Pas MP receives standing ovation in Shah Alam Catholic Church


The MP for Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad from Pas, received a standing ovation and thunderous applause from 350 parishioners of the Church of the Divine Merch in Shah Alam. He had offered to meet the parishioners for a dialogue session on 27 March.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support,” he said, adding that he had achieved a majority of 9,314 votes in Shah Alam.

“On the part of Pas, we will now be a coalition government. Our policies will be based on consensus. There will be no attempts by any member within Pas to impose any form of law on the general public. We will be fair and just.”

We will do as required by the community and what is good for the community, he added. “We will carry out our duties based on good governance, transparency and accountability. I hope you will continue to give us your support and your suggestions and we will try to be worthy of your trust.”

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  1. I would never trust a politician no matter what party he may be from. But for so someone from PAS, I take my hat off to him.

  2. Pas is Pas, they have a better job than UMNO or BN.This racist party has divide the people of Malaysia. Come another TSUNAMI and another 308, this time UMNO, MCA and MIC will be blown into pieces …
    Najib… can this man be our future PM, if he is going to be the PM, doomsday (could be) near for Malaysia…
    Mari semua rakyat Malaysia, pastikan Najib tidak akan jadi PM Malaysia…

  3. Dear Anil

    I attach herewith a weblink which appeared in BBC; if you think it is safe, please publish it.

    Hamid Ibrahim

    ** Full text: Writers’ statement on cartoons **
    The statement by 12 writers, warning of Islamic “totalitarianism” after the Muhammad cartoons row.

  4. I’m an Italian man, great fan of Malaysia and his people. This great country is making a point towards brootherwood and respect among religions and races. It’s a great lesson to learn for all the Integralism from muslim and non-muslim. The hate grown in the past few years especially from 9-11 has to be stopped and I really believe that this is the road towards a brighter future for next generations. I still have to see the last and harder step to stop the death penalty in this country since only God (I believe) has the right to take and give life. Untill human being won’t be able to take a soil and give it a life, human won’t have the right to take away from anyone too. I have experience in my country by serving people in trade Union as well as in political party… I will love to share a discussion on human rights with anyone who like to. Please feel free to contact me on MSN or by email at the above address. Keep Malaysia a might in the whole world as It is for me. Bye soon Paolo Magni

  5. It highlights that most of the PR representatives come into politics for many other reasons than the noble purpose of championing the cause of the rakyat and building an united nation!

    Comment by Novice101, Monday, 7 April 2008

    Yes Novice101, ALL the BN reps are noble, unity loving, non-racial and honest without any iota of self interest in serving the rakyat. We should vote and put them all in power the next GE like in 2004. Maybe we could a have a rerun of the last GE very soon as 50% of Malaysians have made a gross and fatal mistake.

    Besides, after 50 years of BN formation, there have NEVER been any cases of ideology clash between the component parties. Look at the PR,after a few weeks being formed already cracked at the seams. I agree with you Novice101, a newborn baby like PR should be able to run like Carl Lewis immediately.

  6. Now, PAS and DAP are at it again. Each are standing firm, propogating its own ‘ism’. Politicians are an unstable group!

    It is most frustrating for the rakyat to see the people they had voted to bring in the change they hope for, turning out to be ignoring the expectation.

    It is sad for it to see that its hope is dashed so soon. Is there no possibility at all for the nation to become harmonious, peaceful, prosperous and united?

    It is a pity that the politicians cannot take heed of the expectation of the rakyat who have placed its hope on them. Is it too much for it to ask that they put ideological ‘isms’ aside and work for a united nation? Are their political agendas more important than the peace and harmony of the nation? Are their personal egos more important than the general good of the rakyat?

    It is most disappointing to see how these substantial issues are treated with such low priority by the elected representatives in the Perkatan Rakyat.

    The easy victory, the adulation of their unquestioning supporters, the power that comes with their official positions, the temptation of the use of this power, their sense of false pride in their ‘achievements, and their mistaken sense of power of their own rhetoric have blinded them to the noble hope of the rakyat.

    The Perkatan Rakyat representatives seem to have gone down the negative spiral faster than those from the BN. It just goes to prove they are not ready to shoulder the heavy responsibilities and exacting duties that come with the office of government.

    It highlights that most of the PR representatives come into politics for many other reasons than the noble purpose of championing the cause of the rakyat and building an united nation!

    It is a damning indictment, please prove us wrong.

  7. Syabas YB Khalid for not giving up your political hope after four failures as an elected reprsentative. Your father must be proud of your continuous struggle to put right what is wrong with our goverment and you are rewarded with the people trust.

    I am saddened by our political leaders to divide our race by short changing other religious group in Malaysia with the mushrooming of mosques and suraus in every corner of Malaysia but with little or no concern for churches and temples to be built for other races. Is this poltical fairness to other religious group? Are other religion rated as second-class or lesser importance?

