Post-election doldrums hit Malaysia


Roused by the soaring rhetoric of pre-election campaign promises, many Malaysians have settled into a state of post-election despondency as the economy weakens and politics return to business as usual. The letdown was palpable on Independence Day, where unlike previous August 31 celebrations few private buildings or cars displayed the national flag.

A sense of lost opportunity has permeated the country in the aftermath of the May 5 general election, a poll plagued by vote-buying, electoral roll irregularities and bogus constituency boundaries that only narrowly returned Prime Minister Najib Razak’s long-ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to power. BN garnered just 47% of the popular vote, compared to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition’s 51%.

The BN retained control of parliament despite widespread complaints about the way constituency boundaries were drawn to give greater weight to remote and rural areas, where the BN benefits from its dominance over the traditional mainstream media and populist schemes and hand-outs targeting the poor. Although the BN won fewer parliamentary seats, the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), the largest party in the ruling coalition, notched more seats than it did at the 2008 election, further entrenching its dominance within the BN. Full article on Asia Times Online.

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  1. Please accept apology Anil.
    Don’t keep silent.

    rajraman.Just receive this.Do you send this?

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  2. POST GE13 & Pre UMNO election :
    New UMNO Warlords to control the Supply Chain of Bolehland’s economic pie. More proxies cronies in the making should new breed replace the aging ones ….

  3. At least Anil retains his Indian name despite being a Christians. There are however, many Indian Christians who adopted 100% mat salleh name in an attempt to erase their Indian roots and heritage, so that nobody will ever make reference to the caste their ancestors belong to.

    • Club41 Oon,
      I very much respect Anil (Netto, its a rare name).
      rajraman.The game have ended too soon when Anil not responding.It’s a soul searching game.I am sorry if I offended you Anil and your have all the rights not to answer.
      See you one day you will see me as another person.( depended very much on my billy milligan state of mind)

  4. So Anil,
    You have adopted the UMNO media name Deepavali as Diwali.Only northern Indian call Deepavali as Diwali and its started with UMNO goons love to watch Hindi movies.

    rajraman.Do you celebrate Deepavali as your Indian roots,as Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year as one.although they are Christian/Muslim/Buddhist ( Maybe except Riduan T … thinking he his Malay like Mahathir) or you only celebrate Christmas?

    My icon change again.Lets the game continue Anil.

  5. Crimes like stealing, murdering and corruption are diseases that we dislike and government has not done enough to convince the rakyat of their safety and livelihood (survive in high inflation barang naik environment) ???

  6. We are contented with what we have got today is through our hard work not CRUTCHES & HANDOUT.

    We are not contented when cronies or the people got rich or anything through corruption, cheating, racism, crutches and handout that deprive others of equal opportunities. .

  7. Umno knew the constitution anomalies from day one, for example, just compare Putrajaya to that of the constitution of Teresa from DAP the winning margin alone of Teresa is more than the total number voters in Putrajaya by 200%. If that is not gerrymandering what is ? Yet is Teresa’s voice louder than the BN’s MP in parliament ? In BN controlled parliament they are equal in everything and that is First Past the Post system we have and that is exactly how Umno got their 88 M.P. in parliament. Yet they have the audacity to claim they got 88 M.Ps. elected, they conveniently forgot to tell you and to add up the total number of votes the 88 morons received in the last election !
    A very small percentage of the total votes casted, you might even be very surprised to know that the total is less than the total of the Umno.s members plus all the civil servants. That is certainly not a Chinese tsunami as claimed by Najib ! As usual and as always the Chinese was only used as the excuse, yet Najib makes no attempt nor efforts whatsoever to get them to support him. Except just before every election he would go round sounding like a Chinese warrior from MCA. Please remember the Chinese and the non Malays are no more in their slumber and millions of them have immigrated and believe you in me millions more will do so in the coming years. You will have to come up with something better than the Talent Corp to beg them these immigrated talents and professionals to return to serve the country. May be a lot more added cash incentives. You may used the desperate ones who have chosen to return as examples who have failed to move on and want to return to Malaysia to give themselves another try to show how successful you attempts have been. Congratulation for your efforts to bring back the small number of non movers and please remember a few hundred of them is just a very very very small percentage and I might add not even one or half a percent of the millions who had immigrated.
    And you call this a successful mission, especially so when you have to offer them so much incentives and also when they immigrated without any incentives and added incentives at all. Their only incentive for the professionals to leave was to be able to leave Malaysia behind especially under the control of Umno. And if you want them to return to serve the country, even without any cash incentives there is only one way to do so and that is when Umno is no longer the administrator of this country. Any one else is better than Umno !

