Do we want to lose these Green Lane trees?


In these photos along Green Lane, you will see some of the trees we stand to lose because of our obsession with cars, the MPPP’s short-sighted road-widening plan and the federal government’s failure to provide a decent public transport system.

Why are they imposing highways, a tunnel, and road-widening on us when we haven’t even seen the final (and long-delayed) Penang Transport Masterplan? Why is the PM suggesting monorail to us when we have such a transport masterplan, which is unlikely to recommend monorail?

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  1. Moron. Do you want to return to the stone age and live on trees? Put your word where you mouth is and go and live on theses trees for a month. The majority of the people in Penang wants to move forward not regress. Do you know whats the economic cost of congestion to Penang? Saving your 50 trees easily costs 100 mil in extra fuel and lost productivity each year. Do you have the money to compensate

  2. All i can say now is.. i voted for the wrong people! Damn tokong don’t even bother to reply my mails! REGRET!

  3. Penang can seriously look into encouraging the use of bicycles, and electric bicycles, after of course having prepared bicycle lanes, instead of widening roads for cars.
    Then, bus operators must play their part to provide very regular bus service, shuttle services and so forth.
    Safe parking areas for bicycles next to bus routes, to encourage use of public transport.
    A fully charged electric bicycle can actually round Penang island, at >30kph.
    Will somebody test it out?
    Then authorities can start limiting vehicles on the Island,like certain number plates on certain days on the island, and so on.

  4. One way to solve traffic congestion issue in Penang is to introduce Electronic Road pricing (ERP) like in Singapore. This is the only way to force people to take public transportation.

    • Sure, but before introducing ERP it would only be fair to first introduce a workable public transport system as an alternative. Sg as you mentioned uses ERP but they complement that with a world class and some even say world’s best public transport system. After you have a viable alternative for moving people, then you can charge those who refuse to use it. More so those who travel in a car alone.

  5. The CAT CM should find out how ‘Green lane” got its name! We can “blah blah blah” here and nothing is going to change. I just called the special officer to CM, Cik Marziah. She says as far as she knows, they are going ahead with the project! I am thinking of picketing this issue at Jalan Masjid negeri. Who wants to join? [email protected]

  6. Penangites’ PM just offered penangites a election bribe, a public transport – Monorail! if BN form the next state government.

    Should have let PM knows about these trees, maybe he would offer to plant it back, if BN win.

  7. Thanks to the admin for the wonderful pics!

    Can’t imagine what this place is going to be if without trees? I lived nearby and its already very dusty because of the busy main road, and if without trees, it would mean More Dust and extra HOT and with the new flyover?

    Oh ya, if the CAT GOV is caring. They should know almost EVERY FRIDAY in front of (Island glades Traffic Lights) Shell Petrol pump (Jln Masjid Ngeri), there is a BIG BIG GROUP of Mat Rempit racing. Race will go on even if you call the cops, they will tell you they can’t do anything! I can imagine now what’s going to happen if the road is widen! More Racing? Really can’t sleep. Thank who?

    Ok back to the trees topic! I was told by special officer to CM Cik Marziah. “22 trees will be removed for good because it is infested by termites.” hmm.. you can blame the termites though. You can only blame your management failed! You are the Gov chosen by the Rakyat of Penang! You are responsible lah! Your Cat Gov should have thought of this!

    I see a good thing in the Cat Gov is because they often opposed to Federal Gov on environmental issues (like the most recent Lynas).. very good. Well done! You all speaks as if like angel from heaven soooo good but now? Do you think we need a Flyover? Let me tell you… NO! and i think we need a New Gov!

    Change? ya rght!

  8. Road widening will not resolve the issue long term. The traffic problem will be calmed temporarily before the increasing number of motor vehicles puts us back to square 1.

    Rapid Penang’s bus system can still be improved by signage at the bus stops. Our newly renovated bus shelters don’t even have a map & basic schedule to inform riders.
    Another is to implement a Bus Rapid Transit system or, funds permitting, a Light Rail System.

    The monorail would seem to be a bad idea, as the entire track needs to be elevated, a problem in Georgetown’s dense streets. It would also be difficult to connect to the mainland through undersea tunnel, the tunnel itself will need to be designed specially to accommodate the single center track.

