Government have ignored the call of the people, it is OK to charge inside and cause a commotion, it is called ‘raising the ante’ and from the video, it was achieved non-violently. The idea is to raise people’s consciousness to the serious impact that the presence of Lynas will have on the health of Malaysians. Lynas is no innocent.


Its perfectly okay to protest.
But not to charge inside and cause a commotion.
Lynas is just a “player” .
While the “banker” is the one who approves the license and project.
Which in this case is the BN feds and BN state govt.

Phua Kai Lit

Thank you, fellow Malaysians, for your 1.2 million signatures against Lynas and in support of the
people of Kuantan in our struggle.

Phua Kai Lit

1. The people of Kuantan (my relatives, friends, neighbours, fellow Kuantanites) do not give up

2. I have already published one article in a scholarly international journal to tell the world about this battle between People Power and callous neglect of a major threat to public health.
Two more articles may be appearing soon.

3. I have informed Thai environmental scientists about this too at a conference in Bangkok


Good on you, Phua, this sinking land needs more like you. Tq

OM Saigal

Lynas could return the money for a start……

Steven Yang

Move on please PR you cannot simply shut down something that has billions being invested.


NOT TRUE AT ALL… And I am the biggest free marketeer you will find anywhere..