Farmers lose autonomy as MNCs take control of agriculture


Farmers are under increasing pressure from multinational corporations, which in many parts of the world are planning to take control over the entire food production and distribution chain. This leaves farmers at the mercy of these MNCs for seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, sales and distribution.

In the end, the farmers will lose their autonomy and independence and become integrated into the corporate system. It probably won’t be long before they are forced to accept genetically engineered crops – which could be introduced by stealth.

In Malaysia, keep a sharp eye on what is happening with Sime Darby and agriculture in the Northern Corridor Economic Region.

DEVELOPMENT: ‘MNCs Gaining Total Control Over Farming’
By Anil Netto

PENANG, Dec 6 (IPS) – Food security campaigners are now more concerned than ever that farmers are turning dependent on large multinational corporations (MNCs) for seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and other inputs while also becoming more vulnerable to pressures to produce genetically engineered crops.

Gathered here over the weekend, for the Pesticide Action Network (PAN)’s 25th anniversary, many expressed concern over the predatory nature of corporate agriculture and its attempts to corner the entire chain of food production from seeds to sales of food products. Full article

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