Three tell-tale signs that Malay support for Umno could be ebbing


If we were to study the images of Umno Baru president Najib Razak and Pas president Hadi Awang together at the rally for the Rohingyas, we may discern signs of a budding alliance between their two parties.

Both parties appear to be building bonds in the hope that they can win a majority of the Muslim votes. They now appear to be banking on religious sentiments arising from issues such as Hadi’s bill and support for the hitherto neglected Rohingya community.

But this apparent alliance, rather than indicating that Umno and Pas are now operating from a position of strength, could simply be a reaction to shifting sentiment on the ground arising from a variety of factors. Think of the higher cost of living, compounded by GST; the burgeoning numbers of unemployed graduates and diploma holders; the weakening ringgit, arising from a loss of confidence in the leadership; and a growing realisation of the scale of the corruption in our midst, highlighted by the 1MDB scandal.

In recent weeks, there were three tell-tale signs that suggest Malay support for Umno could be ebbing.
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  1. With so much investment from PRC in Bolehland, Umno can no longer as the local Chinese to balik Tiongsan?

  2. Prestasi Mata Wang Malaysia. Kemanakah hala tuju Malaysia?

    1975 : S$ 1 = RM 1
    2016 : S$ 1 = RM 3

    1975 : USD 1 = RM 2.3
    2016 : USD 1 = RM 4.2

    1975 : RM 1 = JPY 130
    2016 : RM 1 = JPY 24

    1995 : RM 1 = RMB 3.5
    2016 : RM 1 = RMB 1.6

  3. In desperation, they are turning to clerico-fascism i.e.
    a mixture of ethno-nationalism and religious extremism.

    We will have to wait and see if the Malay masses will be fooled by this ……

  4. The seven agreements in the electoral pact of Harapan and Bersatu, in summary, are as follows:

    1. That the basis of the four parties’ struggle will be based on the Federal Constitution, particularly on matters concerning religion, special position of Malays and bumiputra, constitutional monarchy and the special position of the Malay language.

    2. Commit to a reform agenda based on shared values, including truth, justice, integrity, welfare and good conduct.

    3. Ensure that Harapan and Bersatu will not field more than one candidate for each seat during the next general election.

    4. Initiate negotiations with other opposition parties to ensure straight fights with BN.

    5. Form a coalition with opposition parties before the next general election with the purpose of forming a new government.

    6. Establishing a joint technical committee to discuss seat allocation, a common manifesto and a logo.

    7. All parties in the pact must maintain good ties with each other and resolve disputes through collective negotiation.

  5. Astounding half million new voters registered in third quarter 2016!
    That’s about 166+ thousands of newly registered voters per month!
    I have never been to Chowrasta fish market for years, been to CTY fish aquarium recently, but never have I sensed something as fishy as this one. Should open an investigation ASAP.
    I am not a religious man, but this country professes to an official religion. And majority of my religious friends from all the major religions in this beloved country express profound attestation for religious sincerity + honesty in all conducts of life. Let’s see who (under the watch of God / Allah / Buddha / Brahman) is walking the talk for a fair + honest election GE14.

    All We Want is a Free & Fair Election! Not A Fishy 1MalaysiaGE14.

  6. How can MCA and Gerakan allow Umno/BN take over the Hadi’s private hudud bill, while continue to blame DAP over such matter? Care to explain?

  7. Feudal warlords patronage system likely hard to sustain when money dries up seeking foreign funding, so next GE may see the frustrations hopefully don’t blame other races!

    • Najib is having renminbi ATM as lifeline in exchange of Tanah Melayu and sovereignty of South China Sea?

  8. Umno Youth deputy chief Khairul Azwan Harun tried to project his (perceived) anti-Chinese image during the Umno General Assembly by bashing MCA?

    Is it because Umno is refusing to return the three seats – Wangsa Maju, Kuantan and Gelang Patah – all borrowed from MCA but were won by the Opposition in the last GE?

    Luckily there was no Umno election this year, else he’ll will break loose as KJ has claimed to be matured from Youth to challenge the old timers like Hishammuddin, Sabri Ismail, Anuar Musa, Salleh Keruak, Rahman Dahlan etc for the Vice President positions.

    • All these are rotten car-jackers with no EQ brains & common sense.
      See how they made statements after statements that in the near future will come back to haunt them.
      Example is Hishammuddin waving a kris ‘tanpa pikir dahulu’.
      In the international arena, they will fail more than shine, as in the case of Myanmar diplomatic row.
      Example is PM of the street!

  9. Whether you pray many times, one time or no time per day, at the end of the day,
    it’s what have you earn an income to buy food, necessities & some form of enjoyment that counts.
    It’s not realistic to behave like religious zealots at the slightest religious cry of this & that.
    Pls take loving care of your household (or nation) before you take good care of others (other nations).
    Be more than Malaysia Boleh (jaga orang lain).

  10. UMNO neither have the required values in their DNA nor the competence to deliver meaningful policies. We need leaders that have an unyielding commitment to core values and that list starts with ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY.

    Our nation has been languishing in disparagements and political degradations for so long under the corrupt and manipulative practices of the Umno led BN regime helmed by PM Najib that the timely emergence by former minister Rafidah Aziz to articulate her displeasures cum astonishments over the mysterious withdrawal of invite to Dr Mahathir Mohammad by the keeper of the royal seal is deemed laudable and appropriate.

    UMNO under Najib leadership have brought Malaysia back to square one. Dividing Malaysia racial composition of disunity, promoting religious fanaticism…

    The two conventions (by Umno and DAP) held recently have revealed two strong characteristics. UMNO have entertained Malaysians to the greatest show in the country….UMNO grand circus, directed by a notorious Bugis clown! Whereas, DAP have shown Malaysians it is a ‘rainbow’ political party and owes no apology to the UNNO racists! The very fact UMNO (appears to) have opted for extremism is they are (afraid) of a united opposition front.

      • Pray for its eventual, inevitable finale comes GE14!
        In Cantonese #14 is pronounced as 一 (壹) yāt 死 sei metaphorically = instant demise / defeat / perish
        Use your votes wisely, defeat Kotor.

  11. Malay votes are now fragmented, not exclusively with Umno.
    The more Umno and Najib humiliates Che Det, the more Malay votes will desert Umno.
    Also it is no longer effective for Umno to make DAP a bogeyman since Malays can see that the DAP government in Penang is neither anti Malay nor anti Islam.

    • May be using Obama’s last-minute-pop-up vote strategy: Muslim-immigrants from Myanmar.
      If you happen to catch one, ask he or she to sing Negara Ku (just to prove).
      Take a photo & send to election watch.
      And send the culprit to Polis station with a police report.


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