    • Things (efficient traffic & transportation system) can be done cheaply Penang style but some quarters believe in doing things juta-gaya-raya to impress others & elevate inflated ego but not for the denizens’ long term sustainable benefits.
      Ask why a cheaper solution of trams not be implemented here?
      Ask why no coastal sea taxis specifically for locals besides those catering the tourists?
      Ask why Rapid buses cannot keep to schedules?
      Ask why no bicycle racks on public transport vehicles to encourage ride-cycle-walk in inner city?
      And ask why still cut trees when we cyclists need them for cool shades on the roads?
      Do we need to spend juta-gaya-raya solutions when we have feasible solutions at hand to be implemented?
      Q: Why has it be millions of Ringgit just to remove Angsana 60 odd trees???

      • Your last question: they are actually building an elevated U-turn so that motorists coming from George Town can go forward and then turn into Jalan Delima (and Jalan Yeap Chor Ee?) without traffic lights.

        RM7m for a U-turn is not the best way to spend public funds.

      • Rapid penang work stupidly by rewarding its drivers who picks the most people. So what happens is when i bus stop has only less than three people etc they dont stop to pick up cos its too less and let the next bus to pick it up. So how will they stick to the schedule..? Ive seen this countless times.

    • The question is, why is it a necessity? We don’t seem to be complaining or clamouring loudly enough about the lack of public transport.

      With elections coming, surely now would be a good time to let our unhappiness be known.

    • Yang, now is not the time for politico-worshiping. Whatever issue that gravely concerns us (Penangites), whether during pre-election or post election should be taken seriously without discriminating ‘cat fever’.
      As the saying goes: No man is perfect, lest he’s a fool into believing. Use our brain, not our feeling(s). We live for a better place & ‘sustainable’ future. Not for a party or figure head who can change like the weather.
      BTW, since the last time (June?) I posted up the Coast-Mud-Politan Penang, has there been any thing done? Anyway, the wildlife birds were there even before the walk on mud surreal view.
      Time for 1-Inch Punch Kopi-O kau kau under an Angsana tree.

      • real tunglang not to retire so soon after all when retirement age extended to 60. So another 5 more years of cosmo-pinang before retreat to Belum where the trees can speak for their survival.

      • To some, it seems like a retirement, but I have to find an alternative lifestyle (not of rich & famous) to live & work realistically within my means. And Penang is not going to cater to Nature-loving people like me anymore than Belum rainforest.
        4 years of CHANGE is quite enough witnessing with my eyes while drinking Kopi-O kau kau to awake my senses of what’s happening & what’s coming.
        And I am not going back to the ‘mass’ rat race just to fit into this Cosmopolitan frenzies for whom?

        Chi Kei Ku Chi Kei (me take care of my welfare).

  9. I can’t help but wonder if the MPPP is deliberately trying to sabotage the current state government.

    issues about regulating watersports is still half assed. MPPP could care less about what the public wants. Which brings one question to mind….do they receive orders from State of Federal?

    Word on the street is that the YDP is (allegedly) a hardcore UMNO loyalist

    • It is the prerogative of the state govt via the CM to appoint all councillors in MPPP as well as the YDP. Almost all the councillors are appointed from the political parties and sad to say they seem to be either mute or as you said couldn’t care less about the public. The only exception is Lim Mah Hui who has been very consistent in his stand for a sustainable Pg. Whether you agree with him or not, he has been the only one who offers his independent ideas and views pertaining to issues of importance. The others appear to be ‘yes man’ drawing a salary without doing any work. We may blame the fed govt and do so rightfully on many occasions but it has to have merit. If for any reason or alleged reason the YDP cannot perform, place replace her with someone who can. In fact I would suggest replacing the entire MPPP top management.

  10. Najib is not a fool, he know that it is futile to fight DAP when the Chinese are solidly behind the cocky arrogant tokong. The weakest link in PR is no other than PKR. Defeat PKR mean the collaspe of PR. Najib can do without MCA, Chua Sok Lek can retire like Samy Vellu.

    The cocky arrogant tokong even if he can retain the state government, it will be a weak government with majority of PKR candidates defeated. To strengthen his position, the tokong (allegedly) will follow the footstep of his hero LCE by joining 1Malaysia coalition. To Najib the cocky arrogant tokong is within his grasp, all he need to do is defeat PKR and the game is over.

    For those who are all out to defeat BN, please note that it is more important to stop 1Malaysia coalition from becoming a reality. For all the die harders you will die really hard on the day when 1Malaysia coalition become a reality.

    Time to wake up! Be alert and listen to my nonsense for once if you still believe in voting for change. You will not regret for listening to my nonsense, you can have a good laugh after I have been proven wrong.

