Pesticide lobby shudders at Obamas’ organic garden


The public campaign for an organic farm on the grounds of the White House…


… bears fruit – Photo credit: White House blog

The White House garden has gone organic.

That’s enough to get Big Agrobusiness – also known as the pesticide or genetically modified food lobby – worried.

So worried that they wrote a letter to Mrs Barack Obama. I mean, what if the Obamas found out that organic food is really healthier and more wholesome, without the worries surrounding pesticides and the health concerns regarding GM food. Horrors, what if the Obamas’ organic garden inspired other Americans to start their own organic gardens…

The pesticide lobby’s letter prompted a petition in response to “Tell the pesticide peddlers: We support Michelle Obama’s organic garden”. The petition has already exceeded its target of 100,000 signatures.

If the Obamas can do it, how about our Prime Minister, Mentris Besar and Chief Ministers starting their own experimental organic farms on the grounds of their official residences? How about our mosques, churches and temples doing likewise? How about us cultivating our own organic gardens in our backyards or front lawns?

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20 Apr 2009 12.28am

Huh? Our own political leaders to plant their own organic food? Are you out of your mind Anil? These clowns who run our country have never dirtied their delicate fingers or feet for eons. Organic? What’s that? Planting own food? Yuck! Disgusting. That’s low-class peasant work unless the vegetables are imported from Australia, Holland, etc.

20 Apr 2009 12.27am

It’s time the pesticide industry & Monsanto goes the way of Umno/BN….