LIVE: Tumultuous scenes as Perakians roar and jeer


kk-palace-022 Thumbs down: KK town residents jeer as VIP vehicles emerge from the palace Photo by Anil Netto

Excellent photos by Amiruddin here.

kkmosque Protesters outside the Masjid Ubudiah this afternoon calling for the dissolution of the state assembly Photos by Annuar Ismail

mbgate MB Nizar tries to enter the gate to the state government complex before being allowed in.

mbpc MB Nizar addressing a packed and dramatic press conference in the state government complex this morning

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  1. Disolve the Perak State Assemble… let the Rakyat Decide… Perak is not like Sabah or Sarawak…. here we will not let you sleep…. Najip… please understand….

  2. Dont give up Nizar. Fight till the end. Make sure these immorals have no peace. We are with you all the way.

    Long live PKR!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Anil for the great coverage though it was sad seeing democracy being denied.Well, at least now we knew who can talk but cannot walk.

    Teruskan perjuangan.

  4. Malaysia politic is in turmoil.

    MP in Malaysia is the most lucrative business in the world. Those MP who want to make millions or even billions, now have a chance.

    They can resign and become independent and sell their seats by bidding. Why don’t you all start selling your seats and make millions and migrated and enjoyed good life while the government still have plenty to spare, after all Malaysia is in hopeless state.

    General election will be meaningless and democracy in Malaysia is already dead.NOW BN find their winning formula, no one can stop them. They have police, Chief Justice, SPR , Petronas and even… PR have Rakyat, so what? PKR and DAP MP can be bought.

    NOW left only PAS, It is good to have peoples who really afraid of god.

  5. DS Anwar please stop your nonsense “katak” defection game first. You have toppled PBS state government with this dirty tactic when you were in UMNO.

    Defection of any assemplypersons is against the will of rakyats who voted them in. PR stands no higher moral ground than BN in this “katak” game plan.

    Amend constitution to have anti-hopping law to settle this “katak” game once and forever.

  6. ALHAMDULILLAH !! saw the silver lining 🙂 out of these Perak mess answered the longing disturbing thought – who is next in line after Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim..i saw “Nizar” sculpted between the clouds 🙂

  7. Be strong MB Nizar and PR leaders. There must be some benefits behind this. The God is sending a message that we need to clear out. Let them be.

  8. Thank you so much Anil for your reporting. You were the first one with news of the rioting. Fab work!

  9. We will take the struggle another day.
    Chief Minister Nizar have to let it go.
    Theres a wise saying in ancient Chinese ” You can do the 1st but i can do it on the 15th ”
    Means one can have the glory now but wait till my return to wipe you off.

  10. Based on Anil’s Live reporting here, it looks like the Federal government is keeping alive that other option. And these people are just walking into its trap… ..

  11. Hi
    Great deed Anilnetto…bloggeur san frontier, (blogger without frontier, is my caption), a guerrilla blogger, front line blogger, an overnight hero blogger at this critical reporting, a lone blogger with revolutionary formidable tool platform, front runner with tool & brain & selfless commitment to changes & visionary blogger that bring internet 2.1 with twitter convergence to the forefront surpasses other online reporters & make them copying your foot step. Keep up…we are bloggeur san frontier….

  12. Just know what Zambry … and its clans occupying the present Perak state government just like the Vichy France……..

    Nizar can styled himself as Charles De Gaule……Libre de France

    It can be called Libre de Perak gouvernement…….Free Perak Government…….

    Heck, lets pit against those clowns. I know that damn Zambry…..He never give a damned about Nizar. Never let him get away……….

  13. Great work, Anil.

    You even beat both Malaysiakini and Malaysianinsider on the picture front.

    To think of it: just one person, one committed person can make such a vast difference.

    I am sure that the impact of your dedication will be felt in later years.

  14. yb nizar & his brave comrades

    i) dont let that #&*$*& SUK and that CPO bother u much. they are spineless
    ii) the MAJORITY is with u
    iii) lawan tetap lawan!!


  15. .. if we don’t address this conflicting constitutional issue who will ??? the RAKYAT needs leader who can speak for them !

  16. My sympathy to Perakians. Be strong and show them another EXIT DOOR in PRU 13!!!

    DS Nizar….in 11 months, you did “damn” good job!

    Anok negeri TGNA.

