2000: Sarawak PRK leader Baru Bian is drawing the crowds at ceramahs, according to a PKR source at the scene. He is now speaking before 700-800 people – and this is just a village, Long Tuma in Lawas. Up next to speak will be Anwar.

The crowd at Long Tuma listening to PKR speakers including Baru Bian

Next stop tonight: Kampung Siang-Siang, where a similar number of people are already waiting for the speakers to arrive.

The source said the party is upbeat about its chances: “The people here are ready for change. Only a couple of days ago, we had an unprecedented turnout of 3,000 in Betong whereas Jabu could only draw 200-300.”

As for the constituency of Marudi, where the Snap president is expected to stand, PKR has a candidate on stand-by in case the Snap chief pulls out, said the source.