Does Tsu Koon’s resignation really make a difference when the party has sunk so deep from the heady heights during the early years following its formation in 1968?

The party won just one parliamentary seat and three state seats in the recent general election.

What do you think? Should the party be shut down to put it out of its misery or is there any flicker of hope left in it?

What was the turning point for the party that other parties should avoid? At which point did it start going downhil?

The moment it joined the BN, it was straitjacketed by the BN’s race-based policies. From a dynamic multiracial party, Gerakan was reduced to a party dominated by a single ethnic group.

The slide worsened when it began to forget the interests of the people – or at least to put them at a lower priority – and started paying more attention to its Umno-BN/Putrajaya ‘bosses’ and their cronies. PGCC comes to mind.

Blog reader Khoo Soo Hay adds:

Gerakan should now leave Barisan, become an independent political party. Re think and go back to its original policies of the 1960s.

Get back the support of the intellectuals and academic thinkers, prepare new policies and strategy to win back public support.

Go back to giving the trade unions and socialist labour your support and protect their livelihood, i.e the urban ground roots. Stay away from championing the capitalist corporate sector, unless they support your objectives of better and higher benefits to the labour which go to make profits for them.

Its a brand new scenario, quit supporting racist policies, give up your political relationships with MCA, MIC, and Umno.

Fight the corporate oligarchy, which had been encouraged to make unlimited profits for themselves and their shareholders, and not the consuming public. Adopt the Consumers Association of Penang’s fight for consumers, and you will win back respect from your old supporters of the 1960s and 70s.

Remove the bad taint accrued by your association with Barisan in the past 40 years.

Start afresh with new talent to help this country grow in the right direction, with equal distribution of wealth and justice applied without discrimination.

Treat everyone as a Malaysian. We cannot afford to continue to think and act according to your individual race, politically.

Good luck and all the best.