    Let save PKR before it is too late! Anwar need to make a solid defend in Penang if he still dream of becoming …………

  11. The cocky arrogant Tokong has maintained an elegant silent on the trees removal and road widening fiasco. Hoping that with his elegant thundering silent, the issue will soon be forgotten and fade away from public memory. We need him to come out in the public to be accountable for the RM7.3m trees removal and the exorbitant RM780m road widening scandal. To plant a new trees it cost the state government roughly RM1000 per tree, to shift and evacuate 62 old trees it cost us a total of RM7.3m with no guarantee that the trees will survive after the replanting.

    Who is the biggest fools in all those scandals? The fed government or the state government or may be it is us the people? We voted for change, what we got is a fool who allowed his enemy to reap us of RM780m in an exorbitant road widening project….

    Just for political consideration, the cocky arrogant tokong should just reject the exorbitant RM780m road widening project without hesitation and save us the trouble to fight against the trees removal.

    Image with RM780m on hand how many votes you can buy in the coming election. Do you sincerely believe that the cocky arrogant tokong is the biggest fool when he provide his enemy the opportunity to reap us of RM780m and used it against PKR?

    Is the cocky arrogant tokong silently and secretly make a pact to join 1Malaysia coalition after successfully getting rid of BN? (The great Anil will be very delighted when BN finally disappeared on Bolehland.)

    I am not surprise at all if Chua Sok Lek claim that the cocky arrogant tokong is (allegedly) all out to replace him as the head of Chinese representative in the 1Malaysia coalition.

    I rather make a mistake on my assumption then even allow the most slimmest opportunity for the cocky arrogant tokong to join 1Malaysia coalition. I can apologise when proven wrong later, but you will be really sorry if I am right on my assumption.

  12. There are many ways to ease traffic congestion and if you are a penangnite long enough, you should know the main problem that causes traffic jams is the driving attitudes of the people! How can one blame the trees?? Here is what i thought they should do!

    1. Bar all heavy vehicles during peak hours

    2. The Cat Gov should start a “Car Pool Zone” on peak hours. Cars with 3 passengers and above are only allowed in this zone. (those with driving alone can take the PORR )

  13. Just to share my recent letter to CAT CM. Before hand, i am not from any political party nor am trying to politicize the matter!


    YB Mr Lim Guan Eng
    Chief Minister of Penang

    I refer to the above mentioned and The Star newspaper dated Saturday 7-12-2012

    Yang berhormat, please allow me to intro myself. I am a Territoral Army Officer serving the Penang Gov for more than 10 years. I am very disturbed over The Star newspaper article quoating the above mentioned matter.

    I hereby put in writing strongly OBJECTING to any Cutting down, Uprooting and Replanting of trees along Jalan Masjid Negeri or anywhere in Penang.The trees can’t speak hence i am speaking on their behalf!

    I felt that its not right to cut or replant any trees in Penang because Gov around the world are encouraging their people to plant trees due to global warming. Why the CAT Gov choses to cut down trees instead of seeking other means to ease traffic congestion at Jalan Masjid Negeri?

    These trees were there BEFORE your CAT Gov and should stay there whoever takes over. It is not the trees that is obstructing anyones way, it is we human are obstructing it and now KILLING IT because your CAT Gov feels that the Penang people needs a highway!

    Really? A poll should be conducted amongst the residents in that area to detemine the fate of the trees! Bear in mind, tourist visit Penang because of its lush for greenery and what more it has achieved Unesco standard for perserving its old buildings! We need the trees for fresh air too!!

    [b]Solutiona / Suggestions[/b]

    1. We have Penang outer ring road (PORR)and can always serve it as a HIGHWAY. Stop ALL heavy vehicles during peak hours from Jalan Udini to Masjid Negeri

    2. Can apply the above on all roads and intro “tut tut” service (like what they have in Thai) to replace all buses. Decorate these “tut tut” with lights and all sort of promo given by sponsors

    3. I thought the reasons of traffic congestions is because of the attitude of the Penang drivers? Many motorist often rides zig zaging and most drivers will stick to the right lane driving very slowly road hogging on major parts of the roads. So matter how BIG and GOOD your highway is going to be WITH such attitude drivers and riders, we will bound to encounter jams!! As such, the Penang Gov should stress more on driving attitude thus educating the Rakyat on road ethic and safety.

    Before i end my complaint letter. I am sad that recently your CAT Gov cut down a tree at a public car park in Pulau Tikus market area. Well done to your CAT management? it has smeared the beauty in that area looked so bald now!

    CAT stands for Cut All Trees??

