No more free makan, no more free beers, no clowns, no more free 1Malaysia traffic jams, no more 1Malaysia flags adding to visual pollution, no more clowns and entertainers, even some politicians are shutting down their service centres.

MCA and Gerakan will have to seriously reevaluate their role and relevance now or tutup kedai; so too with Parti Cinta Malaysia, whom very few voters cinta-ed. Is there any future for race-based parties in urban Malaysia?

Penangites emphatically rejected the BN by even bigger margins. Penang PR bagged 65.7 per cent of the popular vote at the state level, an increase of 7.7 per cent from 2008. For parliamentary seats, it increased its share of the popular vote by 4 per cent to 67 per cent. But we also need a credible system of checks and balances in Penang to evaluate the state government’s performance.

What the general election has shown is that many urban Malaysians with more access to other news and views cannot be bought. In fact, the vote-buying disgusted many people (even as some of them tucked into the free food, saying it was their money after all).

The other lesson we have learned is that no amount of flags and posters can put the shine on a political party that resorts to unethical practices and vote-buying *through free dinners, etc) as seen in Penang, for instance. Those in urban areas are not likely to be swayed by these paraphernalia for they form their opinions through other means. In this we are maturing as a developed society, similar to trends in overseas countries, where few voters are influenced by banners and posters strung on street lamps, bus-stops, roundabouts and other public places. Many Penangites were actually turned off by the visual pollution of all those flags swamping the state.

Now, please clear up the mess left behind by those 1Malaysia flags. See this article by Pro Change on the Aliran website.