  17. Here’s a conspiracy theory to consider:

    Anwar has been going on and on about this scenario albeit vice versa. Knowing full well that it is something that would be next to impossible to achieve, one would wonder what he was rattling on about.

    Ask any advertiser about the power of suggestion. Maybe this was something that was meant to happen. So what’s the pay off for him? Sustain and increase anti- BN sentiment would be the most obvious and logical answer. My pawn for your king.

    Like the spider who said to the fly, come into my parlour.

  18. The final hockey match has just ended at around 4.15pm and the score:

    BN 28 + 3 (conceded goals given by the refree) PKR 26

    Will an appeal to legal court reverse the score for the awarding 3 conceded goals.

  19. Barisan Nasional have hijacked the democracy from the rakyat!

    PR, boycott state assembly until a snap election is called.


    what double standard , hypocrites all of you .

    who started this game of crossover first? you people seems to be ok with it at first but when your people crossover its hijacking democracy?

    nonsense , thats why you people can never lead the nation to stability and prosperity

  20. Thank you Anil for the fantastic reporting. I felt like I was there. PR has lost the battle but now the war, patience is required and things will change.

  21. As Perakian, I still cannot believe n accept the hard work from PR jus die off within a week. Pakatan Rakyat, we all will stand stronger and be more alert to the BN. To royal, you had showed disappointment to us.

  22. We understand how u Perakians feels at this moment, We in Sabah exprienced the same senario way back in 1994. At that time we in Sabah was labelled a “Katak State” but now we could see a lot of dengerous kataks, in your state. They could even jump while they are in the air.

  23. Today we lost Perak. Come next month, we might lose Kedah as well. Then Selangor and Penang. If we don’t retaliate now, I am afraid that all other Pakatan Rakyat states might fall into BN’s dirty hands in no time.

  24. Gula,

    .. Perhaps you do not understand how dirty UMNO is. If Nizar were to go down without fighting tooth and nail PR will never come back in Perak and lose political power in the rest of Malaysia. Imagine if Anwar had gone quietly when Mahathir told him to. There would be no PKR, no 08 march, no 4 opposition states and BN will still have a two thirds majority. Furthermore, the Malays are a rather placid lot and that is a good thing under normal circumstances. Under the present circumstances in Perak this cultural trait makes it very difficult to get the Malays to come out and fight for what is right. Nizar has to be the beacon to rally the Malays and for this purpose he must burn as brightly as possible. If he gets completely burnt then he will become the first Malay political martyr. Nizar is prepared for the worst and for this I admire his guts of steel.

  25. Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Shah, Ampun Tuanku, beribu ribu ampun, titah patik harap diampun ,


    I hope this letter finds you in excellent health.
    Please permit me to be the voice of some concerned citizens on the recent happenings in the state of Perak

    On your 25th anniversary of rule celebrations your son The Raja Muda sang glowing praises of you as the Monarch who has the peoples interest at heart.

    Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. said that The Ruler, as the head of state and country, needs to be neutral, non-partisan and free of having personal interest to ensure justice for the people.

    No doubt you have arrived at your decision based on the technicality that MB Nizar no longer commands the majority of the state assembly.
    I humbly ask that you put aside your illustrious career in jurisprudence and legal background to see with your heart.There are enough people to look at it from legalistic angles.Many hope that you will look at it as a jury representing the people rather than a judge.

    The Monarchy is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy in a system such as ours.With the other 3 pillars namely the Executive, Parliament and Judiciary
    arguably in many instances not complying to the doctrine requiring the separation of powers, the people have turned their hope to the Monarchy

    Please permit me to quote The Raja Muda again :

    “The presence of the Ruler helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the check and balance mechanism, thus strengthening the institutions of the legislature, executive and judiciary that have been created in the country; lifting the level of public confidence in the system of government and system of nationhood based on democratic practices, and the doctrine of the division of power,”

    At the moment nobody holds a majority, the assembly is divided 28 to 28 down the middle, the 3 who have pledged allegiance to BN are still independents, we can speculate whether they did so by monetary incitements, under duress , personal dissatisfactions or genuine convictions, much has been opined about this by various parties, many ordinary citizens inside and outside of Perak see the circumstances are glaringly dubious.