    Very Disappointed Voter

  14. One large tree can lift up to 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air in a day. That is how it increase the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water. Image with the number of trees removed, let say 88 trees, you will easily have more than 8800 gallon of water extra everyday in the soil. When rain come the soil lost the ability to adsorb water as it is already saturated with water. More over with more tar and concrete, how do you expect the impermeable surface to adsorb water? Rainwater runoff will become another serious issue when the road widening project is completed. We can expect the State Mosque to submerge under rain water after the road widening.
    This move to create problem to Penang Feng Sui will eventually cost lgE the power to rule. May be as an opposition leader his eyes can be wide open and he can regain his wisdom.

  15. The trees removal will not alievate the traffic problem. With more tar and concrete, we will have more impermeable surface causing the rainwater runoff to become more severe. Ultimately when the rainwater is channeled to surface water drainage system, it will overload the drain , and create more flash flood problem some where along Green Lane. When this happened, the traffic will become chaos during rainy seasons. Is this traffic solution sustainable and scalable? Obviously not! The state authorities also have no sense of crisis, with fast eroding supports from the people, lgE administration is now on the edge of collapse. lgE will only learn to regret when he no longer has the power to effect change. The state government will not be able to survive in the coming election especially when the Malay votes turn against it.
    Too bad! I don’t even need to vote against Penang DAP to overthrow this state government. In fact, I am going to give lgE my sympathetic vote and wish him good luck!

  16. I strongly oppose to the cutting down of these trees, unless they pose a danger to road users.
    We are fast losing our greenery due to Industrialization and urban development.
    Plants provide shade,oxygen and freshness.Base on these reasons alone,MPPP should find ways to save the trees.
    I can see that the trees are of the Angsana species, which grow back easily after pruning.
    Pruning of the trees is an art. The canopy should be kept low, but spread out like an umbrella.
    Malaysia has a tropical hot weather. Every bit of shade available is precious. We all know that temperatures are different under the sun and in the shade.Housing estates enjoy the cooling effect.
    Accidents by motorcyclists can be reduced when the ride is cooling. It is the hot weather that makes cyclists impatient.

  17. Yes, where is the Penang Transport Masterplan? The Prime Minister came to Penang promising Monorail like a typical politician.

      • Yeah, Star has got its own agenda.

        They only call up whenever there’s something critical about Penang.

        They very rarely call up when there are issues of national importance. I can’t remember the last time they did.

      • Hi Andrew, tunglang is still in Penang until Oct 2013 (that’s my desired time for Belum rainforest for good).
        It seems CAT needs to drink Kopi-O kau kau & not Chowrasta market coconut milk to stay awake to Penangites’ sentiments & needs (not KL or worst, PJ (one smart alec) developers’ fantasies or Speedy Gonzales impatience for all things fast & slippery hazardous).
        It seems Cosmopolitan concept has taken on more wrong paths to environment disasters. I drink more Kopi-O kau kau to stay awake to more realities of socalled CHANGE for whom?
        BTW, I had wanted to cut my hair botak to save cost & stay comfortable in this hellish hot weather (due to loss of trees) but looking at our botak-ed hills, it makes me cringe with distaste & nightmarish reminder.

  18. easily said than done. Penangites must first asked themselves are there willing to sacrifice comfort and convenience to safeguard Penang Heritage and environment? Malaysian is still Malaysian and would expect Penangites will not forgo comfort and convenience. As a Penangites who have the opportunities to travel around, there the people are willing , cite Stockholm Heritage City. Adoption of Public Transportation on weekdays and weekends venture out with own vehicles. If one is willing, you can imagine the traffic jam on weekdays are thing of past. Weekends is for rest and recreation, only those who need to travel will do the needful. Hollandies prefer cycling as mode of transport who Penangites eager to sacrifice.

    • I don’t see how it can be comfortable or convenient to be stuck in a traffic jam just to get to work and back? I find it more convenient to get to an MRT station within ten minutes walk under shady trees and evenly paved pedestrians walkways and travel to my workplace for 2 bucks and do the same returning. I am sure most Penangites will agree with me, esp. those who have seen cities with world class public transportation and pedestrian amenities. The only reason why Penangites now prefer driving a car or motorcycle is that the transport system is so bad, not because it is comfortable and an enjoyment.

      If the only solution we have to traffic is to widen roads and cut/transplant trees we will one day find that there will be no space left for anymore widening and no room left for any form of public transport as is already the case in some roads. So what if you widen the road now? I can bet that within 5 years the crawl will start again. This time, no more room for expansion but the money has already been spent. As you all know, the state govt is not loaded with cash. In fact it has very limited funding (you know why). I would suggest saving the funds we have for a more concrete solution.


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