Anti-Lynas campaigners use creative means to keep up pressure


Video footage of the anti-Lynas’ base camp being sealed. The protesters have since reportedly put up tents after the authorities closed down access to their post.

Indeed, the Stop Lynas campaign does not appear to be letting up despite the obstacles strewn in its path.

People are using all kinds of creative means to get their message across. A hunger strike is underway and others have shaved their heads bald. This video was uploaded to Youtube by ‘Malaysian Youth Against Public Hazards’.

Check out another music video:

You can see they are using social media to get their message across. The little band of Lynas supporters will be hard pressed to counter this movement of concerned people on the ground.

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am onetong
am onetong
7 Jan 2013 9.00pm

KUALA LUMPUR – Himpunan Hijau’s ”new” cause of pushing for ‘regime’ change instead of focusing on its anti-Lynas commitment proves it is not an environmental concern but rather a stooge for political parties, said fellow non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
Coordinator of the Pahang National Agenda Federation of non-governmental organisation (Daun) Wan Emril Nizam told The Mole that Himpunan Hijau, after all this while, had only pretended to be an environmental activist group when it went against the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant.

4 Jan 2013 9.34pm

Rubbish….this is another of that Moron “CUT OFF MY EAR” … pressuring the DO to go close down the camp…acting on a sms complaint….there are worst kind of complaint in cameron highland …

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
3 Jan 2013 1.17pm

Well said, YB Fuziah Salleh !
Double standards indeed.

Where are the DEIA (Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment) and the
HIA (Health Impact Assessment) for the project?

Where is the evidence that the toxic wastes (please stop using the Orwellian
Newspeak term “residue” and use the proper term “wastes”) can be turned into
commercial products? Who would be foolish enough to buy these
commecial “products”?

Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace
1 Jan 2013 11.12am

Landslide in Puncak Setiawangsa causing damage to bungalow although it was deemed safe when the project was first started. Ask yourself would you believe Lynas plant can continue to be safe down the road given our poor maintenance culture and tidak apa attitude?

Mrs lee
31 Dec 2012 9.53pm

Lynas for future so green Australia dun wan.

Mr lee
Mr lee
31 Dec 2012 2.59pm

Lynas its for green future, for sustainability.

so called green protestors really need to understand the risks of this plant have been wildly exaggerated for political purposes

1 Jan 2013 10.53pm
Reply to  Mr lee

How would you know for certain that the risks had been “wildly exaggerated” if there isn’t even a detailed environmental impact. Whatever safety data we have were from a computer. Any responsible government or even organisation would have done a pilot plant to collect actual safety data.

31 Dec 2012 9.35am

Whatever means and the final mean

Vote ( x ) PR ( ) BN

Matteo X
31 Dec 2012 2.34am

More people taking pictures than protesting….

31 Dec 2012 3.22pm
Reply to  Matteo X

Hah! Lame comment. I see the small band of pro-Lynas propaganda boys from Australia are back. Come on, you can do better than that with your public relations propaganda tactics in support of Lynas.