Is the food you eat natural?


After you view this film, you may never want to order a hamburger – and more – again. This is the world of agrobusiness dominated by multinational corporations.

This film comes in 10 parts, but after watching just three or four parts, you’ll get the picture.

Thanks to MalaysianinNewYork for the heads up.

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Most Malaysian don’t care how the food ends up in the supermarket. This documentary should be watched by all consumers.

There are very few if any real farms on our planet. Lots of this so called farms are run like factories.

Buy from producers that treat the public, their workers, animals and the environment with respect.


Makes me feel like starting my own farm and growing my own food.



Thanks for putting it up for human knowledge. Let me tell you something, nobody has time to sit and watch through the documentary as we have become more robotic by the day. Time is of essence, why waste time when $$$ can be made or just need to make a statement. Just look at our Paul Warren and his comparison. This is what I mean. Boy!!! or Boy!!! don’t we have such a long arduous journey. No offense just an observation.


Maybe we should take a leaf out of the Okinawans’ book:


Wow this is just scary. Monsanto is a monster.


And burgers are very easy to prepare even vegan ones with mushroom. Recipes are on the internet! There is no special trick. Just fresh ingredients and herbs from your garden!


hi, recently read an email saying all the bad things abt organic food…

a friend was an enthusiast of organic food, so everything had to be organic…

he had cancer and had passed on few months ago…

i think the motto is, eat everything in moderation, organic or non organic, when our time is up, we die.

we all die eventually la…

Paul Warren

In Siberia and the Tundra region where even today you can find preserved fossils of mammoths that died thousands of years ago with all their skin and flesh still intact, people used to look for them and dig them out of the ice to eat them!! So, what is meat or meat products refrigerated for 10 years?


Everybody knows that the burger of a famous fast food chain is kept in storage for nearly 10 years. But what is worrisome is this. In Malaysia, because of corruption and lack of proper enforcement, how am I assured that the organic products that I buy are really organic? We all know some enforcement officers and certification authorities can be bought and bribed, so, how can I be very sure the organic products that I buy are really and truly organic and pesticide free? How can I be sure that a given drink that says it has friendly bacteria, does… Read more »