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Penang tunnel could lead to even more congestion

The public display on the Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 Detailed EIA has apparently been relocated from Level 4 to Level 16 in Komtar. I am not sure why. Doesn’t seem like much of a “public display” to me. Anyway, the display ends tomorrow, for what it is worth. Activists, however, are asking for a two-month extension to the public feedback period, which expires next week. The 800-page report in three volumes is long, technical and complicated and most people are still unaware of it. A hard copy costs RM500 while soft copies of the files (totalling 666MB! – interesting number, eh?) are too large to send over the internet.

Meanwhile, the Pulau Tikus state assembly rep has come out expressing concern about the traffic impact of the proposed cross-channel tunnel. “We cannot compare ourselves to Hong Kong because there are only 50 cars per 1,000 population whereas Penang has more cars registered than the total population,” she said.

Privatisation reversed! MPSP takes over rubbish collection, terminates private contractors

In a major exercise, the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) is reversing the privatisation of rubbish collection and cleaning services, which were outsourced to private contractors during the Mahathir era.

Penang tunnel: Comparison with Hong Kong flawed

The Penang state government’s contention – that Hong Kong has three tunnels; so why can’t Penang have one – is flawed as it is not comparing nutmegs with nutmegs.

How internet trolls disrupt serious discussions on blogs, websites


Ever wondered why certain trolls persistently play up divisive issues such as race and religion in the comments sections of websites and blogs? Could it be they are trying to disrupt serious discussions on the critical issues of the day? This video discusses how these trolls are deployed in certain countries.

Second Penang Bridge opens: Hello, more congestion!

The Second Penang Bridge, actually the third cross-channel link, was opened tonight and the stage is set for more congestion in Penang Island, especially along the Jelutong Expressway with more cars expected to flood the island.