    Needles to say there is a huge outpouring of dissatisfactions, that does not show signs of an amicable solution, not to mention the possibility of politicians
    harnessing the sentiments of the rakyat for personal gain.
    Judging from dissatisfactions within political parties , it is not beyond probability that some may change political allegiances in the opposite direction in the near
    future and again bring up a debacle for the palace to decide

    We can understand that dissolving mandates and calling for elections at the drop of the hat is unhealthy not to mention incurring substantial costs, thus there are articles within the constitution that put caveats that prevent polls being called for frivolous reasons.

    The impasse has forced you to choose between 2 decisions, dissolve the state assembly or allow current status quo to prevail which is to allow whoever that commands the majority to form the state government, I offer a third solution : call for a statewide referendum of all eligible voters.
    The referendum can be conducted by an independent party other than SPR under the supervision of the palace.
    This will allow Perakians to decide whether status quo should remain or to call for fresh polls.
    Your Highness will also be able to take undue pressure placed upon the palace and take comfort that whatever decision taken thereafter would truly be in the spirit and wishes of the rakyat.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Vijay Kumar Murugavell

  26. Perakians we are with you! The BN govt is illegitimate. Robbing people of their rights to choose a govt. The sultan must know that PR M.Besar is trying to protect the rights of the people who voted for PR govt,but not against you Tuanku.

    Ask yourself people. Why Pro ISA march was allowed and the rights of the Perakians are met with such brutal force of the armed police? Tear gas are used on the rakyat is simply the arrogance of the Umno govt. To hell with you Umno and BN.

  27. This is the DEATH of democracy…remember 050209!
    What is happening now will be remembered as the DARKEST moment in malaysian history.

  28. I am a Malaysian guy currently,working in Bangkok.

    Taiping boy,,,I have heard so much of you and I am proud to have a MB like you to run the State,though I am not there ,,,my prayers are always with you and PR,,,and my Makhkal Sakthi warriors.

    I have not slept well since last night,,,after reading and going through all the photos and reports.

    May the justice prevail and we all should fight for our rights.

    Don’t let them take away is ours….fight to the end.

  29. Since yesterday, I have been glued to your “live coverage” of events that are taking place in Perak. I appreciate your effort. Thanks a lot, Anil.
    Take care and safety always comes first.

  30. Sultan Azlan Shah,
    Please hear the voices of the rakyat and not the BN politicians who has lost the confidence of the Perakians.

  31. Very sad moments, indeed.

    The rot in our system and this time, it involves the Ruler of The State of Perak.

    Where are all your conscience?

    All of you is going to pay and it’s going to be heavy!!

  32. Folks in Beijing stood up against tanks and APcs . Perak folk hav no fear of tear gas and water canons!!!

  33. Long Live The People’s Power!

    Enough is Enough! Make Your Stand Today!

    It’s Now or Never!

    They want to play Big and Big is what they get.

    It’s Time to Condemn Them to HELL!!

  34. Guys,
    Yup, it’s a famous World War 2 event. Americans got encircled and trapped in Bastogne by numerical superiour Germans. Germans asked Americans to surrender. To Germans, that leader says, “NUTS”. Worst weather ensued. With one famous prayer….Weather got better..Reinforcement came in…….Here comes General Patton to rescue

    Likewise, Nizar & Co kenna entrapped by these same “enemies”. … I believe when Nizar asked for “surrender”, he would say, “Aw! NUTS!”. I believe soon things would get better…..But need “reinforcement” & one heck of the fella to come for rescue.

    Would it be the repeat Battle of Bastogne Redux in Perak? Ended in victory for Justice & People

  35. There are at present 28 to 28 and the 3 so call bebas which I suppose the voters are not happy with them. So let the voters of the respective constituency file a petition of no confidence against them in court if all the voters of the constituency sign and also make a police report against them then fail it in court. I don’t think the 3 can go anywhere except jump in the river. TQ

  36. dont blame BN, blame yourselves, you are the one who choosed a weak leader. when BN reps jump everybody happy, when opposition jum, that’s against democracy, dont play people emotion. you will ruin this country.

  37. the drama showed that, anwar ibrahim talk only policy. he the one who started to do a great jump on 16 september 2008. but there is no one in opposition to think that is not good for the people and the country. for sure if the great jump happen everybody in opposition is happy and welcome a new government. but now the situation is different, when there was a small jump, everybody in opposition against it and said its not good for the democracy. this is the politic of a full of lie. what happen to this country if anwar become a prime minister, everybody will be fooled.

