Anwar speaks at Kampung Manjoi in Perak drawing another large crowd.

This event took place on 16 April 2013. I received the following text message after the rally: “Perak is busy with ceramah. Anwar was able to penetrate a BN stronghold with his mesmerising oratory at Kampung Manjoi, which is a short distance from my house. The critical point of emphasis is the gap between the rich and the poor due to the monopoly by business elites on basic goods like rice and sugar.”

In the 2008 general election, for the Manjoi state seat, the BN’s Nadzri Ismail polled 14804 votes, defeating a Pas candidate by a 348-vote majority – a large drop from his 2004 winning majority of 7890 votes.

Manjoi lies in the Tambun parliamentary constituency. Umno’s Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah polled 27942 votes, to win by a 5386-vote majority over a PKR candidate – a sharp drop from his winning majority in 2004 when he bagged the seat by a 17360 majority over a Pas candidate.

Can Pakatan clinch the Tambun parliamentary seat this time?