Blog reader Desmond has sent us this alert. We would do well to check the SPR website to find out our polling station.

Upon checking, I found that my son’s voting station has been changed from St. Xavier’s Branch School to Peng Hwa School Penang without his knowledge.

My brother-in-law and son have been moved from Tanjung Bungah School to Batu Feringghi School also without their consent and knowledge.

Then a week later my brother-in-law’s voting station has been changed again this time from Batu Feringghi School back to Tanjung Bungah School.

But his son is still at Batu Feringghi School!

This all happened after polling day was announced.

Please check with your subscribers and ask all to monitor and check regularly and inform you also if their voting station have been changed from now till 5 May 2013 and you will get a better picture through your feedback.

Seems like SPR is doing alot last minute of shifting of polling stations.

How many are they shifting here and there…? The rakyat have the right to know … and WHY are they doing this at the last minute? This is not right.

Please get feedback to find out if this is an isolated case or is it a planned and designed change to either catch voters off guard if they do not check regularly from mow to 5 May?

If voters do not check regularly from now till 5 May, then they may go to their regular voting station only to find out they have been moved somewhere else. Who is responsible and who is to be blamed? SPR?

Please alert others and get feedback to find out if this is rampant. – Desmond

You can check your polling station here.

Has your polling station been changed? (Mine has been changed since 2008.) – Anil