    Last week, I read from an article about a family in Lebanon whereby the family members comprises of Christian and Muslim faith living under the same roof. The mother who is a Muslim also kept an idol of
    Mother Mary for protection and safety. Moreover, being a Muslim country there are more churches than mosques in this country which is 60% predominantly Muslim and 40% Christian. Have we attain a high degree of religious understanding and tolerance yet? Often, we read about body snatcher and proposal for punishment for non-Muslim under Syariah court and imposing highly dabatable and contraversial issues on non-Muslim. We have world first class amentities in Malaysia and third class and ‘dinosaur’ thinking that divide religions and races.

    We hope our current leaders in BN will unite our religious faith of all regions rather than divide them by suppressing the miniority groups.

  8. it is disturbing that 99.999% of members condemn that MP’s action. i’ve read their forum.

    do malaysia still have hope with UMNO members so spoilt and arrogant and are downright racists?

  9. the BEST thing is, no PAS members or supported made any fuss about it.

    only politician ultras of UMNO will

  10. Yes it is a good sign and we must keep it up. The Selangor
    government should call for files from the previous
    administration the number of applications received from
    the Church Authorities (as well as Temple Authorities)
    and after consideration must approve them.

    There has been a complaint that the former BN government
    flatly refused to look at the applications from the Churches and Temples. It was the main reason that the BN lost Selangor.

    I quote from: HUMAN RIGHTS IN MALAYSIA –

    REV DR PAUL TAN said at page 98

    ” I believe that the religious rights of non-Muslims have been gradually and subtly whilled down through the years.
    I re-iterate, the blame is not totally on the government
    and the government officials but especially on the non-Muslims themselves.”

    At page 101 YMULIA Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bapa Malaysia also said in 1958: “I would like to make it clear that this country is NOT an IESLAMIC STATE as it is generally understood, we merely provide that Islam shall be the official religiou of the State”

    At page 113 the Rev Paul Tan said:

    “We find that nonly for a piece of land marked for temple or Church is extremely difficult to get but also application for the building of a temple or Church is extremely tedious and yet we see the mushrooming of Mosques and Suraus”.

    Very simple: the government must comply with the
    constitutional directives. None will be hurt.

    Hamid Ibrahim

  11. Praise the Lord.

    Not only are the various races in Malaysia united for justice and righteous, we respect each other’s religious belief now too as shown in Khalid Abdul Samad’s visit to
    a Catholic’s service. This is such a huge step forward to national integration. UMNO, learn from PAS and KeAdilan.

    I must also congratulate the parents of Khalid and Shahrir for bring up such great sons.

  12. I have a full respect of your mind. kelantan is the good example where Malay,Indian,Chinese & other community live harmony under PAS.

  13. Simply marvellous action by the Pas MP,Khalid Abdul Samad,
    for having a dialogue session in the church which is unheard of during the time of BN regime.This goes to show the Opposition team are able to work together though with different idealogi, this they have put aside to work together. This is a good start , lets hope there are more religious tolerance among all. This show how BN has divided and rule us, with scare tactic and instilling fear among the people. Lets kick BN for good in the next election and give our full support to Pakatan Rakyat.May God Bless Malaysia.

  14. It is very saddening to note that Pakatan Rakyat members DAP and PAS are going at each other via the MSM. I just watched how the idiotic newscaster from TV3 gloated that the newly formed Pakatan Rakyat is already showing signs of breaking up.

    Please, YB Karpal Singh and YAB Nik Aziz Nik Mat, keep your quarrels within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat. The last thing we need is for you guys to go to the MSM and wash your dirty linen in public. Talk it over in the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat.

    The 4th Floor Boys will be more than happy to use any disagreement within the Pakatan Rakyat and blow it out of proportion in the MSM that is subservient to the BN regime. If this is to be compared to a boxing match, the BN’s legs are beginning to wobble and it is on the ropes. We don’t need to wait for another five years for regime change. It can happen at any time. Poor Badawi is completely clueless as to what is happening around him. The poor guy is now on a witch hunt blaming sabotage by UMNO members for the BN’s poor showing in the just concluded GE. Wake uplah, Pak Lah! It ain’t got nothing to do with any sabotage. The people were just fed up with you, your SIL, UMNO and the racist agenda of BN. Brother, just leave us alonelah. Gooooo awaylah! Stop blaming others for the BN’s poor showing. Be a gentleman and just leave! WE DON’T WANT YOU NOR NEED YOU. MALAYSIA WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU, UMNO AND BN.

    It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to take stock of the current situation and deal the knock out punch to the pathetic BN. Before you can do this, please talk over your differences within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat and pleeeease stop making statements to the MSM about your differences. Go for it guys, Putrajaya is yours’ for the taking!