  8. Anil, your post is a good way to reveal Umno’s shenanigans at the expense of other Malaysians but sadly they will continue business as usual. My opinion is that these scumbags will only stop when Malaysia is exposed to another GFC like disaster aka the coming After Shock via the impact of America’s Quantitative Easing measures. Just read TheAfterShock by Bob Wiedemer.

  9. When my race call as Pariah, Beggars and the Soul of Indian temple littered with cowhead – the spirits of Merdeka gone long time ago.Najib only provided his red lips service to Indian.
    rajraman.Gelah Patah Declaration what’s happen?Also another Lips service or only champion temple demolishing and dead Indians.
    I think so and i will be whack again by organised political activist.

    • Bro Raj,

      The problem with our community is hoping for others to help us. They are waiting for Sivaji The Boss?

      What happened to those successful Indian professionals? I bet most of them distant themselves from helping their poor brothers and sisters as they still have the caste mentality. They dissociate themselves from the community by converting and adopting non-Indian names as mamaks or Christians

      • Bro kannan,
        Indian community not expect much help from others.They just a victim of racist Politician and businessman who need cheap labourer….

        Regarding Indian caste i agreed.At many occasion i wish Indian Christian Happy Deepavali but the moment I wish them they said they are Christian. Not like other race when wish them Selamat Hari Raya, Happy Chinese New Year they wish back although they are belong to other organized religion.

        Regarding Indian Muslim – I gave up.

        As far i concern Politician only champion Indian dead bodies and temples issue but not economy of Indian including Pakatan Indian Politician and NGO.Other races demand openly and through back door for their economic pies.

        rajraman.Dear Anil, If i wish you Happy Deepavali do you also said you are Christian? Please tell me honestly and i expecting your answer.Lets play the game Anil.

      • Bro.Kannan (with respected capital K).
        One of my Indian friends was an apprentice 20 yrs ago, who was so humble at the time I was a professional. After having achieved success & owns a print shop & a big car now talks to me with an ‘air’ from the nose.
        To blame entirely on the Indian caste system may not be correct but to put some blame on the British colonial ‘air from the nose’ may do justice to some Indians who believe in perpetual humbleness ala Mahatma Gandhi.

  10. You see aNIL, I did read your article in full and spent some precious brain cycles to CORRECT your obvious misunderstanding.

    Problem #1: aNIL seemed detached from reality. The hot issue now is how much BR1M 3.0 for people in coming budget ??? RM1000 for household / 500 for individual ???

    Problem #2: Lots of people displayed our flags. You just need to go out and ‘see’.

    Problem #3: Inability to comprehend the rationale behind the appellate court verdict on that case. aNIL is emotionally driven and maybe blinded by RPK stories ???

    Problem #4: aNIL keeps harping on unsubstantiated claims during GE13, eg non-citizen Bangla voting and blackout. Please-lah, deep inside you know it were nonsense. We got polling agents from each candidate. Zero chance for cheating.

    Problem #5: “bogus constituency boundaries” as claims by aNIL. Hey, nobody contracted to vote anyone. If you are not good enough, no matter how you slice the boundary, people also do not vote you.

    Problem #6: lame popular votes argument. aNIL seems do not understand the constitution of Malaysia. I suggest aNIL to buy a printed copy of Malaysia constitution. There is online version, just google it. The key point here is that you don’t use football rules in badminton games. We are Malaysians electing the government of Malaysia and the only rule we use is Malaysia constitution. Is that clear, aNIL ???

    Problem #7: “hand-outs targeting the poor” as claims by aNIL. That statement is not proper. aNIL seems blaming the poor for pakatan defeats. Why not asking “what’s wrong in pakatan ???”

    Problem #8: pakatan failed petitions are widely expected. Complaints to MACC regarding to ” people queuing up for post-election payouts in areas where BN candidates had won” as claims by aNIL also expected to have no action. They have no evidence to backup their claims.