  38. I am dismayed by the decision of HRH the Sultan of Perak. HRH was the former Lord President, being head of the Judiciary then. HRH initiated the Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture Series where most of the topics evolve around rule of law, justice, freedom, constitutional…..and yet, his HRH went against the very grain of his teachings.

  39. In my humble opinion, there is one simple solution to this crisis.

    The Sultan asks the MB to resign since the BN has demonstrated it has the support of the majority ADUNs with the PROVISO that the new govt calls for an early election to obtain the mandate from the people.

    In this way, the Sultan stays above partisan politics and empowers the rakyat at the same time.

    Does it make sense?

  40. Dear all,

    If there is a leader whom we can all be proud of, it will be the brave YB Dato Ir Mohd Nizar. He has shown what leadership in a multiracial and plural society like ours ought to be. I salute this man, Bravo to you sir. Don’t give up, you will continue as the leader of the people of Perak

  41. l agree with kelvin. l think Pakatan Rakyat, especially Nizar has made enuff statements to the rakyat of perak especially and to malaysians generally.

    Its time to withdraw gracefully and accept the fate. But dont give up. There are other opportunities to battle it out again.

    Go back to what you guys have been doing – serve the rakyats in the same ways you guys did before the rakyat had given u people the power to govern perak in last GE.

    Dont be a poor loser though the way BN won is so despiscable. If you can accept the defeat gracefully, bare no grudge n betterness, keep serving the rakyat like before – come PRU13, rakyats shall reward you again.

  42. Is it possible that a slight difference in wording between the state constitution of Perak and the federal constitution pertaining to the loss of confidence of mentri besar/prime minister has misled the Sultan of Perak into thinking that the constitutional requirement necessitating the Mentri Besar to resign has been fulfilled?

    Judging from the Sultan’s statement explaining his decision to appoint a new mentri besar, that seems to be the case. Let me quote the relevant paragraph of the Sultan’s statement explaining why Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin must step down:

    “After meeting all the 31 assemblymen, DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak was convinced that YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members”.

    This statement would have been a correct interpretation of the constitution if applied to the Prime Minister, but an incorrect interpretation, if applied to the Mentri Besar. This is because the loss of confidence of the majority is prescribed differently in the two constitutions (relevant parts of the constitutions are shown at the end of this article). Under the federal constitution, the loss of confidence refers to “members of the House of Representatives” whereas under the state constitution, it refers to “the Legislative Assembly”. This means that while the ascertainment of loss confidence can conducted outside Parliament (such as collective appearance before the Agung) in the federal case, it cannot be repeated in state case. In the state case, the loss of confidence must be ascertained within the state assembly, meaning through a vote of no confidence in the state assembly.

    The reason why I said the Sultan could have been misled is that in his statement extracted above, he mentioned “the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members”. Notice the statement refers to “State Assembly members”, and not to “State Assembly”.

    Under the circumstances, the Mentri Besar was right when he said that he was legally obliged to step down only when a motion of no confidence on him has been passed in the state assembly, but not otherwise.

    And since the Mentri Besar has not resigned, any appointment of another Mentri Besar will be ultra vires the state constitution.

    The swearing-in of another Mentri Besar is only few hours away from now (at 1530 hrs). Perhaps His Royal Highness can spare a few minutes to take another look at the two constitutions, so as to avert a major constitutional crisis?

    The relevant extracts from the two constitutions are as follows:

    Federal constitution: Article 43 (4): “If the Prime Minister ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang di-Pertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the Prime Minister shall tender the resignation of the Cabinet.”

    Perak state constitution: Artikel XVI(6): “If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council”.

    Kim Quek

  43. Kelvin: Why should he? He’s the legitimate MB until there’s a vote of no confidence against him. This last stand of his is what he’s going to be remembered and cherished for.

  44. It’s great that you could provide live coverage for this unfortunate event. Your news update is better than malaysiakini.

    Please do not report the live update of the KK event. It’s a real shameful event and I don’t think your readers wil be interested in the update.

    Happy working and God Bless.

  45. YB Nizar, I believe its time to lose this battle today. Just withdraw gracefully and the Perakian will cherish and remember you.
    The battle can be another time . Not now.

  46. My sincere gratitude to you Anil for your live coverage – this is a news source that we can trust. If you need any help with the cost of the Cover.It service, please let me know – you have my email.


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