  15. There was a time in the sixtees and earlier when Malay politicians would attend and officiate at temples and churches e.g. during Thaipusam at Batu caves. Then these UMNO politicians became ‘more religious'( to quote the MP from Shah Alam) and stopped setting foot in temples and churches. Hats off to YB Khalid Abdul Samad for being the first Malay politician(in my living memory) to breach this ‘taboo’ of late. In fact inter racial harmony will get a tremendous boost in this country if people like Khalid and the Mufti of perlis are given more space to air their views. Well done YB Khalid. The BN guys have no B…s to do it

  16. Previously, we would only hear of this sort of talk in cyberspace, and now, who would ever thought this long-awaited political dawn has arrived so soon on 8 march?!

    We pray such discourse will continue more often in churches, temples and the mosques, to bring in civil and religious liberty that is enshrined in our federal constitution.

    Syabas, especially to the Catholic church leadership who have taken such proactive role to help about the reformation.

  17. It is great to have leaders who respect other religions and who are prepared to have an open dialogue with the people. Let us show the BN government how arrogant and adamant they have been towards the people of various religions. The people power or MAKAL SAKTHI have forged malaysians together.

  18. bravo…seeing a Pas Mp explaining in a catholic church…this is a government in waiting we are waiting very excitedly…and also hope this same visit be extended to both indian and chinese place of worship …tahniah and tahniah again…as soon many hard working malaysians abroad will come home with bags of money to invest and share skill and technology to rebuilt malaysia and push her into the forefront of the likes of japan and korea and even thailand….

  19. Bravo.
    Finally the prayers across the different religions are answered. Religion does not divide. Only the followers divide. When my sister went to Jerusalem and Christian holy places her guide (licensed) was a Muslim Palestinian.
    I have always wondered when such a beautiful thing would happen to us in this country. Thanks Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad and Khalid Abdul Samad, religious harmony has future in this country.
    Compare this to the BN directive to Malaysian schools to get advance permission to invite so called “opposition” MPs and ADUNs to their function.
    Pas members are visiting churches not needing invitations. They have my respect.

  20. It was a very gracious gesture of Khalid Abdul Samad to visit a Catholic Church. In fact, such move can build up non-Muslim’s confidence on PAS. To me, PAS is the most ‘mis-understood political party in Malaysia due to unfair reporting of main stream media. Folks, you all should also this piece of news here where Nik Aziz invites Karpal Singh to visit Kelantan, so can see for himself the actual situation under PAS way of ruling. I admire Nik Aziz showing such gesture to DAP leaders. Personal touch is important to understand each other, not just rely on mainstream media.

  21. Pas makes history again and what a move !
    This show PAS is sincere in wanting to reach out to non -Muslims & to help create a Malaysia where RACISM will not be tolerated and to put right the Umno press controlled view that PAS is evil etc.Syabas PAS, as non-muslim we will support PAS against Umno who have threaten non-Malays in many situations. Hidup PAS! Hidup Rakyat Bangsa Malaysia!

  22. I am looking at a great chance in our current politics. Years ago we non muslim thought PAS was not relevant to us. But today, we are seeing PAS is relevant. Many non muslims supports PAS and infact they are doing a great job. We apprciate that but the consistancy is important. I believe our PAS adun and MP can do a great job to solve many problems faced by the rakyat irrespective of religion. I feel PAS will gain more support from non muslims if they are consistant in their moderate and liberal policies.

  23. yes this news was on the front page of the herald with lots of pictures. i had blog about it with just brief points and when that current issue of herald goes online, i will put up the whole article.

    the malaysian insider too has a report on it while tony yew who is parishioner of the divine mercy church had blog on it earlier. oh the malaysian insider also mentioned about another PAS member who attended church service (not catholic church).

    indeed it is good to hear that we have PAS members stepping into churches. and now we have a PAS MB in perak who studied in a chinese school and speaks lots of chinese languages too. they are not as extremist and fundamentalist as the main stream media/UMNO made them out to be. we have to learn to give them some trust.

  24. I agree with you Andrew. I have been asking many people this question but they have difficulties to answer me. “What is it so bad about PAS and what is it so good about Umno?”

  25. Yes, so humble YB Khalid……..thanking them in their church shows alot of your character and the depth of your understanding. I salute you. Let hope more goodies will come the Rakyats’ way.

  26. I think Pas has changed considerably,it has been humbled by people power across racial and religious lines
    and would now pursue with all vigour to maintain that confidence and deliver what has been promised.

  27. Yes that’s how it should work.All members of parliment and state excos regardless of race should serve the Malaysian Rakyat without bias.They must be seen responsible for all Malaysian no matter what they are -Malays, Chinese,Indian.

  28. Isn’t this wonderful? After years of demonisation by umno, more non muslims should give Pas a chance to prove otherwise.


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