Climate chaos forces farmers to adapt


After attending a conference on climate change and the food crisis in Penang, I was supposed to write an article and that left me wondering how I should write the introduction.

And then it struck me that even as the conference was taking place, the climate was wreaking havoc in the region. Among those worst affected are the farmers, who rely on disctinctive seasons for an optimal harvest. How are they coping?

PENANG, Malaysia, Oct 9 (IPS/IFEJ) – When organisers of an international conference on climate change and the food crisis first scheduled the event here for late September, little did they realise the event would be sandwiched by two typhoons buffeting the region. Ironically, the first typhoon, ‘Ketsana’, delayed the arrival of conference delegates from the Philippines.

A week after Ketsana struck the Philippines on Sep. 26 and then Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, it was the turn of Typhoon Parma to wreak havoc in the Philippines on Oct. 3. Now downgraded to a tropical storm, ‘Parma’ is still lingering over the region and initially entangled with another Pacific super typhoon, ‘Melor’, which then headed towards Japan.

Ketsana left a devastating trail after it dumped the equivalent of one month’s rainfall over Manila within six hours. Although Parma largely spared the country, it flooded large tracts of rice fields in northern Philippines and destroyed crops ready for harvest. Full article here.

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Trails has left an intriguing comment. I believe he (or she) is making a veiled reference to climatological warfare experiments conducted as black ops by the transnational, transdimensional secret government. I’ve received numerous reports about these nefarious goings-on but it’s virtually impossible to obtain any verification on this possibility… unless we view thesse unseen manipulators of the climate as contemporary incarnations of the ancient sky gods or Fates!

Morning Dew

When the temperature of the earth starts to rise even a degree or two it has to cool off. Typhoons and hurricanes are nature’s way of cooling off. I am not making this up. It is one of those scientific findings. Carbon dioxide and methane traps heat within the earth surface. Climate change is therefore a direct result of human’s living habit change. Modern farming methods are very energy intensive and is highly damaging to the environment. One initiative called the carbon sequestration using biochar( is been adapted. This is basically burying carbon by removing it from the air. The… Read more »


for those who don’t know will see this as climate change. for those who knows this is the work of man attempting to control everything and to unleash the “four horsemen”.