    Problem #9: aNIL seems do not understand this is democratic country. Everyone legal rights are guaranteed. Regarding to ‘ALLAH’ case, please argue your case in court. This is the only way to solve problem peacefully.

    Problem #10: aNIL seems do not understand the actual price of petrol. aNIL complaint too much. I suggest aNIL check the prices of petrol in Singapore, or USA. You got it cheaper only in Malaysia

    Problem #11: ” rewards the bumiputeras for voting BN” as claims by aNIL. That is outright misleading statement. The opposition also voted by substantial bumiputeras. Only racist will view ‘assistance’ = ‘rewards’. I hope aNIL is not practicing racism. Helping our bumiputera friends (aka incubating entrepreneurs) is all right unless aNIL wanted to see specific race to dominate the economy.

    Problem #12: “1Malaysia slogan downplayed” as claims by aNIL. That is not true. And again aNIL does not understand the mode of operation. Election campaigning was over and now time for actions. Things happened as planned and promised. Increased BR1M for low income groups, reduced subsidy and channel the gains for the needy groups (new economic actions, aNIL). New politics (UMNO direct election and some others cannot be expressed here because timing is not correct).

    Problem #13: aNIL looks sad, disappointed, and negative because pakatan defeated soundly in election. aNIL, seriously, you have to ask why people picked BN instead of pakatan. Pakatan manifesto is way more attractive than BN. Free education, free highway, and many more free thingies.

    Summary: aNIL, you are biased and every article you have writen are just finding any single reason to discredit BN. Be content with what you have got today. Malaysia is way better than what you are trying to convey to our unsuspecting foreigners reading your articles in Asia Time Online. And I spent 2 and 1/2 hours reading your article, analyse and writing my response. Few readers will do so in your blog, just show some respect and don’t delete my comment mindlessly.

    • 1. The problems is after getting Brim 3 RM500 or 1k, you will get GST 7%, rise in gas and electricity tariff and another round of petrol increase. And the jerk forgot about the spiral increase of prices like taxis, bas sekolah, oustation bus and many other goods and commodities. Or maybe he is too ignorant to see that insurance premium, lawyer fee, private car park and various taxes have been increased. Or he is too blind to see that we will have to give back 10 times and more while the cronies continue to suck and suck our resources.

      2. With further erosion of the value of our currency, the Cheap is looking at capital control which will further erode investment in the country and waiting for our country to be bankrupt.

      3. Bangla and project IC foor vote has already been proven and the with gerrymandering in the GE they still retained power with a minority of only 47% of the votes.

      4. Yes many flags were all over the place only in police compound and govt department.

      5. Yes check the price of petrol in Singapore, US and many other country without using the conversion method using our so low value RM against their currency and their standard of living. Compared it with their standard and salary structure. US regular petrol prices cost US3.60 per gallon which means that it is US 90 cents per litre. Like the cheat and cheap pm, this moron would tell you that the price is RM 2.88 which is more expensive but not telling you the truth that the average wages in the US is US36,589 as at 2009 and now higher while our average for the normal worker is RM18k in 2012.

      5. Yes this moron is too blind to see that 11A or RPGC 4.0 is not better than 3.0 and 7A to enter public university.

      6. Does this moron realize that the judiciary has been (allegedly) subverted in many circumstances like the Mongol Alta

      Well well explaining to moron and jerk is useless as we know very well what they are up to. Just like Zahrain, haha I jump not because of BN but sincerity to serve the people against insincere people like PKR and Anwar. Now we see the truth. He has been given a diplomatic post as reward by the Cheap. And now we have 1 millionaire …. traitor who said she resign from DAP to serve the better interest of the people.

      My foot, It is really to serve their pocket.

      • Dear Yang,

        we just cannot have the cake and eat it !!! You are now dreaming of buying a Ferrari at Toyota price !!! Singapore and hundreds of other countries have implemented a fairer taxing system (i.e. GST or equivalent) long long time ago. What is the problem ???

        The new taxing system is clearly part of BN manifesto and it has accepted by people via the strong mandate given to BN. On the other hand, the new taxing system only mainly applicable to luxury/lifestyle products. Daily essentials are exempted.


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