200 Felda settlers turn up at Suhakam


1530: Felda settlers, who have contributed much to the nation’s economy, pour into the Sukaham building to highlight their plight.

1415: Scores of Felda settlers have turned up at Suhakam to submit a memorandum listing out their problems and demands.

Felda settler Saad Jamarudin: We assemble to hand over a memo to request Suhakam’s intervention to protect our rights – Photo by Tian Chua

More are expected to turn up, says an eye-witness at the scene.

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25 Feb 2010 8.46pm

I am inspired by the comments.

Concerned Malaysians will agree with the theoretical position being projected namely, that for nation-building and national unity, the ‘intra-Malay’ problem needs to be addressed and overcome in the first place.

I will be most happy to forward a copy of my UNDP report as requested. The problem is that this was submitted to the then Ministry of National Unity which now no longer exists!

Perhaps anilnetto could kindly get “clearance” for me to send him a copy?

Readers may also wish to read my Letter posted in Malaysiakini today.

25 Feb 2010 12.01pm

I think this is good. Rural folks are frustrated enough to take action to assert their rights. This augurs well for Malaysia. There should be more of these. It shows politicians can no longer take the rural folks for granted.

tan, tanjong bungah
tan, tanjong bungah
24 Feb 2010 10.37pm

Hi Anil,

Is it possible for you to get a copy of the memorandum and put it up on your blog?

This way, the rakyat would be more aware of the grievances of the Felda settlers.

tan, tanjong bungah
tan, tanjong bungah
26 Feb 2010 3.07am
Reply to  Anil Netto

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the link to GB.TV.

I hope that MPs from both sides of the political divide would probe into the grievances of these Felda settlers.

Their problems and grievances seem to have been kept away from the public eye, whereas formerly when news that Felda settlers became instant millionaires from their holdings were trumpeted in the mass media!

Fire melts Iron
Fire melts Iron
24 Feb 2010 5.47pm

Gerakan K, Why is your political masters always reneging on contracts, agreements and promises? How to cooperate with them? So difficult la, now they are asking the Chinese community to work on an equal sharing basis, better avoid la. Even (some of) the poor FELDA folks who had worked the lands, toiled for decades are going to have their RM17,000 cheated, whereas the PR Governments in Penang and Selangor are assisting all senior citizens of the states. That is the way to go, a caring Government, a Government for all. Who would want to vote a Government who takes what… Read more »

Fire melts Iron
Fire melts Iron
24 Feb 2010 4.57pm

Gerakan K, For your further understanding and easy recall what happened after Sodomy 1. http://www.malaysia-today.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30339:drawing-the-political-lines-a-pas-umno-role-reversal&catid=16:from-around-the-blogs&Itemid=100132 By the look of things something is seriously wrong within UMNO. The way your 1PM is going out of the way to woo the Indians and the Chinese, something is just not correct, do you agree? Majority Indians ignored him at Batu Caves, and at Pandamaran, they (allegedly) have to import “Chinese” to be present at the 1PM’s function, whereas the actual Pandamaran folks, flocked to Jenjarom to attend the functions of PR. Even so, the MSM, mentioned there were 40,000 in attendance, where the… Read more »

24 Feb 2010 4.49pm

First, congratulations to the settlers ‘stepping out ‘against all the odds’ not only from the Felda Management but especially in giving the “real” picture as opposed to the highly “glorified” scenario presented by PM Najib. There is no question that the settlers gained much confidence in the near dozen or so articles and analysis submitted by me and others fearlessly published by Malaysiakini (one of which in fact called on the settlers to ‘speak out’)which they have now done But most important of all by so doing the settlers have highlighted details of what can happen when a political/elitist group… Read more »