Update: Just heard from MPPP that work has now been stopped.

A few majestic trees have been uprooted from a private site along Brook Road to make way for a luxury property development project.

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uprooted tree, Brook Road

brook road trees removed

According to an eyewitness, the trees were initially relocated to the edge of the site, but just as they were settling in, they have now been taken out of the site and planted on a narrow public grass verge nearby.

Does this mean that responsibility for maintaining these trees (pruning etc) is now being transferred to the MPPP? How safe are these trees if they are planted on a narrow grass verge?

The trees are making way for new bungalows believed to be priced from RM6m each.

The MPPP has strict guidelines for trees, and they may be relocated to the edge of the site to make way for property development. But if these trees have been relocated to a public area, it sets a worrying precedent.

Whither “cleaner, greener Penang”?