GM mosquitoes to be released in Malaysia on large scale?


Just spotted this Wired news report on an experiment with genetically modified mosquitoes – and the company “envisions releasing the insects in Malaysia on a large scale in three years”. Gulp!

Engineered Mosquitoes Could Wipe Out Dengue Fever

By Alexis Madrigal Email 01.23.08 | 1:05 PM

Oxitec’s technology modifies the genes of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which causes both dengue and yellow fever and is largely found in the tropics.
Image: Centers for Disease Control

Scientists at a British biotech company said they have evidence that their genetically modified mosquitoes, which are programmed for sudden, early death, can control the spread of dengue fever.

Dengue is carried by mosquitoes and is the scourge of urban areas in the developing world, much as malaria is in rural regions. The company, Oxitec, said it can decimate mosquito populations by breeding genetically modified male mosquitoes, then releasing them to mate with wild females. Their offspring contain lethal genes that kill them young, before they can reproduce. Company officials told Wired News that their latest test results show that the genetically modified bugs can breed just as well as wild ones.

“We will be able to control dengue through controlling the mosquitoes that transmit it, especially in large urban areas,” said the company’s chief scientist Luke Alphey. “Thereby protecting many, many millions of people from this disease.”

Mosquitoes pass dengue fever to up to 100 million people each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Up to 5 million die. If the scientists can replicate their results in real field conditions, their technology could kill half of the next generation of dengue mosquitoes, which scientists say would significantly reduce the spread of the disease. If all goes well the company envisions releasing the insects in Malaysia on a large scale in three years.

Oxitec’s latest research, which company scientists will present in February at the IX International Symposium on Vectors and Vector-borne Diseases in Puri, India, included an independent evaluation by Malaysia’s Institute for Medical Research, part of the country’s Ministry of Health, said S.S. Vasan, Oxitec’s head of public health, in an e-mail. The results showed that up to 50 percent of wild female mosquitoes mated with Oxitec’s genetically modified male mosquitoes.

And this is some reaction of concern in the same report:

But as with genetically modified crop companies like Monsanto, Oxitec could face a backlash from a wary public. Greenpeace, among others, oppose genetic engineering of organisms that could be released into the wild.

“Releasing millions of genetically modified terminator mosquitoes into wild ecosystems amounts to a reckless and uncontrolled experiment with a risky technology,” said Jim Thomas, of the ETC Group, a technology watchdog. “Oxitec’s (project) abandons all pretense of containment or possible recall. I wonder what sort of liability they are willing to assume if something goes wrong?”

Thomas also questioned Oxitec’s core technology — a regulatory switch that uses tetracycline.

“The assumption is that the insects will not encounter tetracycline in the wild and yet tetracycline, naturally derived from a soil bacteria, is widely used in agriculture,” Thomas said.

“Genetically engineered insects for pest control are a literal disaster waiting to happen,” said Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association, in an e-mail.

I just want to add, if the Malaysian authorities are really serious about controlling dengue fever, what about more traditional – and cost effective – measures of wiping out dengue fever such as removing their possible breeding grounds? Are we saying that the usual preventive methods of ensuring there is no stagnant water lying around and fogging affected areas are not effective? Why don’t we first do something about all those clogged drains full of stagnant water – so common in Malaysia – which are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes? (I had a bad dream the other night of someone pulling out discarded furniture – I think it was an old chair! – that was clogging up a drain.)

And why has this project not been brought to the attention of the Malaysian public if it’s true, as the report says, that the Malaysian Institute for Medical Research is involved?

Here is a report from the Oxitec website showing that such a proposal is indeed being considered:


2 October, 2007 Oxitec and IMR conduct an Intensive Workshop on Aedes Mosquitoes

Oxitec and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Vectors based at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) have successfully concluded an “Intensive Workshop on Wild Type and Genetically Modified Aedes Mosquitoes”. This 7-day intensive workshop was conducted from 26th September to 2nd October 2007 in IMR’s campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. IMR is the research arm of the Ministry of the Health Malaysia.

Should we allow a company to use Malaysia as a laboratory for such experiments? Who knows what unseen impact this will have on our ecological balance. I would be extremely cautious – and worried – about this initiative.

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If they’re so confident in the mosquitoes ability to eventually destroy the mosquito population carrying dengue and yellow fever, then why not put this same research into the mosquitoes transmitting malaria? Besides, if I remember correctly, someone tried something similar and the result was the ever reproducing “love bugs”. I wonder also if they took into effect that at the rate in which bugs reproduce, mutations and evolution happen a lot quicker and one wrong move on the evolutionary track can easily become an epidemic. Notice how love bugs now have black bulbs on their front instead of the red… Read more »


Of course traditional methods are not effective. It only takes one lazy douchebag who did not take preventative measures to provide breeding grounds for disease-spreading mosquitoes.

I find the hysteria over anything that is genetically modified hilarious

taknak GM nyamuk


I would like to draw your attention to taknakGM nyamuk on Facebook :


I can’t believe they are carrying it out. The worst case scenario far out ways the reason for this.

Where is the research? What has it concluded?
What happens to other insects that eat these mosquitoes? What happens if we get bitten by them?

We are trying to play god here. Do we want to (take the risk of killing) ourselves? People need to clean up their act and take responsibility seriously not solving a problem with another problem.


What an idea, releasing mosquitoes in mass as a form of mosquito control ! I hope for those poor Malay people’s sake it works!

Madder than mad like hell...

Clearly, none of you have had to live under the oppression brought on by mosquitoes. I say let those GM mosquitoes frolic about like cupid and reduce their populations down to a reasonable level.

Mad like hell

I am mad, mad, mad like hell!!!

Useless good for nothings — scientists (???!!!), urgh!! geram!!! Para scientists-scientists who are brainless and … morons and politicians endorsing and promoting this for their own pockets are millions of times deadlier than any dengue mosquito on earth.


what if a few babies live thro to produce super mosquitoes. Super Dengue ?


O GMC mosquitoes! Releasing it in the wild No collection of data Let it flow into it The objective to wipe out dengue mosquitoes Plaguing the people in the tropical climate The scientists jump up with joy Shake hands smile on their faces Do they find what happen? When GMC mosquitoes do the job What will the mutation be like? Remember in the natural wild What about Ying and Yang? There isn’t anything for free Playing god to ease a problem A bigger one arrives Will the scientists know how to handle? I remember in America GMC insects to protect… Read more »


tats allright but wat happened to the so call malaysian scientists or the malay scientist oops maybe this west are at least more socially oriented than the malaysian govt produced intelect, wat happened to malaysai …