‘Store Wars’: Organic vs GM food


Watch Cuke lead the organic rebellion to free Princess Lettuce from the clutches of the evil Darth (GM) Potato.

May the (organic) Farm be with you!

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What is really ‘ORGANIC’?

Is there a legally binding certification LABEL to certify that such and such a product is deemed ‘ORGANIC’?

As I am aware, any producers can called their product-Organic.


Wikipedia’s article seems like a good intro to certification:


There is a scheme in Malaysia to certify organic production under the ministry of agriculture. I think its label is BEST. (not 100% sure)

Andrew I

Quite funny. I’d change the supermarket to hypermarket, as in hyperspace.

Close encounters of the feathered kind could be next. Big chickens with lumps of fat in the most unlikely places. You could also lose your heart to a greasy starship colonel…literally.

Mankind’s salvation would be to get on board Battlewok Galactica in search of a planet called Earth, only to find it ruled by GM apes.


LOL. This is fun movie, with partial truth. Organic farming doesn’t guarantee a diversify farming. If industrialised method applied to organic farming, it will repeat the same “evil” as typical farming, except minus the use of poison(pesticide,herbicide) and commercial fertilizer. GM plant are not make to growth universal to all climates, terrain and country. Thus, farmer still need to make their own assessment over the farm land about the crop they want to growth. The danger of GM plant cross breed with weed to create super weed, actually are not a great issue. Those environmentalist purposely sideline mechanical and bio… Read more »


All vegetable on our dinner table are genetic modified food via a man-made hybrid breeding process. This method is slow and painstaking compared with DNA modified in the lab. They all are DNA modified products. Consumers may worry the Mosanto’s GM tomato DNA is taken from animal or insect and causing some adverse effects on our DNA pool or mutation. In reality, all life forms on the earth are sharing genetic codes, i.e. plant is sharing 30% DNA with us. Like it or not, the world population is reaching 9 billion by 2050, GM food is only viable source to… Read more »


“Search your peelings Cuke” ROFL!

I spotted the Phil Ochs article in your news list – hadn’t seen his name for a while. I had an album of his records once – his version of “The Bells” is one of my faves: