It is sad to see one or two of the Pakatan parties bullying the PSM over the use of the PSM logo and over which areas it can stand to avoid three-corner contests. .

The PSM had already conceded to using the logo of the Pakatan parties in the areas they contested in 2008, but now they are being pushed even more and being told that that is not enough.

Most people know that PSM candidates are among the most hardworking with a consistent record of working at the grassroots to empower marginalised communities.

The Pakatan parties probably have their respective political calculations presumably over who will have more seats when it comes to calling the shots in the selection of the MB and exco members in this or that state.

But surely in a situation like this, when more and more people are ready for change at the federal level, the primary criteria for the selection of candidates should be those with a proven track record of serving the people or the public interest and championing pro-people policies. And in this regard, who can come close to the PSM activists in terms of the amount of work they have put in for the people and their commitment to people-centred policies?

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